Friday, 28 June 2013

Let your dreams flood in

Dear SL...

This is an outfit I have been wanting to post for a long time now.
Its one of the outfits, I put on and it was so striking I didn't want to take it off for days.

Blog look #37

Hair: TRUTH - Noemi - Browns - 02
Glasses: Solar Eyewear - Castor - (Colour hud and more)
Necklace: (Yummy) - Vintage Camera Charm Necklace - (Colour change bow) - (Old C88, Check store)
Cuff: (epoque.s) - Cage Cuff - Obsidian
Ring: MG - Rings - Singapore Daisy Flower - (Marketplace but check store)
Shirt: Emery - Mesh Top Delaware - Sage
Shorts: {mon tissu}- Hanalei Shorts - Black
Tights: Q - plain sheer tights - (Marketplace)
Shoes: Maitreya - Mesh Jazz Boots - Black

I seem to be on an Emery store kick of late.
I have loved this store for a long time and every so often they surprise me with something that I absolutely fall in love with, In this case it is this top.

Also featured in this post are the Jazz boots from Maitreya, These are my go to boots.
Very well made, As we have all came to expect from this designer and they are the best fitting boots I own.

Song of the day.
Sleep - Poets Of The Fall

Until Next Time
Shiny Bubble

I'm not that naïve

Dear SL...

RL is calling me away again, So I wont have as much time as usual.
However I will try to do some short and quick posts until I can find time to ramble on as normal.

Blog look #36

Hair: Wasabi Pills - Erika Mesh Hair - Chocolate
Headband: =FT - Rope Flower Headband - (Colour change upon click band and flower) - (Marketplace)
Necklace: MG - Necklace - Babette - Single Strand 6 - JET SILVER - (Part of a set)
Dress: Emery - Mesh Dress Samsa - (Burlap) - (2 or 3 colours variations of the one dress in purchase)
Tights: Izzie's - Tights dark beige - (Comes in colour pack)
Shoes: Color.Me.H.O.F - [YmreBoots - [Black]

This is just a look that kind of just fell together as I walked about some of my favourite stores.
It all started with finding this dress at Emery (Which has the best shape of mesh body to a dress I have seen), Than with a few bits and pieces from my inventory.
This was the end result and i must say even though its a little outside my usual look, I love it.
My SL sister even went as far as calling it "mature" look.

If you have never been to Emery and love old school, style looks from 80's and such.
This store is for you.
I personally love the 80's and I am an 80's kid.

Complete with leggings from Izzi's store and H.O.F's wedges, Its a fun loving look fit for the SL exploring the grid in style.

Just a song I happen to be listening to randomly as I were writting this post.
Super man (It's not easy) - Five For Fighting

Until Next Time
Shiny Bubble

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Just to self obsessed to see

Dear SL...

This is the last blog post covering the Under The Sea expo.
This however is not a mermaid.
That's right you heard me.
This is however a more human way of enjoying the sea and all it has to offer.

Hair: >TRUTH< - London w/Roots - mocha
Outfit: NDiver - Blue Wetsuit - @UTS
Tentacles: Curio Obscura - Friendly Tentacle from the Floor - ( Floor,Wall, Roof and port holes) - @UTS

I have never personally been scuba diving in RL but I would love to and doing it in SL only made me want to do it more.
Living in Australia, I have the great barrier reef.
This reef is said to be slowly dying out and within the next ten or so years will very diminished, Non-Existence.
So that is very much on my bucket list.
What's on your bucket list?

Ok ok I promise a more land loving blog posts and well back to my more darker shades of life.
With not much more to say about all of this, I will instead lead on to the music that lights my life and keeps me company while I am off in my blog posting world.
Song of the day is *Drum roll please*
Day By Name - Sounds Of Sirus

Until Next Time
Shiny Bubble

Desperate I have created a world

Dear SL...

I finally got my legs back, However I am now what I like to call a land mermaid.

