Friday, 29 January 2016

Taking it for granted like time is my friend

Dear SL...

I am the kinda girl in RL who loves history and while i know life was hard back in the old Victorian days, I can't help but romanticize with the idea of being a real lady.
There is something elegant and pretty in the way the women held themselves back than, with hobbies like sowing with needle point and such that makes my mind wonder.
Even the dress style back than was just so gorgeous in its own way, Although yes i am aware of the limited rights woman had back than thus why i stated that i romanticize.
Anyways that's kinda what inspired this blog post and the idea of magical dreams of a book by candle light.

Blog look #215

Skin: VCO - benny 001
Hair: TRUTH - Kasimire Hair - @Epiphany
Eyes: [Buzz] - Lillian Eyes - Sapphire

Dress: =Zenith= - Gothic Victorian long dress - (Milk) - @Shiny Shabby

Necklace: =Zenith= - vintage pearl necklace with key - (Gacha) - (Past Event Item)
Candle: R(S)W - Simple Brass Candlestick - (Gacha) - (Past Arcade Item)
Book: 8f8 - 03 - Storyteller's Burrow - Book - Reading Anim - (Gacha) - (Past Arcade Item)
Fairies: !Ohmai - Dandelion Fairy - [Companion] - (Gacha) - (Past Arcade Item)
!Ohmai - Gerbera Fairy - [Companion] - (Gacha) - (Past Arcade Item)

Pose: My Own
Books: vespertine - bookstacks - (Gacha) - (Past event item)
Lounge: [ zerkalo ] - Coffee on the Porch - Couch - Dark - RARE - (Gacha) - @TSS
Cabinet: [ zerkalo ] - Coffee on the Porch - Sideboard - Dark - (Gacha) - @TSS
Tree: Apple Fall - 5. - Twinkling Birch - (Gacha)
Coffee/Cup: [ zerkalo ] - Coffee on the Porch - Coffee Cup & Cezve - Dark - (Gacha) - @TSS
Coffee Grinder/Beans: [ zerkalo ] - Coffee on the Porch - Coffee Set - Dark - (Gacha) - @TSS
News Paper: [ zerkalo ] - Beginning of the Day - Newspapers
Table: [ zerkalo ] - Coffee on the Porch - Table - Dark - (Gacha) - @TSS
Drapes: The Loft - Bennet Drapes - White
Rug: 8f8 - 34 - Storyteller's Burrow - Old Rugs - (Gacha) - (Past Arcade Item)
Skybox: dust bunny - sleepless attic

Recently for my blogs I have been venturing around the grid but for this one I stayed at home in a long dress and took myself to another time period.
With the help of Zenith's new long Victorian dress at the Shiny Shabby event, I decided to pull together a look of timeless class.
Truth had the perfect choice for hair style, Offered in their Gacha at Epiphany event.

After that it was on to creating the scene to suit the look, And Zerkalo's Gacha set at The Seasons Story had my back. This Set really could be used to fit into any scene but it really did play perfectly for my purposes right down to the very details.

Once that was done the magic really started to happen as my imagination took flight into a girl sneakily reading as many books as she could consume and the ideas coming off the page into life.

All these creators credited helped me to form my ideas and set my mind free, So thank you!

Music of the moment: Mood song of the day. <3 Dead Letter Circus.
Change The Concept - Dead Letter Circus

Until Next Time 
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Thursday, 28 January 2016

You look at me it's like you hit me with lightning

Dear SL...

I have been spending more time of late in SL adventuring around the grid, Finding beautiful sims and I forgot how much I love doing it.
I get so caught up in not having much time to be on and get so busy doing my other 3908490238 commitments, That i forget the beauty of the would created within the world of SL.
So please from someone who hardly ever ventures out, Those of you stuck on your platforms in the sky, Take some time to go exploring and is amazing how good it feels and you never know what you might find in SL.

Blog look #214

Skin: VCO - benny 001
Hair: TRUTH - Elspeth - @TSS
Eyes: [Buzz] - Lillian Eyes - Sapphire

Top: #EVANI - Hillary pullover - BLACK - @TSS
Pants: #EVANI - Hillary jeans - BLACK - @TSS

Rings: MINIMAL - Zima Ring *1-6*- (Gacha) - @TSS
Necklace: *Tentacio* - Is snowing - Waterproof bag - Black - (Gacha) - @TSS
Pet: Pink Acid - Dachshund Puppy - Black - Her - RARE - (Gacha)- @TSS
Shoes: REIGN.- Moon Boots - Black - (Gacha) - (Past event item)

Pose: (Pose comes as part the pet hold)
Sim: Field Of Dreams

There is only a little more time left before this months events close and a new season is upon us, I have really enjoyed bringing to life the items from this months events such as Seasons Story and Epiphany etc.
If you haven't been this week will be your last chance especially for those ones what have exclusive items.

