Saturday, 15 June 2013

I'm high on hope, I'm reeling

Dear SL...

This is my second instalment of SL event hoarding.
This time my post is a short one focusing on the ever popular Arcade gotcha event.

Pigs: Ohmai - !O: - Teacup Piglet - Gatcha - Sundae's Best/Teacher's Pet/Piggy Who?/Harry Porker - (Couldn't find store or info about said store)
Dice Game: *Second Spaces* - dice throw set - (Only on marketplace)
Albums: [Commoner] Photo Album -  Burn Book - RARE / Worth a Thousand Words
Dolly: The Secret Store - Rag Dolls Collection - Annie 3
Plant: [ARIA] - Oolong Teacup Planter  - Succulent Plant - Sunny
Tea: {af}- Lemon Tea
Shoes: : ) BCC - Emma Apple flat shoes denim B
Nail Polish/Files: -tb- - Vanity - Nail Polishes
Dog: ~silentsparrow~ - Corgi! - (Matt) - RARE

All items above ONLY at Arcade. TAXI HERE.
My outfit has been blogged before so check back for details.

This event I am sure like others I spend many lindens on the adorable things that come out.
Once I think I am finished with what I want from the event, All of a sudden I must have something else.

This event is solely a gotcha event, Which personally only makes it that much more addicting and easy to hoard.
It is held every March, June, September and December, This means just when you are recovering from the debt one round caused another starts.
Not that I am complaining, As this has to be one of (If not the) favourite event of SL.
At this point in time there is a few weeks left to snap up the amazing items in this round before they are gone, Some may be gone for good.
Oh and I must mention the Arcade group, This group is one of the most friendly and welcoming group I have had the pleasure of being apart of.
They help out a lot when someone is wanting something they didn't manage to get by tradeing, But keep in mind trades are the only thing allowed in this group and you must use common sense to trade safely.

Ok as RL is calling I promised myself this would be a little post...
With this in mind I will leave you with a song that is random stuck in my head.
Heart On Fire - Jonathan Clay

Until Next Time
Shiny Bubble

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