Hair: Magika - Bliss - (Comes with colour hud)
Make-Up: cheLLe - (eyeshadow) Mermaid - (Purple) - @UTS
Nails: Izzie's - French Nails - (Comes with colour hud)
Necklace: HoR - Bring On the Dancing Horses necklace - amethyst/silver - @UTS
Ring: HoR - Bring On the Dancing Horses - silver - (Hunt Object) - @UTS
Outfit: *EC* - Lumina Nymph - Purple - @UTS
Feet: Slink - Avatar Enhancement Medium Feet - (These feet allow appliers for skins and nails)

Be quick if you wish to see this awesome Under The Sea Expo as it only has until 9pm Slt today until it closes. Taxi HERE just incase you didnt find the other links on this page.

This has to be one of my most favourite sea inspired outfits on the grid.
I must say Evie's Closet is one of the most unique fantasy creators within SL.
I always enjoy seeing the creations that come from the store and even more when I get to dress in one.
This outfit is a little dated but it is one of the rare ones that I would sacrifice mesh for.

Chelle's mermaid eye make-up just made things really pop for me and gave it that extra special touch.
This store is prmoted by GoGo from the Juicybomb Blog, If you haven't heard of this blog than you need to.
Link HERE.

This is the last of my mermaid inspired blog posts for now.
Although I have enjoyed being a mermaid of all types, I also love being on two legs again.
As always I will be leaving you with a song by one of my old favourite bands, Who unfortunately broke up.
Exology - Trail Kennedy

Until Next Time
Shiny Bubble

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

I fortunately know a bit of magic

Dear SL...

That is right there is more Under The Sea coverage from me today, There is just so many looks that can be created.
I didn't realise how many until I went to this expo, Just how much you can explore when it comes to dressing for the sea life.

Hair: Magika - Tomorrow
Cuff: HoR - Abyssal cuff - apatite/silver - @UTS
Necklace: HoR - Abyssal collar - apatite/silver - @UTS
Make-Up: [PF] - INK - LipGloss
Outfit: Curio Obscura - Steampunk Mermaid Overlapping Steampunk Complete - Black - @UTS

Now this look is another metal looking mermaid but I tend to think with how I have created this look either she is a punk rocker type or she is slightly evil.
Which ever way it is, I personally think this is one of my favourite looks.
Although she kinda remind me of Ursula from my little mermaid (Without the tentacles that is, If she was a mermaid this is how I would envision her), So maybe it is the evil option.
Or maybe just maybe she is miss understood.

I do believe that there is never anyone who is truly evil, We all do things for reasons.
I am not claiming that these reasons are right or just and I do believe there are evil acts in which people commit.
Maybe this is the case when it comes to Ursula and other "Evil" characters in movies.

In any case I will leave you with the song Ursula sings to Ariel in the movie.
Poor Unfortunate Souls - My Little Mermaid

Until Next Time
Shiny Bubble

What do I stand for

Dear SL...

I know I have been showing you a lot of sea related posts of late but as the expo is only on for a short amount of time I am wanting to show the items off in time for you to go over and get some for your very own.
This next post gives you a very different look into what it means to be a mermaid.

Hair: [taketomi] - Fujii - DBrown - 06
Head Leaves: -Glam Affair- - Slice of Paradise - Caramel - (Old Arcade Item,Try trade chat Arcade group)
Necklace: PIDIDDLE - My Special Treasures - Gold Glitter - (Old Arcade Item, But is at the store)
Ring: HoR - Bring On the Dancing Horses - gold - (Hunt object) - @UTS
Outfit: Curio Obscura - Steampunk Mermaid Articulated Tail Complete Rusty - @UTS

Botanical - Kelp Forest and Underwater Rocks Diorama

This is what they call a steam punk style mermaid and it really does change what you would expect from a traditional looking mermaid.
So if you are into the more industrial looking style or steam punk, There is a mermaid outfit out there for you. Curio has made your dream come true.
Allowing you to really become something that really stands out from all the mermaids out in the sea.
I just hope that Curio includes some oil as there may be some rust and seizing issues due to living in the sea.
Curio also has one of the best mermaid AO, I personally had a lot of fun with this.