I have had Truth style my hair with adding of the scarf rigged to it, So there is no challenge of finding a hair to work with it.
I was also really impressed with Evani's offering for The Seasons Story, The sweater is perfectly textured and just fits so well.
The jeans are so amazing, They have a hud that comes with them... It comes with tattoos for the skin legs and also has some coloured tights if you would prefer that look.
Minimal has really broken onto the scene in the grid with their items, They are so detailed and perfect for those every day looks and adding something special.
Also as everyone knows i am a sucker for the cute and well this puppy from Pink Acid suits that category. This puppy has that slight sad eyed texture and just looks adorable on the arm of anyone.

There is so much to see and collect in your ever growing inventory that I really do say a big thanks to those creators and event organise that dedicate time to making these things possible. <3

Music of the moment: Cute song from a new show I really like.
Starry Eyed - Ellie Goulding

Until Next Time 
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Monday, 25 January 2016

No expression, no expression

Dear SL...

It is so weird being from a different country than what SL is set in because for me the seasons are all backward.
Although I must admit its kinda nice dressing all warm and cute when in RL I can't because its sweltering hot outside.
Its such a amazing feeling though, Not only weather wise but culturally to, Somethings are just so different that you would never notice unless you interacted with someone on regular.
Anywho, I will stop rambling and just let you know it all amazes me and I think the world is amazing place.
This outfit today is a warm pretty style to really show my mood towards the world at the moment.

Blog look #213

Skin: VCO - benny 001
Hair: Mithral - Basil - @TSS
Eyes: [Buzz] - Lillian Eyes - Sapphire

Top: { V I N C U E } - Turtly+Sweater - @TSS
Vest: { V I N C U E } - Furry+Vest - @TSS
Pants: -Pixicat- - Tilde.Shorts Highwaisted - White - (Past Kustom9 Item)
Stockings: Izzie's - Applier Sheer Tights Basics

Earrings: Pink Acid - The Queen's Diamond & Pearl Earring - Silver  - @Epiphany
Rings: **RE** - Ice Queen Rings  - @TSS
Pet: Pink Acid - Baby Fennec Fox - Pinkish - RARE - (Gacha) - @Epiphany
Bag: =Zenith= - PatchWork Bag - @TSS

Pose: an lar [poses] - The Fiona Series - Two - @TSS
Pets: JIAN - White Tail Deer - Female Adult - (Static) - @TSS
JIAN  - White Tail Deer - Male Adult - (Static) - @TSS
JIAN  - White Tail Deer - Fawn - (Static) - @TSS
JIAN  - White Tail Deer - Fawn - (Sleep R) - @TSS

I think I may have some issues with being addicted to cute items, I can't help but want them, ALL of them.
My inventory is over flowing with crap and I really should clean it but the more I try the more cute stuff comes and fills it up again...I can't keep up, I need help!

Ok, Ok ... So its not that bad but I mean my inventory is over 100K which is really bad and I need to do something about that very soon, But not before I tell you about the amazing stuff still to be found at the events opened just this month and as we are drawing to the end of the month, If you have not been and seen/ collected all this cute than hurry up!

The Seasons Story event is always one for amazing items and designers and this round did not disappoint!
Vincue hit it out of the ball park with this fluffy vest and turtle-neck combo and the colour range is a blessing for us girly girls.
Real Evil Industries brought their A game and supplied my hands with colour change jewellery than I never want to take off, It is super detailed and very unique in its style.
I got my hair styled by Mithral and I have to say I am impresses with the way it is modelled, It really added to my outfit choice.
There are so many more items at The Seasons Story, So instead of me just rambling on about how amazing the event is go check it out yourselves!

I also added in some my Epiphany event items from this round including the cute little pet dog that I now affectionately call Bat-ears!
I love this set by Pink Acid, It just had that royal beauty feel to it, Very elegant.
Check out the Epiphany event and don't forget the event has exclusives only available for this round and only can be gotten with Epiphany points.
Please head to the website if you would like to know any information, Including how it all works.

Music of the moment: A very old song but a very meaningful song.
Mad World - Gary Jules

Until Next Time 
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Sunday, 24 January 2016

Lay down your head, and close your eyes

Dear SL...

