Thursday, 12 December 2013

I got trouble in my town

Dear SL...

I am slowly but surely getting back into the swing of things and thought I would take a quick moment to show off one of the best things of late to hit my exploding at the seems mess of an inventory.
I promise I will one day get on top of it!.... One day - sighs-

Blog look #89

Skin: Glam Affair - Mokatana skin - America - 04 - E - @C88
Hair: (epoque hair) - Tied Up - Earth - (Wearing hair base to)

Suit: [monso] - My Cook Suit - Yellow - Hood Off - @TMD

Mask: [monso] - My Cook Mask - Black - @TMD
Shoes: 2real - STACKZ


Ok so this post is a quick look into the items that can be found at this months Dec round of The Mens Dept and to be honest its one of my favourites yet.
With an ever growing list of must haves, It is getting harder and harder to pick what to show first.
The event offers Mens items primarily because lets face it us girls have so many options and events, However Mens Dept also has some unisex items and furniture for girls to.
Mens Dept is known for its quality of items at discounted prices and the designers involved are some of the Sl most talented.
This can not be proven more so when looking at the "My cook set" offered by Monso.
I am a big fan of the show Breaking Bad and as this is a outfit inspired by the show I can't express how impressed I am with this.
It is not often we can find that item from a show or RL thing that we love so much being created in SL but to have it created in such a way it does justice to your memory and how you feel about that show is just hard to come by.
Monso however delivered on this suit, If your a huge fan you wont be disappointed and it belongs in your inventory.
Not to mention this kick ass mask, Perfection.
Comes with two versions for the head on and off and also includes filters for both styles.

Oh and please check out C88, along with a long list of great items is this amazing skin featured above by Glam Affair.

Ok well I have to run but much more items coming your way soon, I promise.

Music of the moment: This song is well suited and actually on the soundtrack to breaking bad for the first season. Enjoy.
Trouble - P!nk

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

I just don't know how much more I can take

Dear SL...

I am still alive... Shock horror I know.
Unfortunately my computer and SL had a bit of an issue with each other that I could not fix.
However seems that they have worked things out on their own and all is well.
So now its back to blogging, Oh how I have missed it.
However it is 4:44 am, Thus I am very tired and decided to do a quick post (Well it was when i originally blogged this post but due to RL i was interrupted til now).

Blog look #88

Skin: Glam Affair - Gemma - Europa - 06 - @Arcade
Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ - Cho Hair - Brown (comes with clips detachable) - @Arcade

Shirt: Jane - intrinsic tank - raven - (Free)
Jacket: BlankLine - 3 Button Jackets - Black (From TMD last round, Check Store)
Pants: (fd) - High Waist Cutoffs - Light Denim
Stockings: Izzie's - Overknee Socks - black

Rings: ASO! - Vintage Alphabet Ring - (S),(H),(I),(N),(Y) - @Arcade
Shoes: Rachel Breaker - pizzaboot - size01- PZZA - @TMD
Pizza: {Sugar Heart}- Pizza Face


The Mens Dept opens tomorrow for the round of December, and If you like shoes this is defiantly your cup of tea.
Among my favourites from this batch has to be the Rachel Breaker pizza shoes.
I mean come on, Need I say more. THEY ARE PIZZA SHOES!
Oh to be in the mind of such a wonderfully talented strange mind as that of this creator.
Although the Mens Dept is primarily a man event there are many great designs with unisex options and not to mention some amazing furniture by such creators as floorplan and cheeky pea etc.
I missed out on blogging last months items due to rl illness but will be catching up...So stay tuned.

As well all know the Arcade started this month to, If you are anything like me you are already broke with a million items bursting your inventory seams.
One such item that I found particularly fun is the Tee*fy food war guns.
And keeping in the them of things I decided to play with the pizza one.
However the one thing that really makes me love this round is my newly acquired Cho hair by ....
Its just so cute and playful and and did I mention I love it.
Also making another must have skin is the gorgeous Glam Affair.
Gemma is such a pretty skin, This is such a delight with great tone and I just don't want to take it off.

If by some chance you haven't heard of the Arcade gotcha event before it is a great time to find out about it.
And just in time for those pixel xmas presents.
Rose Olive even helps you out with having a gotcha there, Filled with transfer present boxes which you can put your very own pic on.
I am sure I will be shareing many more items from the arcade with you as it really is my weakness.

Ok so this turned out not such a quick post, But I am so happy to be back blogging. Now that is all done lets get to my music link of the day.

Music of the moment: I wasn't sure what song to put on this post, However I think this one will suffice due to the time in which I am writting this.
This long hour - Dead Letter Circus

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX


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