AO: Easy Animation Override HUD with Mermaid Animations - @UTS

Today I am leaving you with a song by funs who has a strangely amazing voice.
Some Nights - Funs.

Until Next Time
Shiny Bubble

Monday, 24 June 2013

I gotta get my head straight

Dear SL...

This is another wet blog post.
With all the coverage I am doing for the Under The Sea expo, I am worried my blog will never dry out.
But I must admit its been so much fun making all the different mermaids.
This again is another bright mermaid moment and if this doesn't make you want to go out and trade your human legs for a tail, I am not sure what will.

Hair: Magika - Yesterday - (Comes with a colour hud)
Circlet: ~Soedara~ - Circlet of Sheba Silvery Seas
Ring: HoR - Bring On the Dancing Horses silver - (Hunt object) - @UTS
Outfit: =LunaSea= - Azure - (Has many options of fins and textured tops, Starfish, Shells, Dollars) - @UTS

Cat: KittyCatS! - Summer Splash - Swimmer Cat - (Couldnt find the link to main store) - @UTS
Log: FantaSea - Log On - (Hunt Prize) - @UTS
Grass: Aquatics - AQP Jaelen Patch - @UTS
Anemone: Cerridwen's Cauldron - Hydra Anemone Orange - 8 Tentacles - @UTS

Taxi to the Under The Sea expo is here and with only a few more days to go, You best hurry on over.

With all this sea loving, I have the weird want to create my next home under the water.
I have never had this want before.
But we will see.
And the cat by KittyCatS is just so cute, Not to mention a great swimming companion.

The LunaSea outfit is part texture and part mesh.
The tail is mesh which is amazing because it means when you turn your mermaid AO off for a pose, It doesn't split and make you look like you have a weird half tale thing.

I am not sure but for me personally I always see mermaids in my mind as these gorgeous long hair, Seductive almost goddess creatures.
However if you go back in the wise tale, History of how mermaids came about you will see up to two different stories.
The first one is how fishermen in the olden days use to be at sea for long amounts of time and as water and food grew short, They started seeing things.
And what seemed like these mythical creatures with tails and curvy were actually what we know now as manatees.
To read about this click this link.

The other story you will find is the idea that mermaids where actually nasty  half -women, Who were such amazingly beautiful women that they would entice sailors and fishermen to their deaths.
They would also sink ships and well of late sirens who were originally half bird like women become somewhat the same as mermaids.
Read about that here.

I find the history of things like this interesting to find out and well as this seems to be the theme of the blog posts of late it only seems fitting.

Keeping with the theme I am going to leave you with a song I really love.
If This Ship Sinks (I Give In) - Birds Of Tokyo

Until Next Time
Shiny Bubble

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Far away places

Dear SL...

Ok so this is the second of the many outfits I have made with items from the amazing Under The Sea expo.
But strangely enough it isn't the usual water endorsed post you would expect.
Have a look at the picture and you will figure out why.

Hair/Hat: [e] - Claim - Brown - 06 (Hat attached to hair)
Mouthie: Epi de Ble For Mouth - (Wheat) - (On Marketplace)
Shirt: :{MV}: - Mirage Kini Top - (Comes with bottoms not seen here) - @UTS
Shorts: (fd) - Scallop Shorts -  Black
Boots: [monso] - My Western Boots - (Comes with colour change hud)

Horses: Amaretto - Breedable Horse Starter Bundle - (4 Horses, 2 foods, 2 Salt licks) - @UTS
Hay: Amaretto - Brand Breedable Food - @UTS

Remebering important note that the Under The Sea Expo only runs June 20-26th, So HURRY!
Here is your TAXI.

