Monday, 24 June 2013

I gotta get my head straight

Dear SL...

This is another wet blog post.
With all the coverage I am doing for the Under The Sea expo, I am worried my blog will never dry out.
But I must admit its been so much fun making all the different mermaids.
This again is another bright mermaid moment and if this doesn't make you want to go out and trade your human legs for a tail, I am not sure what will.

Hair: Magika - Yesterday - (Comes with a colour hud)
Circlet: ~Soedara~ - Circlet of Sheba Silvery Seas
Ring: HoR - Bring On the Dancing Horses silver - (Hunt object) - @UTS
Outfit: =LunaSea= - Azure - (Has many options of fins and textured tops, Starfish, Shells, Dollars) - @UTS

Cat: KittyCatS! - Summer Splash - Swimmer Cat - (Couldnt find the link to main store) - @UTS
Log: FantaSea - Log On - (Hunt Prize) - @UTS
Grass: Aquatics - AQP Jaelen Patch - @UTS
Anemone: Cerridwen's Cauldron - Hydra Anemone Orange - 8 Tentacles - @UTS

Taxi to the Under The Sea expo is here and with only a few more days to go, You best hurry on over.

With all this sea loving, I have the weird want to create my next home under the water.
I have never had this want before.
But we will see.
And the cat by KittyCatS is just so cute, Not to mention a great swimming companion.

The LunaSea outfit is part texture and part mesh.
The tail is mesh which is amazing because it means when you turn your mermaid AO off for a pose, It doesn't split and make you look like you have a weird half tale thing.

I am not sure but for me personally I always see mermaids in my mind as these gorgeous long hair, Seductive almost goddess creatures.
However if you go back in the wise tale, History of how mermaids came about you will see up to two different stories.
The first one is how fishermen in the olden days use to be at sea for long amounts of time and as water and food grew short, They started seeing things.
And what seemed like these mythical creatures with tails and curvy were actually what we know now as manatees.
To read about this click this link.

The other story you will find is the idea that mermaids where actually nasty  half -women, Who were such amazingly beautiful women that they would entice sailors and fishermen to their deaths.
They would also sink ships and well of late sirens who were originally half bird like women become somewhat the same as mermaids.
Read about that here.

I find the history of things like this interesting to find out and well as this seems to be the theme of the blog posts of late it only seems fitting.

Keeping with the theme I am going to leave you with a song I really love.
If This Ship Sinks (I Give In) - Birds Of Tokyo

Until Next Time
Shiny Bubble

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