Saturday, 30 August 2014

Hoping one day you'll make a dream last

Dear SL...

Hi all,
So i had this blog all ready to go and such just needed to do final touches with RL stole me away to be in prisoned in a hospital for almost a week.
I am finally out but it will take me a little to get back to feeling myself, However it has given me the feeling of wanting to blog more so than ever!
I figured i would at least start off where i began with this outfit, I intended on showing you almost a week ago.

Blog look #130

Skin: [PF] - Harley - <Porcelain> - Lid 01 - (nobrow)
Hair: +Spellbound+ - SpitOrSwallow Betty Bang - Pastels - @ Suicide Dollz
Eye Brows: Glam Affair - Rose - Universal Eyebrow - 01 - ( White ) - Tintable
Hand: Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual

Top: .Atomic. - {Charlotte Sweater} - Set 1 - @N21
Pants: The Secret Store - Rise Skinny Jeans - Mint

Collar: .Atomic. - {Charlotte Collar} - @N21
Bear:   <:*BoOgErS*:> - Baby Bear - (Gotcha item) - (Arcade opens 1st Sept) - @ Arcade
Ring: {Imeka} - Athena Pearl Ring - {Gold} - @C88
Shoes: ::{u.f.o]:: - Margiella cutting sneakers  - white

Pose: Bubble Bath - *Coming Soon*
Chairs: MishMish & Mien - Memories Chair - open - Pink - @Atelier Kreslo
              MishMish & Mien - Memories Chair - closed - Mint - @Atelier Kreslo
Box Of Letters: 8f8 - 19 - Our Secret Hideout - Precious Thoughts - (Gotcha item)
Pets: MishMish - Candy Fluffz - Various including the two rares - (Gotcha item)

An outfit like this one seems to be coming more and more my normal as i become more adventurous with colours and broadening my scope of looks i feel comfortable enough to say its me.
I must admit its quite liberating and much more fun just to let go of the limits that you think defines what you can do.
If you asked me six months ago would i be wearing pastels and especially pink, I would have thought you crazy. Somehow now i find myself more and more drawn to it.

This look was heavily inspired by Atomic's new sweater line at the N21 event opened recently.
The colour range is breath taking and in true Atomic style it is very unique to the brand, Followed up by the amazing detailed flower/Pearl collar which is colour change with hud. (Also available at the N21 event)
Finding the right pastel colour jeans proved a challenge but i had to look no feather than the Secret Store and they had me covered with these cute mint high waisted jeans.

Spellbound recently released a new streaked hair at the Suicide Dollz event, This hair made me so happy and the streak hud just brings another new element of fun to it.
It also comes with a cute swallow bird clip although for the sake of the outfit it was not used above.

I was also joined by a few memories with the collaboration chair by Mish Mish and Mien and than poof lots of friends joined in the fun including the ever so cute purkles by Mish Mish and even a special baby bear by Booger's lastest offering the soon to start arcade event starting September 1st!

There is lots not to be missed and i am sure with all the events it gets confusing but that's half he fun, Just be sure not to miss out on the Booger bears as they are an exclusive to the Arcade event and wont be sold after.

Well i am off to have some more fun memory making adventures with my friends here and I will be back soon to bring you another new fresh look.

Music of the moment: Just this song touches words.
Ler Her Go - Passenger

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX

Friday, 22 August 2014

Still don't know what love is

Dear SL...

Hi all,
Just a quick one today, As i am not well today.
However this outfit is so pretty it makes me feel a little better.