Yes those are horses you see and no they are not sea horses.
Although my SL mum suggested putting snorkels on them to fit with the theme of the expo.
While I entertained this thought for a little while during the taking of the pictures of this post, I decided against it.
These horses are from Ameratto and are breed-able.
While I do not confess to follow the breed-able pet trend, These horses are cute and once old enough you can ride them.
I would recommend that if you like what you see, Start off with a starter pack it provides you with 3 female horses and a male, 2 weeks worth of food for them and some lick salt to help you.
They are not any kind of ocean dewelling horses or anything like that but they are apart of the expo.

The hair I have on is from E hair and last I went there, It had a closing down sale only on the news that later it will open again with all new hair.
Now this hair comes with the hat attached and with SL this is pretty much the only way I really like wearing hats.
It annoys me to no end when I buy a hat and than find it fits none of the hairs that I have. (And I have a lot of hairs)
Than I spend hours trying to find one to work, Modding and squishing hair.
So due to this unless it is amazing hat that is so cute I would die if I didn't have it, Its just to much bother.

As you can tell I am trying hard to catch up on my missed blogging days and there will be more where this comes from.
But for now I am leaving you with a song I cant stop listening to at this moment.
Inspired by my SL mum this band is new to me and well I cant help but thank her for it.
If you have a band to recommend you should feel free to leave a comment.
Cradled In Love - Poets Of The Fall

Until Next Time
Shiny Bubble

We got no troubles, Life is the bubbles

Dear SL...

Today I bring you something a little different.
When you think of me, Bright and colourful are not the first descriptive words.
However when I found out the Under The Sea event hit the gird a few days ago, I couldn't help but want to cover it.

So here is Shiny Bubble as you have never seen her before.

Hair: ::Exile:: - Aroha:Marone - (Sculptie hair but still one the best mermaid hairs, Shells attached)
Circlet: *Wishbox* - Purity Circlet - Silver - (Colour change stones)
Outfit: FantaSea - L'Attitude - (Fin options, Mermaid AO) - (Texture based/Great quality) @UTS

Taxi to the event  HERE.

Oh and before I forget to mention it, There is an awesome hunt going on at this event.

I have never had as little clothes on my av before this, But there is defiantly something serene about swimming along looking so shiny and famine.
Plus it is a great way to show off your amazing skin.
I have loved mermaids since I were young and always dreamed of being "Ariel the little mermaid".
As most girls do.
In SL it really does allow some of the impossible dreams to come true.
For me I found my inner mermaid but however still haven't met my pixel prince...Not to mention a singing crab.
If you love all things to do with the sea and animals, This is defiantly the event for you.
Not only does it have amazing items from some of the best designers in fantasy SL but the theme of the event is just amazing to see.
Walking around event sims is usually a chore, fighting lag and all manner of things just to get the items you can't live without.
However this event is one of the first that I have been to where it was a pleasure to be there, Taking in the breath taking work that went into the environment of the event.

In the next few days I will be bringing you many more looks and items I put together.
But for now I will leave you with one of the song in the Little mermaid, In hopes it will get you in the mood for splashing around.
Under The Sea - Little Mermaid

Until next time
Shiny Bubble

Friday, 21 June 2013

Girl, you've got to be what tomorrow needs

Dear SL...

Forgive me blog readers for I have sinned, It has been many days since my last blog post.
Unfortunately I was distracted by that nagging RL again and was unable to escape it until now.
This means I once again have lots of blog catching up to do.... yay!

Blog look #35

Hair: TRUTH - Lotus - Browns - 05
Ears: LaGyo - I LOVE YOU headpiece - (Old FLF but for sale in store)
Necklace: [MANDALA] - SHAMIRA DOG TAG necklace - Black
Nails: Izzie's - French Nails - (Many colours in hud control)
Make up: .Pekka. - Vintage - Dark red Lips w/ Cat eyeliner - (Many option combos in the pack)
Cigarette: dl:: - DirtyGirls Pipe - black cigaret - (On Marketplace)
Shirt: Jane - intrinsic tank - black - raven - (Textured plain shirt) - (Free!!!)
Pants/Boots: T. - Combat Trousers - (This includes the boots and are one item not separate)

This look was not really inspired by anything in particular, Just kind of came to me as I tried to figure out what wear.
I really love the visual effect impact it has, I could not help but stare at myself... That's right I enjoy watching my av.
After all its like a real living work of art that keeps changing and forming into something even more beautiful and the cycle continues.
To me SL is an amazing artist tool, In which you can master many different elements to express yourself.
What is SL to you and how do you see it?

