Thursday, 29 October 2015

Why should I feel pain

Dear SL...

So as you can see I decided to change up my picture layout of my blog, I feel so much better about this layout.
I think its important to evolve and work on developing more skills. I think this is more creative and it makes me feel happy working on the pictures again.
So with the renewal in mind I have a look that morns my past but also says hello to my future.

Blog look #203

Skin: .Birdy. - Sienna Skin - Beige - (Brown)
Hair: little bones - Rose - 09 - (Gatcha) - @Epiphany
Mouth: [[ CR ]] - Nyam Nyam - v1.31 - (Marketplace)

Jacket: Foxes - The Pagan - Leather Jacket - Maitreya  - Pentagram - @C88
Dress: Foxes - The Pagan - Tunic Dress - Maitreya -  plum - @C88

Necklaces: REIGN.- Poison Necklace - #19 - (Gatcha) - @Epiphany
REIGN.- Potion Necklace - #14 - (Gatcha) - @Epiphany
Cigarette: [NikotiN] - Cigarette - Pattern - (v.4)
Umbrella: Soy. - Broken Umbrella - @C88
Shoes: REIGN.- COVEN HEELS - 1 - (Gatcha) - @Epiphany

Pose: Kirin - Miki - @TSS
Cigarette Butts: [NikotiN] - Cigarette Butts
Sim: TAG! Gacha - The Haunted Mortuary

So my look today is such a chic style of danger, Which is fitting for my mood at the moment.
I love mixing the thought of a dangerous beauty, You know its bad for you but you can resist.

The event Epiphany opened and made a major dent in my shiny lindens, Because there are so many amazing must have items and well you know luck the draw means my inventory exploded. Luckly though with this event you can trade in your unwanted for points to get exclusive items for this round of the event, Never to be sold again.
I couldn't help but put on the amazing simple black style shoes with a slight twist from Reign, Its worth also mentioning these shoes have an amazing hud to fit bodys and normal feet.
And also her gorgeous necklaces which helped me hint towards the secret danger hidden within as one of them is clearly a poison bottle and the other an unknown glowing bottle, Possibly an antidote??? Would you like to test this?
My sleek hair style is also from Epiphany and is the offering from Little Bones, Perfect for under a hoodie.
If you haven't been you have a little time to go get all the goodies before the event closes.

Also open this month is the Tag! Gatcha event, This event has a great hud that unlocks areas and is very well themed.
I have stop by the starting point to have a smoke or few, Before I venture inside to investigate the mortuary, Girls gotta pay her respects to the person who met a tragic end as her lover. Wink Wink.

My outfit can be found at Collob88, Please go snap it up... to put it simply its just mind blowing.
This is the lastest fashion offering from Foxes and has really impressed me.
Not only are the designs perfected but the texureing is one of an artist.
But even all that doesnt beat the hud system that comes with this dress and hoodie combination, All girls out there know the struggle of fitting a dress and jacket without things pokeing through or colliding.
These items allow you to use a hud to section off/Alpha areas to suit what you are wearing and if that hasn't convinced you that you need this set than the fact you have the option to have a hoodie and find a hair that fits or wearing the jacket without.
As always there are many patterns and also colour range that is common to this brand, You will be able to find one to your liken I am sure.
So off to Collob88 with you...

Excuse me, I think its time to go inside.... Maybe my next lover will have better luck.

Music of the moment: Another Aussie band, Listen they are amazing.
Simple Boy - Karnivool

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Take No Chances

Dear SL...

Just out enjoying my SL, Finally got time to explore and inspiration hit me for my nest blog.
I love this time of year especially in SL....

Blog look #202

Skin: [theSkinnery] - Nicky - Bare Face - (champagne) - CB CL1 - @TSS
Hair: Blues - Anna Lee - @TSS
Tattoo: Clemmm - Damaged Knees - .5 Mid - 1

Jacket: AMITOMO - Field jacket look - (female) - #1 - @TSS
Pants: AMITOMO - High waist belt shorts - #5

Necklace: [atooly] - simple sunflower necklace - @TSS
Shoes: REIGN - Native Boots - @TSS

Pose: N/A
Pets: Pewpew! - Squirrel - (Gatcha) - @TSS
Acorns: Half-Deer - Scattered Acorns - Dark - Long Group
Sim: Hazardous

I can not express how much I love this new skin offering from Skinnery at seasons story event.
This event closes soon, So if you haven't been there now is your chance.
This skin is for everyone and has a youthful feel to it, Perfect for this season.
I also found a cute simple flower necklace by Atooly, Which brings me back to the 90's.
Along with a few nutty friends, Seriously these guys are adorable and just made me smile when setting up this blog picture.
Blues released a cute sleek hair style, Her textures are to die for and as soon as i got on this ombre colour I knew it was the one to complete my look.
Cozy items such as this Amitomo jacket and the Reign boots just make me feel all round good about this look.
All these items and more can be found at this all round talented designer Seasons Story event.

