Friday, 25 November 2016

With a sense of poise and rationality

Dear SL...

This is going to be my quickest blog post ever, I am so tired. I have been working on this post and trying to get it out before my real life commitments take over.
So i will get right to it...

Blog look #298

Skin: Insol
Hair: Taketomi - Vanessa
Mesh Head: CATWA - HEAD
Ears: ^^Swallow^^ - Pyramid Ear 

Top: TETRA - Ruffle Crop Top - @Uber
Skirt: TETRA - Pencil Skirt - @Uber

Nose Ring: .ARISE. - Nose Ring - Gold
Nose Stud: Amala - The Lover Nose Stud
Purse/Tablet: -tres blah- - Golden Cage - Tablet - (Gacha)
Shoes: Essenz - Quito - (Gacha) - @TGG

Pose: Glamrus . - Sweetie - 02
Pet: JIAN - PeeWee Puffs - (Gacha) - @TGG
Plants: Soy. - Shitamachi Alley Garden - (Gacha)
Plant Sink: Soy. -  Old hand wash bowl stand
Curtians: +Half-Deer+ - Soiree Curtains - Pink Gold Dots - Tied
Sign: NACH - Be.You.tiful Wall Decor - (Gacha) - @TGG
Build: RAMA - #selfie_RAMA Apartment Elevator - RARE - (Gacha) - @TGG

So much to rave about but so little time. I will just mention that the Gacha Garden is coming to a close in a few days and there are just so much more to collect.
I hope you have enjoyed my coverage of this event and got everything you were hopeing for. There is still a little time to collect items like the cutest little Jian puppies and beautiful strappy heels from Ezzence.

I also stopped by Uber, I just love everything the Tetra designers put out on the grid. I had to get the fatpack of all the skirts and tops. The fatpack has the exculsive flamingo texture and OMG i am so in love with it. Bew sure to pop on over and check it all out.

I know this chat about the great items in this post is sooo short and sweet but i really need a little beauty sleep other wise who knows what would happen. 

Music of the moment: Haven't heard this band in years but this song still gets stuck in my head!
I Write Sins Not Tragedies - Panic! At The Disco

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX

Thursday, 24 November 2016

You were the shadow to my light

Dear SL...

Ever so slowly catching up but its the getting there that counts right?
In any case its that time of year where dressing up in cozy clothes and snuggle in with your faveorite things.
Mine include a over sized sweater, Hot chocolate and a good book!

Blog look #297

Skin: Pumec
Hair: *Besom - Bae - (Gacha)
Eyes: Atelier Pepe - Eyes - Dark Blue - (Gacha) - @TGG
Mesh Head: CATWA - HEAD
Ears: ^^Swallow^^ - Pyramid Ear 

Sweater: Day Dreamer - Word Cloud Sweater - (Gacha) - @TGG
Leggings: Day Dreamer  - Lazy Day Pants Applier - (Black) - (Gacha) - @TGG

Nose Ring: .ARISE. - Nose Ring - Gold
Nose Stud: Amala - The Lover Nose Stud
Bracelet: Day Dreamer - Diamond Heart Bracelet (Gold) - (Gacha) - @TGG

Pose: Glamrus . - Ria - 08
Pet: (fd) - Cat - 11 Sitting - (Gacha)
Plants: *YS&YS* - Iron&Wood - 16 - Cute Plant - (Gacha) - @TGG
Hot Chocolate: -tres blah- - Cozy Winter - Cozy Cocoa - (Gacha)
Box Of Books: 22769 - [bauwerk] Cardboard Box with Books - (Gacha) - @TGG
Pile Of Books: 22769 - [bauwerk] Pile of Books - (Gacha) - @TGG
Bowl/Books: DRD - 14 - LN Bedside decor (books and vases)
Bowl Of Wool/Vases/Table: DRD - Timberland Table - @Shiny Shabby
Bed: DRD - Timberland Bed - PG - @Shiny Shabby
Lights: [ keke ] - shimmer string
Bookcase: DRD - 17 - LN bookshelf - (Gacha)
Build: Scarlet Creative - Mockingbird Nook 2

There is something magical about this time of the year, I really wish i lived somewhere where it snowed for a little.
But thats the beauty of Secondlife, although we have summer in xmas but I can still have my white xmas!
The grid has started to come out with some cute cozy clothes and i found some at The Gacha Garden.
The set by Day Dreamer is just so nice. I love the textureing on them and it was perfect for the look i was going for.
I also got some new eyes at the event too, Atelier Pepe produced the prettiest light eye set. While i mostly always go back to my brown eyes, These have had me in the blue eye phase for days now.
I also blogged the 22769 and YS&YS decore items, Each so goregously done.

I made an appointment with the Besom hair store today and got some cute new wig style for the cozy day in. I love the overall shape of this hair and I love this tone with my skin. There are so many options for textures and it is very unique to this brand.

With all that said I am so tired and i am going to really go snuggle up in real life with my outlander book. <3 

Music of the moment: I just really like this song.
Faded - Alan Walker

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX

Monday, 21 November 2016

We're strangers in different places

Dear SL...