Truth for me really made something special when they created and released the hair featured in this post, For me it was a perfect match.
I hardly ever take this hair off and It is so beautifully made, I find it hard to fault it in anyway.

Laygo has long been one of my favourite accessory stores on the grid and It continues to force my hand onto the buy button due to its truly gorgeous creations.

Tokugawa is an interesting store that offers a very different flavour of style that has a slight military/ Heavy industrial feel to it, But all items I have purchased have been of the highest quality and added that much needed character to my outfits.

The last thing I want to mention is the shirt I have on is only textured but I find even in the fast technology growing virtual world we live, There is still a need of the basics.
This is why I still wear, Promote haveing a range of plain textured underwear and shirts.

The song I have for this post is one that has been bugging my mind for days and sometimes although I like to give you songs that I can't live without, Sometimes just sometimes I like to know a song is also stuck in someone else's mind to.
So here is the "Wont get out of my head" song of the week.
Sing - My Chemical Romance

Until Next Time
Shiny Bubble

Saturday, 15 June 2013

I'm high on hope, I'm reeling

Dear SL...

This is my second instalment of SL event hoarding.
This time my post is a short one focusing on the ever popular Arcade gotcha event.

Pigs: Ohmai - !O: - Teacup Piglet - Gatcha - Sundae's Best/Teacher's Pet/Piggy Who?/Harry Porker - (Couldn't find store or info about said store)
Dice Game: *Second Spaces* - dice throw set - (Only on marketplace)
Albums: [Commoner] Photo Album -  Burn Book - RARE / Worth a Thousand Words
Dolly: The Secret Store - Rag Dolls Collection - Annie 3
Plant: [ARIA] - Oolong Teacup Planter  - Succulent Plant - Sunny
Tea: {af}- Lemon Tea
Shoes: : ) BCC - Emma Apple flat shoes denim B
Nail Polish/Files: -tb- - Vanity - Nail Polishes
Dog: ~silentsparrow~ - Corgi! - (Matt) - RARE

All items above ONLY at Arcade. TAXI HERE.
My outfit has been blogged before so check back for details.

This event I am sure like others I spend many lindens on the adorable things that come out.
Once I think I am finished with what I want from the event, All of a sudden I must have something else.

This event is solely a gotcha event, Which personally only makes it that much more addicting and easy to hoard.
It is held every March, June, September and December, This means just when you are recovering from the debt one round caused another starts.
Not that I am complaining, As this has to be one of (If not the) favourite event of SL.
At this point in time there is a few weeks left to snap up the amazing items in this round before they are gone, Some may be gone for good.
Oh and I must mention the Arcade group, This group is one of the most friendly and welcoming group I have had the pleasure of being apart of.
They help out a lot when someone is wanting something they didn't manage to get by tradeing, But keep in mind trades are the only thing allowed in this group and you must use common sense to trade safely.

Ok as RL is calling I promised myself this would be a little post...
With this in mind I will leave you with a song that is random stuck in my head.
Heart On Fire - Jonathan Clay

Until Next Time
Shiny Bubble

Thursday, 13 June 2013

I hope that you see right through my walls

Dear SL...

I am part way through showing you all that I am an event hoarder.
But I figured I will also blog the outfit used in the pictures.

Blog look # 34

Skin: Glam Affair - Lulu 07 DK - (Gotcha item) - @Arcade
Freckles: Blank Static - Freckle set - f1 - (On Marketplace)
Hair: [taketomi] - Fujii - DBrown06
Ring: Shakeup! - Fabric-Flower Ring - [Stars] - (Gotcha item) - @Arcade
Tattoo: .:Boss Tattoo:. - Sweet Sacrifice - [Fresh] - (Comes in Fresh, Faded , Worn) @Mens Dept
Shirt: coldLogic - shirt - jacobs - midnight 
Jeans: Maitreya - Zipper-Skinny Jeans - #2
Feet: Slink - Bare feet - (Now has enhanced features for better skin matching and toenail options)

Also linking here is a alternate Arcade spot where you are off sim and can cam in to buy items.