Music of the moment: On a Aussie band kick again.
The Burning Number - Dead Letter Circus

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX

Friday, 23 October 2015

An uncertain day starts

Dear SL...

I love animals in real life, Unfortunately my lifestyle is not one that can accommodate the love and attention a pet should have.
That's why in SL, I am so lucky i can play around with so many and not feel guilty.... Seriously so many great designers make pets i can not resist and my inventory is like a zoo,
I pulled out my latest set of pets for a lazy Autumn evening.

Blog look #201

Skin: Lara Hurley - Erin natural - Rose Pale
Hair: .Olive. - the Flo Hair - @TSS

Sweater: B.C.C - charmy Sweater - Blush - @TSS
Pants: AMITOMO - Skinny Jeans - SET1

Bracelet: Noodles - Fairy Tale Slider Bracelet - Silver - (Free) - (Gatcha) - @Epiphany
Charms: Noodles - Sleeping Crown - Slider Charm - Silver - (Gatcha) - @Epiphany
Noodles - Sorcerer - Slider Charm - Silver - (Gatcha) - @Epiphany
Noodles - Enchanted Rose - Slider Charm - Silver - (Gatcha) - @Epiphany
Noodles - Tea Party - Slider Charm - Silver - (Gatcha) - @Epiphany
Noodles - Midnight Carriage - Slider Charm - Silver - (Gatcha) - @Epiphany
Noodles - Snow Queen - Slider Charm - Silver - (Gatcha) - @Epiphany

Pose: {Imeka} - Sits - 06 - Pose 2 - @TSS
Pets: Reverie - 'A Weasels Story' - Watcher - Rose - (Gatcha) - @TSS
Reverie - 'A Weasels Story' - Explorer - Rose - (Gatcha) - @TSS
Reverie - 'A Weasels Story' - Curious - Rose - (Gatcha) - @TSS
Reverie - 'A Weasels Story' - Perched - Rose - (Gatcha) - @TSS
Reverie - 'A Weasels Story' - Nursing Family - [RARE] - (Gatcha) - @TSS
Box: [ zerkalo ] - Vintage Treasures - Jewelry Box -  EXCLUSIVE - @Epiphany
Soup: !Ohmai - Alphabet Soop - (Free)
Fence: oOo Studio - Autumnal Two - @TSS

Once again i am showing off the amazing items that can be found at the Seasons Story event, Olive has came out with the pretty scarf attached slightly wavy style hair... Perfect for the up coming weather.
I matched it with the B.C.C's sweet sweater offering that has an cute v cut back, Comes in a few pastels and Autumn inspired colours.
Reverie produced some cute little animals to keep you warm and fuzzy inside....they are so adorable!

Also released this month is the Noodles fairy tale bracelets at the Epiphany event, These are so well made and pretty i couldn't help but want to collect a set and show them off. (Base slider bracelet for free from vendor.)

If you haven't made your way to either of these events best go now before its to late...As for me its more fun in the sun with my ever growing list of pets. Have fun guys.

Music of the moment: My fave Aussie band has come out with their new tour/Songs.
While You Wait - Dead Letter Circus

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

I don't know, know what I'm feeling

Dear SL...

Taking a short little break from the creepy side this month and now showing off some really cute Autumn wear.
I felt sooooo good in this outfit it was hard for me to change and thats telling you something cause as a blogger i change 9384982498348923 times in an hour.

Blog look #200

Skin: Lara Hurley - Erin natural - Rose Pale
Hair: Tram - E924H hair - brown - @TSS

Dress: ::C'est la vie !:: - Ottilie Jacket - brown - @TSS
Stockings: Izzie's - Thigh High Knit Socks

Pet: Fawny - Happy Puppies - Sweet Puppy - Chocolate - (Gatcha) - @TSS
Shoes: REIGN - Native Boots - @TSS

Pose: Kirin - Miki Pose 2 - @TSS
Sim: Brazil - Vivaldi

So much cute stuff out at the current Seasons Story event, I am featuring my look on that today.
I love the Autumn weather clothes both rl and sl.
I got a new hairstyle complete with hat from Tram and some new kicks from Reign, My dress is a cute offering from C'est la vie and I also picked up this adorable little puppy from Fawny... How could i resist taken one these home with me. I am sure he will love it in my inventory zoo.
In short if you haven't been to the Seasons Story event yet, It is a must.
All the above designers mentioned have really put out some great quality items and there is soooo much more to see as i am only scratching the surface of whats on offer.

