Saturday, 27 June 2015

You won't remember anyway

Dear SL...

I wish I drank coffee in RL cause sometimes I could really use some, But I worked in a cafe for many years making coffee's and when you make coffee, Smell like coffee all the time, You kind of get turned off it.
My AV however loves the stuff and honestly who wouldn't visit a pug cafe in RL if one existed.

Blog look #183

Skin: [PF] - Elsie - <Biscuit> - Lid 01 - (brown/light) - (Gotcha) - @Arcade
Hair: .Olive. - the Willow Hair - (Past Uber Item)

Dress: -Pixicat- - Tropical.MaxiDress - Salmon - @SummerFest

Necklace: Amala - The Hallows Choker - Gold - @Kustom9
Necklace 2: (Yummy) - Chunky Crystal - Yellow - (Gotcha) - @Arcade
Ring: (Yummy) - Birthstone Ring - April - Diamond - Gotcha - (Past Arcade Item)
Coffee Pet: Birdy - Pugglie - Hold/rez - Coffee - @Arcade
Bag: (fd) - Little Leather Bag - Faded Brown - (Past C88 Item)
Shoes: fri. - Izzie.Sandals - (Chocolate) - Slink - @SummerFest

Pose: My Own
Cafe: Birdy - Pug Cafe - Sleepy Bed Pug  - Gotcha - @Arcade
Birdy - Pug Cafe - Cafe build - RARE - Gotcha - @Arcade
Birdy - Pug Cafe - Shelving & Bread 2 - Gotcha - @Arcade
Birdy - Pug Cafe - Shelving & Bread 1 - Gotcha - @Arcade
Birdy - Pug Cafe - Display Cabinet - Gift - @Arcade
Birdy - Pugglie - Hold - Chef - RARE - Gotcha - @Arcade
Birdy - Pug Cafe - Bags - Gotcha - @Arcade
Birdy - Pugglie - Rez - Sundae - Gotcha - @Arcade
Birdy - Pugglie - Rez - Hot Doge - Gotcha - @Arcade
Birdy - Pugglie - Rez - Burger - @Arcade
Birdy - Cupcake Display
Rug: Zigana - Zigana  rug  naturel

Olive hair always makes me happy, No not cause i am bias but because you can see the love put into the hair and how much the designer grows with each one she does.
And i must say i am a sucker for a added hair accessory, The beads on this hair are cute and come with a colour change hud.

Birdy went pug crazy for this round of Arcade and as there is only a few days left of June you need to go get your deliciously made pets now! Dani and Tyr cooked up a feast of puggy delight that is a must own and even has a cafe building to store them in.

Fri. has been releasing so many nice simple summer sandals I am spoilt for choice when it comes to shoes for my seasonal outfits. Coming in a range of colours, These strappy styles arn't to be missed.

Pixicat continues to shock and awe us all with her amazing style when it comes to her releases. Her newest release is no different. As soon as I laid eyes on the summer boho feeling dress for SummerFest event I was in love and knew it belonged in my inventory. My only hard decision was when it came to which colour I wanted more.

Music of the moment:  Old band, Still in love!
Go With The Flow - Queen Of The Stone Age

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Spread your little wings and fly away

Dear SL...

In RL and SL for some reason people seem to perceive me as innocent and sweet, While I do admit they can be sides of me, It's not always true. (This can be said for all of us I am sure.)
Well this blog really is a ode to that theme.

