Friday, 21 June 2013

Girl, you've got to be what tomorrow needs

Dear SL...

Forgive me blog readers for I have sinned, It has been many days since my last blog post.
Unfortunately I was distracted by that nagging RL again and was unable to escape it until now.
This means I once again have lots of blog catching up to do.... yay!

Blog look #35

Hair: TRUTH - Lotus - Browns - 05
Ears: LaGyo - I LOVE YOU headpiece - (Old FLF but for sale in store)
Necklace: [MANDALA] - SHAMIRA DOG TAG necklace - Black
Nails: Izzie's - French Nails - (Many colours in hud control)
Make up: .Pekka. - Vintage - Dark red Lips w/ Cat eyeliner - (Many option combos in the pack)
Cigarette: dl:: - DirtyGirls Pipe - black cigaret - (On Marketplace)
Shirt: Jane - intrinsic tank - black - raven - (Textured plain shirt) - (Free!!!)
Pants/Boots: T. - Combat Trousers - (This includes the boots and are one item not separate)

This look was not really inspired by anything in particular, Just kind of came to me as I tried to figure out what wear.
I really love the visual effect impact it has, I could not help but stare at myself... That's right I enjoy watching my av.
After all its like a real living work of art that keeps changing and forming into something even more beautiful and the cycle continues.
To me SL is an amazing artist tool, In which you can master many different elements to express yourself.
What is SL to you and how do you see it?

Truth for me really made something special when they created and released the hair featured in this post, For me it was a perfect match.
I hardly ever take this hair off and It is so beautifully made, I find it hard to fault it in anyway.

Laygo has long been one of my favourite accessory stores on the grid and It continues to force my hand onto the buy button due to its truly gorgeous creations.

Tokugawa is an interesting store that offers a very different flavour of style that has a slight military/ Heavy industrial feel to it, But all items I have purchased have been of the highest quality and added that much needed character to my outfits.

The last thing I want to mention is the shirt I have on is only textured but I find even in the fast technology growing virtual world we live, There is still a need of the basics.
This is why I still wear, Promote haveing a range of plain textured underwear and shirts.

The song I have for this post is one that has been bugging my mind for days and sometimes although I like to give you songs that I can't live without, Sometimes just sometimes I like to know a song is also stuck in someone else's mind to.
So here is the "Wont get out of my head" song of the week.
Sing - My Chemical Romance

Until Next Time
Shiny Bubble

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