I feel better in RL at the moment, I have been doing regular walks and although it burns my lungs from them being damaged in my surgeries, There is something also satisfying about taking control of my health even in a small way.
The rest of the evening i have dedicated to doing some more blog set ups and This is but one of the results with many more to follow soon.

Blog look #212

Skin: VCO - benny 001
Hair: The Horror!x Dichotomy - Polar - @TSS
Eyes: [Buzz] - Lillian Eyes - Sapphire

Top: Addams - Sophia Tank Top
Pants: paper.arrow - pj.shorts - deer - @TSS
Socks: *MUKA* - Thigh Socks

Necklace: +Half-Deer+ - Macaron Heart Necklace - Epiphany Exclusive - @Epiphany
Cup: floorplan. - coffee cup / custom - RARE - (Gacha) - @Epiphany
Shoes: . Quirky . - Fuzzy Pals Slippers - Bear - Polar - (Gacha) - @TSS

Pose: an lar [poses] - The Ellie Series - Five - @TSS
Bed: Luas - Nordic Bed - RARE - (Gacha) - @Epiphany
Desk: Luas - Nordic Desk - (Gacha) - @Epiphany
Shelf: Luas - Nordic Shelf - (Gacha) - @Epiphany
Side Table: Luas - Nordic Nightstand - (Gacha) - @Epiphany
Pillow: -tres blah- - Cozy Winter - Big Pillow - (Gacha) - (Past Arcade Item)
Snowflake: A.D.D.Andel! - Large Snowflake Decor - With lights-Grey - @TSS
Pets: Birdy. - Shabby Cats - Milk Crate - Light - @Epiphany
Rug: [ zerkalo ] - Beginning of the Day - Rug - Rose
Skybox: [Buzz] & Tenshi - The Callia Skybox - (Past K9 Item)

There is so much going on in the grid its hard to know where to look first, But i am drawn to the cute and pastels at the moment more so than anything else and so much of the items found at both Seasons Story event and Epiphany fit in this category.

I love looking adorable and in real life I love my sleepwear more than anything else and the trend also follows into SL. These shorts by Paper Arrow, especially the deer ones spoke to me as a must have. Not only are they well modelled but also well textured and well i am a sucker for a Doe, I am one.
I also got some cute slippers by Quirky and to match the hair by The horror!xDichotomy were perfect for a cozy beary look. All these things and more can be found at The Seasons Story event!

Epiphany is such fun being a gacha event and the idea of turning in all those copies of items for points for goregous exclusives such as the one i am wearing from Half Deer, What's not to love about this event?.
With some amazing brands and the talents they bring its hard to pick what to show off first but I am in love with the pastel bedroom set by Lucas that has many cute details and also the custom rare cup from Floorplan, All this and more to keep your creative looks going for days and days.

Music of the moment: Hunger Games Movies/Music I love to curl up and watch/Listen to.
Deep In The Meadow Lullaby - Hunger Games Movie

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX

Friday, 22 January 2016

Under the cold streetlights

Dear SL...

Hi all, Just another quick look of the day from me, I felt very inspired and cute today.
That being said it has reflected in my look, its just a pitty i feel so "Blegh" in RL.
But one thing is for sure in both worlds I am a sucker for the cute things and I love, love, LOVE it that there is just so much on offer in the way of cute on the grid of late!

Blog look #211

Skin: Atomic - Winter_Sugar - Bare - (Gacha) - @Epiphany
Hair: [DUE] - Luane - @TSS
Mouth: Atomic - Winter - Mesh Mouth (Open) - RARE - (Gacha) - @Epiphany
Eyes: [Buzz] - Lillian Eyes - Sapphire

Dress: miwa's airship - Nana outfit - RARE - (Gacha) - @TSS

Head Piece: +Half-Deer+ - Velven Bunny Ears - (Stardust Pink) - (Gacha) - (Past Arcade)
Necklace: MINIMAL - Zima - Necklace Silver - RARE - (Gacha) - @TSS
Rings: MINIMAL - Zima Ring - Silver - (Gacha) - @TSS
Shoes: 2PM. - Mokomoko platform - (Gacha) - @TSS

Pose: [addme.] - Pose#060 - (posepack) - @TSS
Balloons: +Half-Deer+ - Fairylight Balloons - All Colors - Group - @C88
Bunnies: +Half-Deer+ - Bunny helps with the Decor - (Choco)
Sim: Kaleidoscope

Taken the Kawaii style of look to the season, Very much inspired by the Seasons Story event that opened earlier this month.
As always there was so much to choose from but I throw together a few of my selected favourites including the much loved but simple style necklace from Minimal and pulled on my new bunny kicks from 2pm, Due was ever so amazing to do my hair style and last but not least is the designer of my outfit Miwa's Airship....All such talented designers offering items i couldn't resit and ALL in the one place... If you haven't had your visit to The Seasons Story Event, You really should now!
If i still haven't convinced you than more posts will follow to show you more items you really should stop by to pick up.