Blog look #129

Skin: .Atomic. - {HeartStrings} - Milk - Brown Brow - @TCF
Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ - Legend Hair - Persephone - Winter - @C88
Hand: Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual

Top: Lark - Jade Blouse - 2 - @District5
Skirt: Lark - Jade Maxi -1 - @District5

Head Piece: .Atomic. - {Aphrodite} - Floral Headpiece - @C88
Bag: ::C'est la vie !:: - messy bag :O oops!exposed ver. - (winter) - (RARE) - (Gotcha Item)

Pose: Bubble Bath - *Coming Soon*
Dog: Alchemy/Birdy - Chi Chi Chihuahua - Spike - Tan - @TCF
           Alchemy/Birdy - Chi Chi Chihuahua - Spike - White - @TCF
Fence: 8f8 - Driftwood - FENCE
Photos: . Infiniti . - Forgotten Memories - 4 - (Gotcha Item)
            . Infiniti . - Forgotten Memories - 5 - (Gotcha Item)

This outfit was inspired by Larks cute boho skirt and top offered at the new event contained in District 5.
I love the details with the creases in the skirt and top, The overall look came out amazing.
She has a talent for eye to detail and i for one hope she keeps up with making clothing, Especially if they are anything like this.
Atomic has a pretty hair piece for part of their offering at this months Collbor88, And wow it captured the essences of the flower perfectly, Not to mention has a cute netting option, Thus giving it a casual; or classy feel in a push of a button.

I am keeping my rant for this outfit today pretty short and simple as i think the outfit itself speaks volumes as to the quality of items that make it up. Everyday i am more and more amazed and impressed by the talent we have on the grid.
I can't wait to see what next graces my inventory.

Music of the moment: In love with The Originals soundtrack atm.
The Other Side - David Gray

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX

Monday, 18 August 2014

And nothings what it seems

Dear SL...

Hi all, This blog post is one dear to my heart.
It is extremely rare to find those you bound with both in real life and in secondlife.
I personally while i do have connections with a great many of beautiful people in both world have only felt that kinda bound a handful of times.
his blog is dedicated to one of those very rare people in my life, Rose Bubble Doe.
This women has been my secondlife mother and best friend for over a year now, She is so raw and real.
There are endless things i could tell you about what she means to me and all that she has done for me, Without even knowing it just being herself blows my mind.
I could never describe in words just how much she is and how i love her, Any that i try just seem empty and dismal compared to the reality of it.
Ok ok so while reading all this so called mush your thinking "Ok awwww thats lovely but why is this post dedication so important?"
Well if you don't know my mother or don't follow her on plurk you wont know that due to an unfortunate real life situation my mother is facing loosing her real house, Not only her but her family are effected by such a thing and with a community to lean on when things get tough.
The secondlife friends/family and designers have created a event. Not only donate money to help fight for the house but also help fight to keep a life time of memories alive.
If ever there was an event to change a life path was born of all the events that happen on the gird, I am sure that if we were in the same boat we would want such a loving show of hands to help.

Please visit the Olive You event and know that while giving your linden for the amazing items there, That not only are you getting something you want but you are helping in ways yoy will never know and from the bottom of my heart thank you. Taxi Here.

Blog look #128

Skin: .Atomic. - {HeartStrings} - Milk - NB - @TCF
Brows: Glam Affair - Rose - Universal Eyebrow 01 - ( White ) - Tintable
Hair: .Olive. - the Valena Hair - STREAK'D - @Olive You
Hand: Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual
Feet: Slink - Mesh Feet - Flat

Shirt: -Pixicat- - WideCropTop - Green - @Olive You
Pants: -Pixicat- - Biker Pants - Black - @Kustom9

Rings: Herspherical - {Daisy Ring} - Gold - @Kustom9
          Herspherical - {Moon Ring} - Gold - @Kustom9
         Herspherical - {Stone Ring} - Gold - @Kustom9
Bangles: *MC* - Alma Bangle Set - Olive. - Gold - @Olive You
Shoes: Pure Poison - Black & Gold - Olivia Sandals - (Must have Slink flat feet) - @Olive You

Painting: AF - New Arrival Painting - (Past Arcade Gotcha Item)
Draws: AF - Travel Drawers - (Past Arcade Gotcha Item)
Suit Case: AF - Worn Luggage Bag - (Past Arcade Gotcha Item)
Drape: AF - Hanging Art 4 - (Past Arcade Gotcha Item)

This look really made its self, from the great range of products at the Olive You event.
Funny thing is i actually came out with this look, Looking somewhat like my mother....HAHHAHA like mother like daughter.
And yes I feel very "chic"
The special edition hair made for this event is made by the one and only Rose Bubble Doe herself and comes with a cute streak hud that has many colours to choose from.
Did i also mention the hair also comes in a non- rigged version for those of us that have a small av to.