This outfit is perfect for just causally sitting about and sorting through the piles of new things brought at the various events throughout the grid.
And its warm enough that if you get stuck in your inventory, You may just survive.

However lets speak of the new and exciting.
Taketomi has a amazing new hair called Fujii, I love this hair store because it is so different and has that slightly Japanese feel to them. 
This hair stood out to me from the new releases because of the thick bangs, They made it a "Must Have" for me.

Coldlogic has a top called Jacob which I instantly fell in love with and just made me feel comfortable when looking at it. 
If people can remember when mesh was new to the grid this store was one of the first in my option to really make it work and they continue to do so.

That is it for now, But if you have a request of what you would like to see me try on my blog let me know in my comments or if you have any questions.

Today's song is below, But also feel free to recommend music you like, I love finding new bands.
Arms - Christina Perri

Until Next Time
Shiny Bubble


It's a sick game

Dear SL...

I have decided to do a few posts on SL hoarding in regards to SL events, Because I like many of you have a problem and don't like to admit it.
However my inventory states other wise.

Gloves: DECO - MESH Gentleman's Gloves
Hat: [The Blink] - The Gambler - (Couldn't find a link to inworld store)
Chair/Table1: [kusshon] - "minimal" swinger set pattern
Table2: .lame - Cal's Table - Blue - (Comes with chair as well but not pic above)
Cabinet/Wine Rack/ Painting: MudHoney - Bar Credenza - (This includes separate glasses/wine bottles.)
Signs: floorplan - plank map - (Buster/DarkWood/Plywood/Buffalo)
Box:  MudHoney - (Its actually their packaging, But I loved it for decor)
Rack: *bbqq* - Trolley-A-black - (Comes in Silver/Black/Gold and Copper)
Books: :CP: & CT - Catesby Pose Stand - (Old Gift, Check store)
Machine: 22769 - [bauwerk] - Vintage Soda Machine

All the items above are currently at the Men's Dept. Taxi Here.

This post is focusing on the Mens Dept event in particular.
I personally just can not help myself when it comes to events in Secondlife, There are so many and I must have everything from all of them.
Even if I go and just find a few things at each, My inventory explodes.
But at the same time I love it, This shows one or two things about me.
Either it shows how I have no self control when I see things I like at events or it shows just how amazing designers are.
I think its a little of both.
As I say to my mum in RL its not collecting if you collect everything.
So yes I confess here, I am an SL hoarder but I wont admit it if you ask me when I am at an event.
*Sticks tounge out*
On that note I will see you at an event soon I am sure.

This is the song of the day.
Sorry I have been in a Birds Of Tokyo mood of late, So this means you will be getting to know many of their songs.
Which in my opinon is not a bad thing.
The Dark Side Of Love - Birds Of Tokyo

Until Next Time
- Shiny Bubble

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Change the voices, In your head

Dear SL...

So many exciting events and things happening in SL at the moment, It is hard to keep up.
But I am doing my best to check as many out as I can.
I am bring you a look that is inspired and created by the events I have managed to see.

Blog look #33

Skin: Glam Affair - Lulu - 07 - BR - (Gotcha item) - @Arcade
Hair: TRUTH - Candy - Browns - 03 - (Now includes fades in packs)
Bracelet: *League* - Wanderer Bracelet -Wrist (4 Strands)
Tattoo: .:Boss Tattoo:. - Sweet Sacrifice - [Fresh] - (Includes Fresh, Faded, Worn) - @Mens Dept
Shirt: (fd) - Crew Crop - White - @C88
Overalls: (fd) - Overalls - Faded - @C88
Shoes: Tee*fy - Chloe Slouchy Booties - Chocolate - (Old C88 item, Check store)

The two events that helped this look come together were the Arcade and C88.
Both these events are amazing and really show case what mind blowing talent there is to be discovered across the SL grid.