I am so sorry guys, As much as i would love to ramble on it would make less sense than usual. I am very tired and trying my best to get this blog done before i hit my bed.
Short and Sweet is just my style and pretty much sums up this blog post.

Blog look #296

Skin: Pumec
Hair: little bones - Elle - @Uber
Eyes: [Buzz] - Glacier Eyes - Pitch - (Gacha) - (Past event item)
Mesh Head: CATWA - HEAD
Ears: ^^Swallow^^ - Pyramid Ear 

Underwear: Milk Tea - Lottie - White Floral - RARE 1 - (Gacha) - @TGG

Nose Ring: .ARISE. - Nose Ring - Gold
Nose Stud: Amala - The Lover Nose Stud
Necklace: [atooly] - gretchen adore necklaces - sweetheart. - (Gacha) - @TGG
Mask: *AvaWay* - Carnival Mask - #12_CAT RARE - (Gacha) - @TGG
Stockings: [ abrasive ] - Kitten Knit Legwarmers - (Gacha) - @TGG

Pose: Glamrus . - Mau - 02 - @Kawaii Project
Pets: +Half-Deer+ - Secret Garden Bunny - Latte
Roses: [ keke ] - wild roses
Lemonade Stand: -tres blah- Soiree - Lemonade - RARE - (Gacha) - (Past Arcade Event Item)
Hanging Pom Poms: -tres blah- - Soiree - Pom Poms - (Gacha) - (Past Arcade Event Item)
Table: -tres blah- - Soiree - Soiree Table - (Gacha) - (Past Arcade Event Item)
Chairs: tarte. - garden dining chair - (ivory) - (Gacha) - (Past Arcade Event Item)
Teacup: AF - Teacup Rose - (Gacha)
Rose Vase: erratic - aea - 07 - english roses - (Gacha)
Donuts: -tres blah- - Soiree - Donuts - (Gacha) - (Past Arcade Event Item)
Balloons: -tres blah- - Soiree - Pastel Balloons - (Gacha) - (Past Arcade Event Item)
-tres blah- - Soiree - Heart Balloon - (Gacha) - (Past Arcade Event Item)
Curtian Backdrop: -tres blah- - Soiree - Curtain Backdrop - (Gacha) - (Past Arcade Event Item)
Rose Backdrop: anc - "secret garden" ROSE - {poet/bouquet}
Grass: +Half-Deer+ - Grass Rug - Light Green - Rectangle

Cuteness over load and its all because of the event known as The Gacha Garden, I started off not really knowing where to start with this blog. So many great items and so little time to blog it all. Thats when it struck me and the inspiration just flowed.
I started with the ever so cute, sexy underwear from Milk Tea. Although these are just appliers for the mesh body they are so adorable and would be great for layering under clothes as well.
I added in the leg warmers, As the seed of inspiration from Abrasive....I love these. It comes with a hud that allowed some custom choices.
Atooly made the cutest little heart necklace, it is simple and works to add just that little bit of sweetness to any look.
Last but not least from the many items at this event, is the Avaway's Mask, I love this so much! It is so beautiful. It also comes with a hud and even a simple headband. You really need to see this in world to realise just how striking it is.
For more information please check out the Gacha Garden website HERE for more information.

I did also want to mention this hair by little bones found at the (for now current) round of Uber, It is one my go to hairs and i think it will remain that way for a long time to come. As we all know i am a sucker for the long flowing hairs and the added bonus of the animated styel change hud is just amazing.

Now its time for all you lovelies to come join me in my very under dressed tea party.

Music of the moment: A beautiful sad song...
Love's To Blame - Joel & Jake

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX

Sunday, 20 November 2016

We're running in circles again

Dear SL...

As promised i will be catching up as much as possible, In the spirit of this i am going to keep this part short/Sweet.
Sometimes the most simple things makes this girl the happiest, Some of those things include a pencil and some paper.

Blog look #295

Skin: Glam Affair - Milu Applier ( Catwa / Bibi ) - America - 01 - (Gacha) - @TGG
Hair: *Besom - Miss Use - @11:11
Eyes: [Buzz] - Glacier Eyes - Pitch - (Gacha) - (Past event item)
Mesh Head: CATWA - HEAD

Jacket: Blueberry - Tiffany Jackets
Skirt: Blueberry - Tiffany Skirts

Nose Ring: .ARISE. - Nose Ring - Gold
Nose Stud: Amala - The Lover Nose Stud
Necklace: SECRETS - 11 - Union Rings - Necklace - RARE - (Gacha) - @TGG
Rings: SECRETS - 03 - Union Rings - Fox - (Gacha) - @TGG
SECRETS - 04 - Union Rings - Gold Diamond - (Gacha) - @TGG
SECRETS - 06 - Union Rings - Ribbon - (Gacha) - @TGG
SECRETS - 08 - Union Rings - Simple Heart - (Gacha) - @TGG
Shoes: Reign - Catty Boots