The top is by Pixicat and in her true original style made a shirt of mouths, Slightly weirded out by it but more than love it.
The Pure Poison shoes are oh so pretty and i couldn't help myself but to buy all the colours available, What the heck its for a great cause right!?!
Once i laid my eyes on the bangles from MC they were instantly mine and putting this all together you have the look above.
Ok ok so i threw in a few other things i had brought lately such as the Pixicat biker pants (Yes as you can tell i am a huge fan of Pixicat.) And the sweet little ring sets from Herspherical really set the whole thing.

AppleFall the talented person they are provided the perfect backdrop for the kinda feel of the outfit i had created with their last offering of Arcade items.
All in all I am well pleased with how this turned out and now if you don't mind i am off to a alt rock club to show off my new look.
Music of the moment: A song from one my fave TV shows.
Raise The Dead - Rachel Rabin

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Touch Me And I Feel On Fire

Dear SL...

Hi, Ho its off to sea we go with a arrrrhhhh harrrr here and arrrrrrhhhh harrrr there.
But seriously this blog post must have been on my mind because i had a dream about floating pirate booty, Only it was SL.
So this is what has inspired this post today.

Blog look #127

Skin: .Atomic. - {HeartStrings} - Milk - Brown Brow - @TCF
Hair: .ploom. - Astrid - Indecisive
Hand: Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual
Leg Tattoo:  Wound - Kneecap - Hearts - (Marketplace)

Dress: .Atomic. - {Aphrodite Dress} - Hud 3

Mask: Tee*fy - Sleepy Wings Blue - Sleeping Mask - (Gotcha Item, Past Arcade)

Pose: Bubble Bath - *Coming Soon*
Dock: {vespertine} - skippin stone dock /driftwood
Ships: .Atomic. - {Arggg Pirates!} - Natural - Shelf RARE - (Gotcha item) - @FGC
 .Atomic. - {Arggg Pirates!} -  Black - Shelf RARE - (Gotcha item) - @FGC
Toys: .Atomic. - {Arggg Pirates!} - Black - Mermaid - (Gotcha item) - @FGC
.Atomic. - {Arggg Pirates!} - Black - Kraken - (Gotcha item) - @FGC
.Atomic. - {Arggg Pirates!} - Black - Buccaneer - (Gotcha item) - @FGC
.Atomic. - {Arggg Pirates!} - Black - Captain - (Gotcha item) - @FGC
.Atomic. - {Arggg Pirates!} - Black - Pirate Cannon - (Gotcha item) - @FGC

I love dreaming when I finally dream, Which isn't as often as i would like.
However this is pretty combination look that came out of all that.
Inspiring me first was Atomics new releases the Aphrodite dress is just to die for, it has a pretty flow to it and a soft feeling when you look at it.
The details in the textures again highlight how soft and dram like it is and while i have used it like a night dress it can defiantly go both ways and be used as a cute little summer dress, As i am sure it was intended however i like to put my own spin on things.
It comes in all kinds of pretty colours and I promise once you have it on you will wonder why you didn't buy all the colours.
These little toy sea inspired memorabilia are very cute and very detailed, The texture painting on them have really blown me away.
These are great for anyone who likes the beachy or sea objects this is the gotcha for you and the little characters on them are just adorable.
Like I have said in previous posts i still haven't taken off the new skin by Atomic at Chapter Four this month, I have been a long time fan of Ivy's skins and Am only so much happier now she is finally back to releasing pretty skin lines again.
Yes this is a very Atomic inspired post but hey a girl is gotta love her brands and Atomic has really stolen the lime light recently.