Blog look #182

Skin: [PF] - Elsie - <Biscuit> - Lid 01 - (brown/light) - (Gotcha) - @Arcade
Hair: Spellbound - Noir - (Rose+Spikes) - Chapter I : Earth

Bodysuit: -Pixicat- - Temptation.Corset - White nr.1 - (Gotcha) - @Arcade

Necklace: (Yummy) - Love Necklace - (Past N21 event item)
Necklace 2: (Yummy) - Point Crystal - Orange - (Gotcha) - @Arcade
Ring: (Yummy) - Birthstone Ring - April - Diamond - Gotcha - (Past Arcade Item)
Wings: Le Poppycock - Wings
Shoes: fri. - Nadya.Sandals - (Cloud) - Slink - @Kustom9

Pose: Kirin - Natsu Pose 1 - @Kustom9
Pets: -Pixicat- - Wonderland.Cat nr.2 - RARE - Gotcha - (Past Arcade Item)
Half-Deer - Fennec Fox - Antwatching - @Kustom9
Clouds: Half-Deer - Simple Cloud - White - Heart
Half-Deer - Winter Whimsy - Cloud of Eternal Sparkle -  - Gotcha - (Past Arcade Item)
Rainbow: Half-Deer - Simple Rainbow - (Big Arch)

Dying of cute right now, I feel like a sexy, sweet angel....Except when my mesh doesn't load right away when tping around and I get the message "Why don't you have clothes on"... I swear I do.
This clothing is Pixicat's offering for June round of Arcade, SO if you haven't gotten your Temptation Corset than your missing out on some seriously detailed cute.
Speaking of Pixicat, I must say they created one of my most weird loved animals featured above is the three eyed cat. It's just so strangely cute!

Half Deer is defiantly my go to cute decore store, I am always amazed at the pretty items created in Halo's mind. Including the above Fluffy clouds and fox, Although the fox is called ant watching I dont think its going to find any in the clouds.

Fri. has been bringing out a few sets of summer sandals to really get you in the mood for that hot SL weather. I am a sucker for well made strappy sandals.

Music of the moment:  Song popped in my head when writting up this blog.
Spread Your Wings - Queen

Until Next Time 
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Sunday, 21 June 2015

Forgive and forget you a thousand times

Dear SL...

This blog is a quick write up as energy is low, However it is inspired by the fresh promise of the amazing summer days to be had in SL, While i myself freeze in winter.

Blog look #181

Skin: [PF] - Elsie - <Biscuit> - Lid 01 - (brown/light) - (Gotcha) - @Arcade
Hair: Spellbound - Astarte // Grimoire - (Group Gift)

Shirt: -tres blah- - Arlet Tee - Pineapple - @C88
Pants: Addams - Epiphany Short w/ Belt - @C88

Necklace: (Yummy) - Love Necklace - (Past N21 event item)
Shoes: fri. - Nadya.Sandals - (Sunny) - Slink - @Kustom9
Pet: MishMish - Dancing Pineapple - @C88
Glasses: Izzie's - Oversized Sunglasses - (brown lenses)

Pose: Tea Soup
Pet: MishMish - Pygmy Hippo 4 - Yumm Watermelon - (Gotcha) - @Arcade
Fruit: 8f8 - 42 - Green Grocers - Watermelon - (Gotcha) - @Arcade
8f8 - 27 - Green Grocers - Apple Crate - (Gotcha) - @Arcade
 8f8 - 36 -Green Grocers - Cherry Basket with Pricing - (Gotcha) - @Arcade
8f8 - 37 - Green Grocers - Strawberry Basket with Pricing - (Gotcha) - @Arcade
8f8 - 31 - Green Grocers - Lemon Crate - (Gotcha) - @Arcade
8f8 - 33 - Green Grocers - Watermelon Tasting Set - (Gotcha) - @Arcade
Stand: 8f8 - 04 - Green Grocers - Market Stand - (Gotcha) - @Arcade
Lights: 8f8 - 16 - Green Grocers - Pole Lights - (Gotcha) - @Arcade

Have you guys heard of the hair store Spellbound? If you haven't you should check it out. They have a current group gift (Pictured above) at only 100L to join. also hit the summer scene with another set of sandals for this rounds C88, They were a perfect addition to my summer wardrobe and will be paired with many outfits coming soon.

MishMish had my head dancing with this new Pineapple pet for my head, So cute you can't bare to eat it! Plays music and is animated with the options of level of music as well as options of sunglasses.

There is nothing better than going on a weekend to a summer market where all the fresh fruit can be smelt and tasted. 8F8 has brought that to SL with his latest release at the Arcade. The amount of detail on each piece makes my mouth water at how real it seems.

