Tuesday, 25 June 2013

I fortunately know a bit of magic

Dear SL...

That is right there is more Under The Sea coverage from me today, There is just so many looks that can be created.
I didn't realise how many until I went to this expo, Just how much you can explore when it comes to dressing for the sea life.

Hair: Magika - Tomorrow
Cuff: HoR - Abyssal cuff - apatite/silver - @UTS
Necklace: HoR - Abyssal collar - apatite/silver - @UTS
Make-Up: [PF] - INK - LipGloss
Outfit: Curio Obscura - Steampunk Mermaid Overlapping Steampunk Complete - Black - @UTS

Now this look is another metal looking mermaid but I tend to think with how I have created this look either she is a punk rocker type or she is slightly evil.
Which ever way it is, I personally think this is one of my favourite looks.
Although she kinda remind me of Ursula from my little mermaid (Without the tentacles that is, If she was a mermaid this is how I would envision her), So maybe it is the evil option.
Or maybe just maybe she is miss understood.

I do believe that there is never anyone who is truly evil, We all do things for reasons.
I am not claiming that these reasons are right or just and I do believe there are evil acts in which people commit.
Maybe this is the case when it comes to Ursula and other "Evil" characters in movies.

In any case I will leave you with the song Ursula sings to Ariel in the movie.
Poor Unfortunate Souls - My Little Mermaid

Until Next Time
Shiny Bubble

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