Music of the moment: Obsessed with watching Comic Con of late this song was on one of the panels.
Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough - Michael Jackson

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

I'm high on believing

Dear SL...

Hi, While i am freezing my butt off in RL, I have come up with a cute little look for today.
I just can't wait until winter is over here in Australia, Bring on spring!!!!
One thing i really do love about this crazy virtual world is that i can dress all sweet and summery as if it is one of the nicest hot days while RL reminds me its not. Yay for escapes of the virtual world even if for a moment.

Blog look #126

Skin: .Atomic. - {HeartStrings} - Milk - Black Brow - @TCF
Make-Up: .Atomic. - {Muse} - Supernova Lip - 1 - (Comes as part skin pack, Past C88)
Hair: +Spellbound+ - NachoBitch - Unnatural Ombres & Dips
Hand: Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual
Leg Tattoo:  Wound - Kneecap - Hearts - (Marketplace)

Dress: Tee*fy - Aphrodite Dress - Mix - @C88

Necklace: +Spellbound+ - Fckn Cute - Cookie Necklace - Colour Me RARE - (Gotcha item, OMG)
Shoes: .tsg. - Ruffle Platforms - Solid Black - (Comes with add on wings)

Pose: Bubble Bath - *Coming Soon*
Blackboard: Wimey - The Cooper Board - @Dreaming Tree

This look started as many of mine do, With one item that inspires it all.
And just like that BAM an outfit starts to form.
The item in question for this look is the new hair by Spellbound, If you haven't already noticed i am a HUGE fan of this brand and the girl who creates the hair.
The hair above is no exception, It is amazing and comes with colour change hat.
I decided although this hair could create many different styles, I figured i would go for a slightly lolita goth look.
The dress that is at this months freshly opened C88 was perfect with the mix of purple and black being my pick of the styles offered.
Throwing on the supernova lips stick just tied it all in for me and than putting on a pale version of the skin offered by Atomic at Chapter four (Which mind you i still havent taken off since i got it).
All i needed now was a smart way to show how great this all came together and Wimey came out with a science black board inspired by one of my favourite shows The Big Bang Theory. This black board allows you to click and change between four different backgrounds and even has a texture so you can create your own. It is available now as part of The Dreaming Tree event.

Music of the moment: A song I can't get it out of my head since seeing Guardians Of The Galaxy.
Hooked on a feeling - Blue Swede

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX

Saturday, 9 August 2014

You wait on letters

Dear SL...

Hi, This is just a quick little post as I have RL commitments that are keeping me busy for the next few days.
I really should be sleeping, However I couldn't resist showing off this cute new look.
Music has inspired this post, As music is a big part of both my RL and SL it was only amazing timing that Atomic brought out these adorable little pianos.
And yes that is a stack of pianos I am sitting on...

Blog look #125

Skin: .Atomic. - {HeartStrings} - Creme - Black Brow - @TCF
Make-Up: .Atomic.  - {HeartStrings} - Lipstick 1 - @TCF
Hair: pr!tty - Emma - Brown - 6 - (Gotcha item) - @TCF
Hand: Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual
Leg Tattoo:  Wound - Kneecap - Hearts - (Marketplace)

Shirt: Gato - Crop Tee - GO - (Texture base) - (Recent Seasons Story Event)
Romper: Gato - Soft Romper - Med Denim - (Recent Seasons Story Event)

Bindi: [whatever] - Three Pearl Bindi - @FGC
Shoes: *COCO* - PlatformSneakers - (Grey) - (Gotcha item) - @TCF