Music of the moment:  Just a song.
Tragedy - Christina Perri 

Until Next Time 
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Sunday, 14 June 2015

These are dangerous days for the calm mind

Dear SL...

Ok so here is my next blog, This is basically all about being tired and recovering which i have needed to do for last week.

Blog look #180

Skin: [PF] - Elsie - <Biscuit> - Lid 01 - (brown/light) - (Gotcha) - @Arcade
Hair: .Olive. & Paloma - the Sweetpea Hair w/Mask - RARE - (Gotcha) - @Arcade

Dress: -Pixicat- - Darling.Dress - White - (Past Kustom9 Event Item)

Necklace: (Yummy) - Love Necklace - (Past N21 event item)

Pose: AF - Bed Pose
Bed: AF - Annan Bed w/ Curtains
Rose: {anc} - garden. rose - RARE - (Gotcha) - @Arcade
Makeup: -tres blah- - Jolie - Makeup Bag - RARE - (Gotcha) - @Arcade
Cups: {anc} - garden. tea  - (Gotcha) - @Arcade
Stars: Kalopsia - Hanging Stars
Moon: {anc} - garden. ladyinmoon - (Past Arcade)
Clutter: erratic / lsm - 18. - clothing clutter - woman - (Gotcha) - @Arcade

Very much inspired by the messy bed hair created by Olive for the collab with Paloma, This gotcha for Arcade this round has many cute items including hair and furniture. To me Olive just keeps getting better with her skills and this Arcade hair is no exception it was defiantly on my must have list.
Pixicat brought out this sweet looking lace dress for the just past round of Kustom9 and it made the perfect look for my sweet bed scene.
I through in a few decore items by Anc, These items are breath taken and ever so detailed. This store is my go to when it comes to elegant items to fill a space.
Adding a few more girly sweet items from Tres Blah and Erratic from this rounds Arcade completed the look.

Music of the moment:  I have been watching the new season of OITNB and i have to say te new Aussie girl Ruby Rose has really impressed me, So this video is her and sends a great message.
Break Free - Ruby Rose

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX

Friday, 12 June 2015

Summer days drifting away

Dear SL...

It is time for new sweet things.
Life for me at the moment has been hard with my health but i am recovering and i am so glad to get back to the things i love which includes blogging.

Blog look #179

Skin: [PF] - Elsie - <Biscuit> - Lid 01 - (brown/light) - (Gotcha) - @Arcade
Hair: Lamb. - Seafoam - Dark Brown - @C88

Bra: Foxes - Summer Love - Bikini - Small - Lovely Lilac - @C88
Jacket: Foxes -Summer Love - Jacket - Small - Donut - @C88
Shorts: -Pixicat- - Cheeky Shorts - Fatpack - (Past Event Item)

Ring: (Yummy) - Birthstone Ring - April - Diamond - (Gotcha) - (Past Arcade)
Necklace: (Yummy) - Love Necklace - (Past N21 event item)
Hat: Foxes - Summer Love - Visor - Donut - @C88
Shoes: fri. - Nadya.Sandals - (Cloud) - Slink - @C88
Pet: Birdy - Pugglie - Rez/ Hold-  Donut- (Gotcha) - (Past Arcade)

Pose: !bang - mini series - back up 1
Background/Skybox: (My mummy's home sim.)

It is officially summer time in SL with C88 showing its finest designers of this seasons hottest must have items for summer.
Foxes brought out a sexy feel to summer with your choice of bikini tops/jackets all in fresh textures and style.
To match the feel i picked up the new Lamb hair style and although i was tempted to go bare feet in the sand, I couldn't resist the sweet look of Fri. summer style sandals.
This months C88 is a must visit destination and not forgetting my cute little donut pug by Birdy at this rounds Arcade. He is so sweet I could eat him up!!!

Music of the moment:  Inspired by summer this song popped into my head.
Summer Nights - Grease

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX

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