Thursday, 13 June 2013

It's a sick game

Dear SL...

I have decided to do a few posts on SL hoarding in regards to SL events, Because I like many of you have a problem and don't like to admit it.
However my inventory states other wise.

Gloves: DECO - MESH Gentleman's Gloves
Hat: [The Blink] - The Gambler - (Couldn't find a link to inworld store)
Chair/Table1: [kusshon] - "minimal" swinger set pattern
Table2: .lame - Cal's Table - Blue - (Comes with chair as well but not pic above)
Cabinet/Wine Rack/ Painting: MudHoney - Bar Credenza - (This includes separate glasses/wine bottles.)
Signs: floorplan - plank map - (Buster/DarkWood/Plywood/Buffalo)
Box:  MudHoney - (Its actually their packaging, But I loved it for decor)
Rack: *bbqq* - Trolley-A-black - (Comes in Silver/Black/Gold and Copper)
Books: :CP: & CT - Catesby Pose Stand - (Old Gift, Check store)
Machine: 22769 - [bauwerk] - Vintage Soda Machine

All the items above are currently at the Men's Dept. Taxi Here.

This post is focusing on the Mens Dept event in particular.
I personally just can not help myself when it comes to events in Secondlife, There are so many and I must have everything from all of them.
Even if I go and just find a few things at each, My inventory explodes.
But at the same time I love it, This shows one or two things about me.
Either it shows how I have no self control when I see things I like at events or it shows just how amazing designers are.
I think its a little of both.
As I say to my mum in RL its not collecting if you collect everything.
So yes I confess here, I am an SL hoarder but I wont admit it if you ask me when I am at an event.
*Sticks tounge out*
On that note I will see you at an event soon I am sure.

This is the song of the day.
Sorry I have been in a Birds Of Tokyo mood of late, So this means you will be getting to know many of their songs.
Which in my opinon is not a bad thing.
The Dark Side Of Love - Birds Of Tokyo

Until Next Time
- Shiny Bubble

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  1. LOL taking after your SL mum rather than the RL one there! Hoarding takes on its own art form in SL... in RL we'd all be unable to move with the amount of stuff we stash away LOL!



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