Pose: Bubble Bath - *Coming Soon*
Pianos: .Atomic. - {Vintage Toy Piano} - Upright - Purple - (Gotcha item) - @TCF
                            .Atomic. - {Vintage Toy Piano} - Tiny Grand - Black - RARE - (Gotcha item) - @TCF
          .Atomic. - {Vintage Toy Piano} - Upright - Pink - (Gotcha item) - @TCF
          .Atomic. - {Vintage Toy Piano} - Upright - Blue - (Gotcha item) - @TCF
                           .Atomic. - {Vintage Toy Piano} - Tiny Grand - Blue - RARE - (Gotcha item) - @TCF
                             .Atomic. - {Vintage Toy Piano} - Tiny Grand - White - RARE - (Gotcha item) - @TCF
                          .Atomic. - {Vintage Toy Piano} - Tiny Grand - Pink - RARE - (Gotcha item) - @TCF
Seat: .Atomic. - {Vintage Toy Piano} - Pillow Seat - Purple - @TCF

As I stated in my last post Atomic came out with a new skin for Chapter Four and I have yet to take it off since i got it.
There are blonde, brown, black and even no brow options. Along with these great fade red and pink shade lipsticks.

While at Chapter Four, I also picked up a hair out of the Pr!tty gotcha and these nice platform shoes out of the Coco gotcha.
As you can see i have also got a pile of the new cute pianos from Atomic gotcha, These don't only look great as decor with all the detailed texture. But they also play music and have some cute little poses that fit adult and TD in the seats that come in the same gotcha.

All that was left to complete my "Melodies" was to find something equally as cute to wear and lucky I remembered the stylish romper Gato released at the recent Seasons Story event, Which is now available in store.
Last but not least is the new bindi set by Whatever, Anna Grey has out done herself with this offering for the newly opened Fantasy Gotcha Carnival. There are many options to collect and all have a very big range of colour change options.

Music of the moment: I song I have loved for a very long time.
Skip The Charades - Cold War Kids

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Her best days were some of my worst

Dear SL...

It is time to bring the Moon Princess out and for her to play with her birdy friends.
This blog is a combination of Alice in Wonderland and a pastel kawaii princess of types. Either way I love how it turned out.
I never use to be able to feel comfortable in in lots of colours and pastels, Especially pink.
However since my SL mother Rose came into my life, It has slowly grown on me and become apart of me.

Blog look #124

Skin: .Atomic. - {HeartStrings} - Creme - Brown Brow - @TCF
Hair: MOON - The Fix - Fades
Hand: Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual
Face Tattoo: [okkbye] - Moon Bindi - Pink

Dress: *{Junbug}* - The Debutante - [Blush] - (Last round of Kustom9)

Necklace: .aisling. - The Bad Wife - @Enchantment event
Earrings: *BABY* - Chic Earring - (Marketplace)
Handbag: =Zenith= - Ice-cream bag - Milk - @TDF

Pose: Bubble Bath - *Coming Soon*
Table/Cups/Tree/Chair: Kalopsia - White Queen Set - (Gift) - @TGS
Birds: 8f8 - Vintage Birds II - Miss Mom and Little Mister Sky - RARE - (Gotcha item)
8f8 - Vintage Birds II - Miss Diva - RARE - (Gotcha item)

Atomic has a new release skin at this months chapter four and I must confessed as soon as I put the Hearts Strings skin on, I knew it would be a very long time before i took it off again ..If ever!!!
This skin is so nicely detailed and with such a sweet face it was so perfect for me.

I knew a long with this cute skin, I had to find an outfit just as cute.
The new hair from Moon, I have a extreme love for long hairs that have the ever so slightly tuck behind the ear on one side.
And Moon's new textures are simply to die for.

8F8's second set of adorable birds just complete the look of cute, Along with this amazing Junbug dress.
All in all the complete look makes me feel like cotton candy and reminds me how thankful i am for my SL mum.

Music of the moment: One of my all time fave songs.
Breakeven - The Script

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Shall i write it in a letter

Dear SL...

Amongst the many things that i am passionate about in RL, Art is and has been a huge part of my life.
I love most forms of arts, But paint and the mess that goes with it just makes me so happy.
SL is art in every form.
And as you can tell through this blog, I express my art as many do through the looks and changes of their avatar.