Pose: .KMA. - Sitting Pretty 2 - (Marketplace)
Pets: -Pixicat- - Bastet.Sphynx - (Sit) - (Gacha) - (Past Arcade item)
-Pixicat- - Bastet.Sphynx - (Laying Down) - (Gacha) - (Past Arcade item)
Phone: Comic Dust - Cell Phone
Cigs/Matches/Ashtray: 8f8 - 42 - La Petite Joie Cafe - Cigarettes - SECRET - (Gacha) - (Past Arcade item)
Paper Stack: * SORGO  - N* PaperStack - RARE - (Gacha) - (Past Arcade item)
Paper Balls: * SORGO - N* PaperBalls - (Gacha) - (Past Arcade item)
Drink: [Fetch] - Sippy Sippy Cup - Designer Bags - (Gacha) - @TGG
Fence: 8f8  - 06 - La Petite Joie Cafe - Fence - (Gacha) - (Past Arcade item)
Photo Background: RAMA - #selfie_RAMA - Southwark Area - (Gacha) - @TGG 

The Gacha Garden opened its doors on its Novemeber round and to say the least there are so many things that are must haves.
Glam Affair skins released at the event are to die for, I love the detail in the eyebrow and the over all look. Although the skin is made for Bibi, It can be used on others and i have pictured it here in my faveorite tone America.
I love it when i find new stores that impress me and Secret is one of those stores, They released these really cute rings as well as this necklace which combines some of the symbols.
There are a few other items listed above from the event and its well worth checking out. I am listing the website HERE for more information.

Besom released this goregous long flowing style hair for the 11:11 event, and it truely is so well meshed. I personally love these type styles the best.

Blueberry released a new set in her mainstore, A nice jacket with a skirt that fits beneath. The jacket itself comes with a hud that allows you to wear it with or without the undershirt. And i also want to mention that it comes with a amazing deetaled necklace (not pictured above) However it can be worn alone, So chances are i will feature it in another post in the near future. If you havent already, Head over to the Blueberry mainstore to try on a demo yourself.

Reign as always brings out so many adorable shoes and its sometimes hard to keep up with only two pixel feet to wear them on. However i will try my best.
The heels released with the Glam Claws outfit set are outstanding, They come in a few different styles and one of those is the ankle heels. They are so beautiful.

Music of the moment: A song i came across.
In Too Deep - Ashes Remain

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX

Friday, 18 November 2016

I'm not just one of your many toys

Dear SL...

Sometimes the mood strikes when hanging out with the people who inspire you the most.
Captureing a prescious moment in time, A time shared with one whom i love.

Blog look #294

Skin: Isol
Hair: Taketomi - Natalie
Eyes: [Buzz] - Glacier Eyes - Pitch - (Gacha) - (Past event item)
Mesh Head: CATWA - HEAD

Dress: Blueberry - Cory - @C88

Nose Ring: .ARISE. - Nose Ring - Gold
Nose Stud: Amala - The Lover Nose Stud
Headband: Zenith - Tulips bloom - Corolla - (Modded)
Shoes: Reign - Lara - @C88

Pose: Glamrus - Votre Pour Toujours
Pets: +Half-Deer+ - Fallow Deer - Fawn - Rest - (Gacha)
+Half-Deer+ - Sleeping Deer Fawn - Chocolate
+Half-Deer+ - Quiet Deer Fawn - Chocolate
Book: Random Matter - Book of Sorrows - (Deco(C)rate Box)
Leafs/Trees: KeKe - still falling rowan arch - (Deco(C)rate Box)
Grass: Little Branches - WildGrass - {Autumn}
Wall: Apple Fall - Kent Wall Set
Build: 8F8 - No Place of Ours - Autumnal - (Deco(C)rate Box)

Taketomi has broken through with a new hud system that allows us to customize between a few hair styles in just one click. I personally love this system and it makes it so versitile for different outfits without the hassle of trying to find something else. This new hair style is just so pretty with curls and the option for extension lenth.

Collabor88 is always something that i look forward to every month, It never disapoints.
Blueberry is one of the designers that really impress me each round. The Cory dress is a cute style to welcome the cooler months to come, right before we really cozy up with sweaters and the like.
It also comes with a sleek scarf that really adds a little extra to the over all look of the dress. It does come sprate so you could use it with other outfits as well. There are so many pretty colours to choose from with this knit style dress.
I also wanted to mention Reigns boots also avalible at C88 this round, These boots are so darling.
Usually i am a huge fan off knee high boots anyways but i mean these have such cute details such as the sexy little bows down the back. However if you dont like the bow look, Within the hud you can turn them off.

The other thing i wanted to bring your attention to is the amazing new create box to hit the grid. This one is called Deco(C)rate and has some the most talented deco creators within Secondlife. At only 1500L joining before the 8th of each month, It is breath taken as i found out and as you can see from the above. If any of you are bloggers or just love pretty things to decore with, Check it out.
I am going to link the website here.

Ok all you pixel peoples its time to get shopping and for me to figure out the next set of pixel goodies to show you.

Music of the moment: Just a song from a movie i was watching...Got stuck in my head.
You Don't Own Me - Grace

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX

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