I know I usually write more but today I think I will leave it at this.
Now leaving you with a song that means a lot to me and the video clip is heart wrenching.
Perfect - P!nk

Until Next Time
Shiny Bubble

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Say My Name

Dear SL...

Today I have some bits and pieces for you.
And as it is 6 Am in the morning I also have very little brain function, So on that note I shall get right to it.

Hair: TRUTH - Noemi - Browns - 02 - (Fades included in new packs)
Goggles: >T< - Hacker Goggles - (Has glow or no glow when clicked)
Earrings: (Caroline's) - Black Pearl Earring - (Marketplace)
Nails: Izzie's - French Nails - (Hud controlled colour range.)
Tattoos: .:Boss:. - Sweet Sacrifice - [Fresh] - (Comes in Fresh, Worn, Faded) - @Mens Dept
Dress: Tee*fy - Aurelia Summer - High  Low Dress - Black - (Trade in group chat/ Gotcha) - @Arcade
Boots: TonkTastic - Resistance Boots

And it seems although my intention was to do a quick blog post this morning lovely SL distractions have stopped me from doing so.
However I will have to ignore them for a while to finish this.
*Shoos the distractions away for a little*

Be WARNED: Post contains things from the highly addictive Arcade which is a event made of gotcha machines and will make you spend all your hard earned L, Even when you think you have got what you want or don't want many things.
Its also has a LM to a off shore boat where you can cam in to buy your must haves. TAXI HERE.

Ok so featured here is Tee*fy with their dress from arcade. It is well done and a cute dress but be careful of the side view of the boobs where it shows a little much where the alpha does not quiet cover.

Truth is another hero in this outfit, The hair i have on was orginally at an event but that has since finished and it is now at the store.
This has fast become my favourite go to pigtail style hair.

This is all I have time to mention for now, I will leave you with another song I have randomly in my head.
Wild Eyed Boy - Birds Of Toyko

Friday, 7 June 2013

I come home in the morning light

Dear SL...

I have a few exciting new things to show you, If you don't know by now on the 5th of every month The Men's Dept opens its doors on a new round of amazing items.
In this post today, I am here to share some of them that I found to be on my must have list.

Blog look #31

Hair: Magika - 01 - Bliss
Necklace: etham - Royal Cross Necklace - [Silver/Black] - #3 - (Many options) - @Men's Dept
Tattoo: .:Boss Tattoo:. - Tears Of The Dragon - [Fresh] - (3 options: Fresh, Faded, Worn.) - @Men's Dept
Shirt: .:villena:. - Denim shirt - w/studs - Classic - (Read below of features) - @Men's Dept
Shoes: Tabloid - REBOUND boots - Blue - (Read below for details) - @Men's Dept

I am sorry to all those who read and follow my blog, It has not been updated for a little while due to RL once again.
But I will however catch up as much as I can when ever this happens.

Designers in the Men's Dept are of such a great level of talent and the items they produce are very high quality.
Designers featured in this post include...
Villena - They continue to be one of my faverite go to stores and the shirt featured here are unisex, It has a nice shape with an option of Hud change metal buttons or even no buttons.

Taloid - is a newer brand to me, However it is proving itself to be very exciting by the shoes produced for the Men's Dept. These come with different versions of sole colours.

Boss - This store has such delicate tattoos, Perfect for all those girls who like a bit of ink and still manly enough for guys as well. This designer really knows how to walk the fine line and personally I have not seen such nice tattoos in SL grid for a while.

Also in this post is the beautiful new hair from Magika which is at a low price for the moment, So if this hair is your tastes hurry on over.

Ok all I am leaving you with a old school song, Inspired by my RL mother and her want to go see this singer live in concert later this year.
Girls Just Want To Have Fun - Cyndi Lauper

Until Next Time
<3 Shiny Bubble


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