I do have to also mention that I am totally in love with this Atomic skin offered at the Epiphany event (another one you should stop by at, Because boy oh boy have they got some die for items.)

Music of the moment: Just another song i love.
Long Road To Ruin - Foo Fighters

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX

Thursday, 21 January 2016

I was wondering if after all these years you'd like to meet

Dear SL...

I have been really unwell once again in RL, So once again i say sorry to those who love what i do and those who support it.
I blog as much as my health allows at the moment and i hope that it only increases from now.
Thank you for hanging in there with me and while this will be short and sweet post, I hope you like it.

Blog look #210

Skin: Atomic - Winter_Sugar - Bare - (Gacha) - @Epiphany
Hair: +Spellbound+ - Kitten - @ROMP
Mouth: Atomic - Winter - Mesh Mouth  - Exclusive - (Only gotten with event points)- @Epiphany
Eyes: [Buzz] - Lillian Eyes - Sapphire

Outfit: -Pixicat- - Siren - (Only gotten with event points)- @Epiphany

Head Piece: +Spellbound+ - Kitten Harness - (Comes with hair) - @ROMP
Earrings: +Spellbound+ - Moon Magic Earrings - @Wayward Event
Necklace: +Spellbound+ - Crystal Choker - Dark - @Wayward Event
Shoes: CandyDoll - Maya - RARE - (Gacha) - @Epiphany

Pose: !bang - floor sits - 3
Cats: Birdy. - Shabby Cats - Tree - Dark - RARE - (Gacha) - @Epiphany
Birdy. - Shabby Cats - Cat Lady Shelf dark - Exclusive - (Only gotten with event points)- @Epiphany
Birdy. -  Shabby Cats - Luggage - Dark - (Gacha) - @Epiphany
Birdy. - Shabby Cats - Basket-o-Kitties - Dark - (Gacha) - @Epiphany
Birdy. - Shabby Cats - Poseables Pack - Stand -Black - (Gacha) - @Epiphany
Birdy. - Shabby Cats - Poseables Pack - Lay - Black - (Gacha) - @Epiphany
Birdy.  - Shabby Cats - Poseables Pack - Sit -Black - (Gacha) - @Epiphany
Birdy.  - Shabby Cats - Hug-A-Bear - Black - (Gacha) - @Epiphany
Birdy.  - Shabby Cats - Flower Pots - (Gacha) - @Epiphany
Birdy.  - Shabby Cats - Nomnom - (Gacha) - @Epiphany
Bed: ALTAIR* - cat bed - black - (Gacha) - @Epiphany
Toy: ALTAIR* - cat plushie - black - (Gacha) - @Epiphany
House: dust bunny - willow farmhouse

There is so much going on in the grid right now its hard to keep up and know where to spend your linden, Its so very exciting.

Epiphany opened its event kick starting 2016 with a bang, There are so many talented designers and so many well thought out items, Its hard to pick.
However the cats made by Birdy have really rocked my socks off and made me a cat lady for sure. There are so many cute ones, I had to have the whole collection!
They are so well executed in idea as well as texture and modelling as one would expect from this brand.
Also standing out at Epiphany for me was the to die for knee strap heeled wedges, They are colour change rare and honestly i do not give them enough credit in this picture. There is the cutest but yet slightly sexy element to these shoes and sealed with a Pretty bow at the back.
There is also Atomics pretty skin offering for her gacha and has some rare mouths, These really impressed me and I collected many.

I could keep going on about Epiphany items but I shall wait for the another post to do so and let you know of a few other items I found along the way at other events just opened.
Spellbound has been filling their event quota and the hair above with harness can be found at the new edition of Romp, It is colour change and makes for a naughty kitty or a sweet little pet hair.

It is no secret that I love the night sky especially anything to do with stars and moons, Spellbound has also came out with this precious crystal inspired set for Wayward event and can be gotten right now as you are reading this so hurry along to that. They are colour change and really add something to complete an outfit. Also I forgot to mention there is a lighter version available to for those who don't tend to succumb to the dark side easily.

Music of the moment: I know Adele is a bit over played but this song just works for me atm.
Adele - Hello

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX

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