Blog look #123

Skin: Glam Affair Cassia - America - 08 - G
Hair: Blues - Rosalie - Blondes - (Hair Fair Release)
Hand: Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual
Face Tattoo: ALLFOR50 - Painting Time Face Tattoo - (Marketplace)
Body Tattoo: :: YaYo :: - Canvas - Body - No Face - (Marketplace)

Dress: -tb- - Fluffy Dress - Watercolors

Necklace: [whatever] - Letter Necklace - S - [Silver]
Bag: VCO - Art eco Bag - color2 - (Gotcha item, Recent Seasons Story)
Shoes: DECO - MESH Classic Sneaks - small

Pose: Label Motion
Art Table: XIAJ - Mixed Media Table - RARE - (Gotcha item, Recent Seasons Story)
Canvas Shelves: AF - Canvas Rack - (Painted)
Floor Paint: .:LBM:. - Real Paint Floor Splats - (Part of paint prank kit)

This blog post has a few new stores to write home about, I created this look to best show off my love of art and the items which make it up.
If you haven't already discovered the new Blues hair store owned by Elisa Okkbye, First featured at this years hair fair... than you are really missing out.
She brings a new styles not seen on the grid and each one is unique.
Xiaj is another new store to hit my blog and they brought out some really cute art decor for the recent seasons story.
Visting their store earlier i must say i am looking forward to more releases soon from this designer.
To really complete the look this time though i must give all created to Tres Blah and VCO1 for their arty paint items that really inspired me.
This outfit will forever go down in my mind as an all time favourite.

Music of the moment: Just a nice song.
Bloom - The Paper Kites

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX

Saturday, 2 August 2014

I've got a wall with your name

Dear SL...

I am feeling a bit witchy today...
Ever since i was young i loved witches, I watched everything with them in it and not much has changed to this day.
Magic is an obsession of mine and I am glad in this post I get to show some of the witch inspired items to be found in SL.

Blog look #122

Skin: Glam Affair - Rose - America - Clean - F
Hair: +Spellbound+ - Jezebel - Blondes
Hand: Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual

Shirt: -Pixicat- - Cheeky Top - @Uber event
Skirt: Apple May - Feath Skirt - Black

Earrings: MG - Earrings - Pekkala's Moon Pentacgram - SILVER
Necklace: MG - Necklace - Pekkala's Moon Pentacgram - Short - SILVER
Head Piece: +Spellbound+ - Jezebel Gemstone HeadChain - (Separate part the hair)

Pose: Label Motion
Book: -Pixicat- - Spellbook - (Dark) - Half Open
Flying Papers: -Pixicat- - Flying Paper - (Comes with spellbook)
Cat: *SHOP SEU* - 1prim anim cat - black
Bench: .a i s l i n g. - Herbalist Worktable
Book Cauldron: [Con.] - The Spell-o d'Cauldron - (Old Wizarding Fair item)
Cauldron: Atomic - Cauldrons - (Old Wizarding Fair item)
Potions: Amala - Potions - Ravenclaw Remedy - RARE - (Gotcha item)
Amala - Potions - Crystal's Curse - (Gotcha item)
Amala - Potions - Sue's Snot - (Gotcha item)
Mouse: Zooby - Black Cat - Toy Mouse - (Comes with black cat)

There was a new release at the main store of Spellbound, It was so breath taking and I knew as soon as i laid eyes on it what i wanted to do with it.
The textures on the Spellbound hairs are just simply amazing, One of my personal favourites are the Blondes.
With my white blonde hair set, I put on my new top from Pixicat at the fresh new monthly event called uber.
The Top has amazing lace and comes with colour hud.

I am just in love with the look that was created, And it always amazes me that I can be so inspired for a look just by one simple item.

Music of the moment: A Band I recently discovered and have had on replay for this week.
Hold - Living Syndication

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX

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