Now for my leisurely stroll through the sim i found to take my pup on an adventure.... <3

Music of the moment: I really like sad songs sometimes, but this is one with an upbeat.
I Use To Love You - Gwen Stefani

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX

Friday, 16 October 2015

Oh don't you dare look back

Dear SL...

Another creepy style post in preparation for Halloween, I am loving this feel and yet I still think she is eerily pretty.
Just a quick post today.

Blog look #199

Skin: Glam Affair - Sia Ghost - Polar - 01 - E - (Past FLF Item)
Hair: [DUE] - Tomonaga - @TSS
Eyes: Clemmm -  The Whites
Tattoo Layer: [ni.Ju] - Dusk - lips - 03 - (Marketplace)

Dress: =Zenith= - The Dread - (Black) Fitted Mesh - (Gatcha) -RARE - @TSS
Pants: [monso] - My Ripped Jean - Black - (Past Kustom9 Item)

Drool: *katat0nik* - Drool Black - (Gatcha) - @TSS
Bag: =Zenith= - Coffin Backpack - (Black) - (Gatcha) - @TSS
Shoes: 2PM. - Sugar lace platform - (Gatcha) - RARE - @TSS

Pose: [addme.] - FG201510 - @TSS
Sim: Winter Moon

Glam Affair really are my go to skins and this one is no different, It was brought out for FLF event and honestly I love it. Slightly creepy and giving me the Vampire Diaries style vampire hunger look was perfect.
Teaming it up with Zeniths new release at the 2nd anniversary of The Seasons Story, Half human Half skully like dress top and some coffin bags, things just started to fall into place for this look.
Also released at the Seasons Story event was Addme pose which comes with hud style as well for posing in those sims that don't allow build, I tell you its smart and a god send to us bloggers.
After adding this must have black drool from Katat0nik at the same event, I felt I had to cute it up a little and to do this I chose the 2pm lace shoes from the Gatcha and also the adorable cute short style hair from Due, My favourite thing about this hair style is the little wisps of hair across the face.
All in all this round of Seasons Story had a mix bag for all, including the slightly creepier items to get you in the early Halloween mood But they also have some great Autumn items which i will be show caseing in blogs to come.
I honestly love running around in this outfit.

Music of the moment: I love this song and can't get it out of my head!!!
Shut Up And Dance - Walk The Moon

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

I need your time

Dear SL...

Well as you probably have noticed it has been a while since i have blogged, This is due to my failing RL health that sent me to long stays in hospital, where being in that much pain and no internet makes it impossible to do.
However i am back and hope you guys have missed me because i am back and just in time for all the starts of the creepy month ahead.

Blog look #198

Skin: Glam Affair -  - Marta Artic - Clean - G
Hair: Moon - Light Headed Wanderer
Eyes: [Buzz] - Bewitched Eyes - Angel

Dress: Foxes - The Craft - Supreme - @C88

Hat: Foxes - The Craft Hat - Black - @C88
Wings: Glam Affair - Sya Wings - Raven - @C88
Shoes: fri. - Samantha.Booties - (Iron) - Slink - @C88
Pet: Birdy - Hocus Pocus - Owlie - Dark - (Past Arcade)

Pose: Kirin - Hinata Pose 2
Broom: Birdy - Hocus Pocus - Broom - RARE - (Gatcha) - (Past Arcade)
Pets: Birdy - Hocus Pocus - Bat - Black - (Gatcha) -  (Past Arcade)
Book/Paper: Kalopsia - Spells Book - RARE - (Gatcha) - (Past Tag! Event Item)
Fog: {anc} - mist cloud - [Heavenlyblue] - (Past C88 Event Item)
Bushes: [we're CLOSED] - shrub large - bare
Moon: Ally Adventure - Small - Free - (Marketplace)

Glam Affair skins are so pretty on their own, However I love adding little layering touches to make it my own. They release such cute styles and the tones really are something that can suit just about everyone.

It seems effortless for Birdy/Alchmey to make such amazing sets and I am sure its anything but with the stress of Arcade round just now over, I really hope you slapped that machine hard to collect the each item.
They also released a modern take on a witch like outfit for this past months Collab88. Best hurry if you haven't seized up yours for this spooky start to the season and more to come I am sure.
For now i will remain the "Supreme".

On thing Fri, know is the way to a girls heart is with shoes and The designer Darling really knows her stuff, Releasing this ankle boot style for this past months Collab88.

Music of the moment: Song I heard recently.
I Need Your Love - Calvin Harris

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX

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