Monday, 18 August 2014

And nothings what it seems

Dear SL...

Hi all, This blog post is one dear to my heart.
It is extremely rare to find those you bound with both in real life and in secondlife.
I personally while i do have connections with a great many of beautiful people in both world have only felt that kinda bound a handful of times.
his blog is dedicated to one of those very rare people in my life, Rose Bubble Doe.
This women has been my secondlife mother and best friend for over a year now, She is so raw and real.
There are endless things i could tell you about what she means to me and all that she has done for me, Without even knowing it just being herself blows my mind.
I could never describe in words just how much she is and how i love her, Any that i try just seem empty and dismal compared to the reality of it.
Ok ok so while reading all this so called mush your thinking "Ok awwww thats lovely but why is this post dedication so important?"
Well if you don't know my mother or don't follow her on plurk you wont know that due to an unfortunate real life situation my mother is facing loosing her real house, Not only her but her family are effected by such a thing and with a community to lean on when things get tough.
The secondlife friends/family and designers have created a event. Not only donate money to help fight for the house but also help fight to keep a life time of memories alive.
If ever there was an event to change a life path was born of all the events that happen on the gird, I am sure that if we were in the same boat we would want such a loving show of hands to help.

Please visit the Olive You event and know that while giving your linden for the amazing items there, That not only are you getting something you want but you are helping in ways yoy will never know and from the bottom of my heart thank you. Taxi Here.

Blog look #128

Skin: .Atomic. - {HeartStrings} - Milk - NB - @TCF
Brows: Glam Affair - Rose - Universal Eyebrow 01 - ( White ) - Tintable
Hair: .Olive. - the Valena Hair - STREAK'D - @Olive You
Hand: Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual
Feet: Slink - Mesh Feet - Flat

Shirt: -Pixicat- - WideCropTop - Green - @Olive You
Pants: -Pixicat- - Biker Pants - Black - @Kustom9

Rings: Herspherical - {Daisy Ring} - Gold - @Kustom9
          Herspherical - {Moon Ring} - Gold - @Kustom9
         Herspherical - {Stone Ring} - Gold - @Kustom9
Bangles: *MC* - Alma Bangle Set - Olive. - Gold - @Olive You
Shoes: Pure Poison - Black & Gold - Olivia Sandals - (Must have Slink flat feet) - @Olive You

Painting: AF - New Arrival Painting - (Past Arcade Gotcha Item)
Draws: AF - Travel Drawers - (Past Arcade Gotcha Item)
Suit Case: AF - Worn Luggage Bag - (Past Arcade Gotcha Item)
Drape: AF - Hanging Art 4 - (Past Arcade Gotcha Item)

This look really made its self, from the great range of products at the Olive You event.
Funny thing is i actually came out with this look, Looking somewhat like my mother....HAHHAHA like mother like daughter.
And yes I feel very "chic"
The special edition hair made for this event is made by the one and only Rose Bubble Doe herself and comes with a cute streak hud that has many colours to choose from.
Did i also mention the hair also comes in a non- rigged version for those of us that have a small av to.

The top is by Pixicat and in her true original style made a shirt of mouths, Slightly weirded out by it but more than love it.
The Pure Poison shoes are oh so pretty and i couldn't help myself but to buy all the colours available, What the heck its for a great cause right!?!
Once i laid my eyes on the bangles from MC they were instantly mine and putting this all together you have the look above.
Ok ok so i threw in a few other things i had brought lately such as the Pixicat biker pants (Yes as you can tell i am a huge fan of Pixicat.) And the sweet little ring sets from Herspherical really set the whole thing.

AppleFall the talented person they are provided the perfect backdrop for the kinda feel of the outfit i had created with their last offering of Arcade items.
All in all I am well pleased with how this turned out and now if you don't mind i am off to a alt rock club to show off my new look.
Music of the moment: A song from one my fave TV shows.
Raise The Dead - Rachel Rabin

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX

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