Sunday, 23 June 2013

Far away places

Dear SL...

Ok so this is the second of the many outfits I have made with items from the amazing Under The Sea expo.
But strangely enough it isn't the usual water endorsed post you would expect.
Have a look at the picture and you will figure out why.

Hair/Hat: [e] - Claim - Brown - 06 (Hat attached to hair)
Mouthie: Epi de Ble For Mouth - (Wheat) - (On Marketplace)
Shirt: :{MV}: - Mirage Kini Top - (Comes with bottoms not seen here) - @UTS
Shorts: (fd) - Scallop Shorts -  Black
Boots: [monso] - My Western Boots - (Comes with colour change hud)

Horses: Amaretto - Breedable Horse Starter Bundle - (4 Horses, 2 foods, 2 Salt licks) - @UTS
Hay: Amaretto - Brand Breedable Food - @UTS

Remebering important note that the Under The Sea Expo only runs June 20-26th, So HURRY!
Here is your TAXI.

Yes those are horses you see and no they are not sea horses.
Although my SL mum suggested putting snorkels on them to fit with the theme of the expo.
While I entertained this thought for a little while during the taking of the pictures of this post, I decided against it.
These horses are from Ameratto and are breed-able.
While I do not confess to follow the breed-able pet trend, These horses are cute and once old enough you can ride them.
I would recommend that if you like what you see, Start off with a starter pack it provides you with 3 female horses and a male, 2 weeks worth of food for them and some lick salt to help you.
They are not any kind of ocean dewelling horses or anything like that but they are apart of the expo.

The hair I have on is from E hair and last I went there, It had a closing down sale only on the news that later it will open again with all new hair.
Now this hair comes with the hat attached and with SL this is pretty much the only way I really like wearing hats.
It annoys me to no end when I buy a hat and than find it fits none of the hairs that I have. (And I have a lot of hairs)
Than I spend hours trying to find one to work, Modding and squishing hair.
So due to this unless it is amazing hat that is so cute I would die if I didn't have it, Its just to much bother.

As you can tell I am trying hard to catch up on my missed blogging days and there will be more where this comes from.
But for now I am leaving you with a song I cant stop listening to at this moment.
Inspired by my SL mum this band is new to me and well I cant help but thank her for it.
If you have a band to recommend you should feel free to leave a comment.
Cradled In Love - Poets Of The Fall

Until Next Time
Shiny Bubble

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