Sunday, 14 June 2015

These are dangerous days for the calm mind

Dear SL...

Ok so here is my next blog, This is basically all about being tired and recovering which i have needed to do for last week.

Blog look #180

Skin: [PF] - Elsie - <Biscuit> - Lid 01 - (brown/light) - (Gotcha) - @Arcade
Hair: .Olive. & Paloma - the Sweetpea Hair w/Mask - RARE - (Gotcha) - @Arcade

Dress: -Pixicat- - Darling.Dress - White - (Past Kustom9 Event Item)

Necklace: (Yummy) - Love Necklace - (Past N21 event item)

Pose: AF - Bed Pose
Bed: AF - Annan Bed w/ Curtains
Rose: {anc} - garden. rose - RARE - (Gotcha) - @Arcade
Makeup: -tres blah- - Jolie - Makeup Bag - RARE - (Gotcha) - @Arcade
Cups: {anc} - garden. tea  - (Gotcha) - @Arcade
Stars: Kalopsia - Hanging Stars
Moon: {anc} - garden. ladyinmoon - (Past Arcade)
Clutter: erratic / lsm - 18. - clothing clutter - woman - (Gotcha) - @Arcade

Very much inspired by the messy bed hair created by Olive for the collab with Paloma, This gotcha for Arcade this round has many cute items including hair and furniture. To me Olive just keeps getting better with her skills and this Arcade hair is no exception it was defiantly on my must have list.
Pixicat brought out this sweet looking lace dress for the just past round of Kustom9 and it made the perfect look for my sweet bed scene.
I through in a few decore items by Anc, These items are breath taken and ever so detailed. This store is my go to when it comes to elegant items to fill a space.
Adding a few more girly sweet items from Tres Blah and Erratic from this rounds Arcade completed the look.

Music of the moment:  I have been watching the new season of OITNB and i have to say te new Aussie girl Ruby Rose has really impressed me, So this video is her and sends a great message.
Break Free - Ruby Rose

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX

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