Monday, 29 December 2014

Here lies a city on fire

Dear SL...

As you can tell Xmas season has been hectic and getting any blog posts out until now has been impossible.
However now with that over, I have stolen a few moments to blog my heart out.
This is going to be a quick one as the inspiration and such is an easy one.
Its Xmas holidays, Baking and family are just apart of it.

Blog look #167

Skin: [PF] - Doll V2 - <Vamp> - Pure - (black)
Hair: Lamb. - Waiting On You - Variety/Ombre/Eccentric - @C88

Overalls/Shirt: Mikunch - Skinny salopette - light blue - (Past Seasons Story Event Item)
Apron: *MishMish* - Apron - RARE - (Gotcha Item) - @Arcade

Glasses: {Mango Cheeks} - Reindeer Glasses - Donner - @TCF
Bow: B.C.C - My prince-Marie Lovely headdress ribbon - Cherry - (Gotcha Item) - @Arcade
Book: *MishMish* - Hammie & Cooking Book - (Gotcha Item) - @Arcade
Pocket Pet: *MishMish* - Pocket Hammie - (Gotcha Item) - @Arcade
Shoes: fri. - Opal.Heels - (Grey) - Slink - @Uber

Pose: My own
Cottage: 8f8 - Granny's Winter Cottage - Granny's Cottage - RARE - (Gotcha Item) - @Arcade
Step Ladder: AF - 8. - (Gotcha Item) - Stepladder - (Past Chapter Four Event)
Table: 8f8 - 27 - Granny's Winter Cottage - Table - (Gotcha Item) - @Arcade
Rug: 8f8 - 15 - Granny's Winter Cottage - Carpet - (Gotcha Item) - @Arcade
Oven: AF -  Wide Stove - (Black) - (Past Event Item)
Benches/Stove Hood: AF - Plantation Counter - (Rustic) - (Past Event Item)
AF - Plantation Stove Hood - (Rustic) - (Past Event Item)
Basket Of Apples: 8f8 - 31 - Granny'y Winter Cottage - Apple Basket - (Gotcha Item) - @Arcade
Tray Of Cookies: 8f8 - 29 - Granny's Winter Cottage - Gingerbread Cookies Iced - (Gotcha Item) - @Arcade
Cake: AF - 3. - Fall Harvest Cake - (Gotcha Item) - Stepladder - (Past Chapter Four Event)
Hammies: *MishMish* -  Hammie & Oven Mitt 4 - (Gotcha Item) - @Arcade
*MishMish* - Hammie & Rolling Pin - (Gotcha Item) - @Arcade
*MishMish* - Hammie & Icing - (Gotcha Item) - @Arcade
*MishMish* - Hammie & Mixing Bowl - (Gotcha Item) - @Arcade
*MishMish* - Hammie & Gingerbread Man - (Gotcha Item) - @Arcade
*MishMish* - Hammie & Baking Powder - (Gotcha Item) - @Arcade
*MishMish* - Flour Angel Hammie - (Gotcha Item) - @Arcade
*MishMish* - Hammie & Holly Berries - (Gotcha Item) - @Arcade

My SL family means the world to me and one of the top of my list is my little baby girl Izzy.
She has been my light and bundle of love since I first adopted her and well we decided that we would spend some quality time this holidays baking some treats.

I didn't however count on her many furry friends helping out, I swear our family is like a zoo most days. But it was all fun. Mish Mish Arcade offering of Hammie's really are precious and made this post come to life.
You best remember that Arcade ends very soon and designers such as Mish Mish often retire their sets... So if you haven't gotten your set of these adorable pets, I would hurry and snatch up as many as you can!

I just love adorable items and Xmas seems to bring out some of the best ideas from creators.
As you can see I got myself some deer inspired cuteness from Chapter Four this month, The designer Mango Cheeks.
I also pulled on my ever so strap designer heels by Fri., Which helped me feel glamorous even when being covered in baking flour. (These heels are at the latest Uber event and will be changed very soon for the new round, Best hurry if you haven't gotten yours.)

Oh and last note, If you would like to know what my daughter Izzy is wearing check out her blog HERE.

Music of the moment:  New one by one my fave all time bands.
Something From Nothing - Foo Fighters

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX

Monday, 22 December 2014

Like it's the last night of our lives

Dear SL...

So this week has been my slowest blog week in months, But as we all know we have obligations near Christmas time and mine well it has been so hectic.
And will only get worse over the next four days, So I figured while I had a few moments spare I would try my best to get a post out...Even if its a short one.
Today's post is just inspired by being warm and friendly, Not to mention my favourite feline friend who has been hanging out with me as well as giving me a few tips on how to purr.

Blog look #166

Skin: [PF] - Doll V2 - <Vamp> - Pure - (ltbrow)
Hair: MOON - Mourning Sickness

Coat: -Pixicat- - Wintry.Cape - Black White - @C88
Jeans: .::J&K::. - The Rockstar Skinny Jeans - Black - (Marketplace)

Hood: .Atomic. - {Sweet Kitten Hood} - @JP Creation
Whiskers: *Epic* - Colorable Whiskers - (Marketplace)
Shoes: fri. - Fiona Boots - (Black) - @Kustom9

Pose: Label Motion
Cottage: 8f8 - Granny's Winter Cottage - Granny's Cottage - RARE - (Gotcha Item) - @Arcade
Desk: 8f8 - 18 - Granny's Winter Cottage - Desk - (Gotcha Item) - @Arcade
Shelf: 8f8 - 16 - Granny's Winter Cottage - Hanger - (Gotcha Item) - @Arcade
Chair: 8f8 - 08 - Granny's Winter Cottage - Granny's Knit Chair - (Gotcha Item) - @Arcade
Milk: 8f8 - Milk Bottles - GIFT - (Found under tree) - @Arcade
Pet: (fd) - Cat - 11 - Sitting - (Gotcha Item) - (Past Arcade Event Item)
Pet Toys: +Half-Deer+ - Cat Clutter - Toys Toys Toys - Neutral - (Past Chapter Four Event Item)
Pet Food: +Half-Deer+ - Cat Clutter - Bowl of Kibble - Neutral - (Past Chapter Four Event Item)
+Half-Deer+ - Cat Clutter - Bowl of Fish - Neutral - (Past Chapter Four Event Item)
Basket: .lame - Tiara Laundry Basket - White

I love cats, Always have.
So today Atomic's design item for JP Creations let me play dress up as an adorable kitty, My favourite part about this item is the bow and bell its so cute!
There is a hud change for the bow and a variety of colours to choose from for the hood.
It is fur like and it really is a delight to see Atomic creating such fun items that let the imagination run wild.

Living a cats life for the day we ate, stretched and sat looking adorable, Oh the cat life!
If you haven't seen the pretty detailed cottage and furnishings by 8F8, Than you need to get your hands on the whole set available at the Arcade.
And what's a cat without her toys and food, The ones pictured are made by Half-Deer. This designer knows how to use the her talents to produce such unique items that really add that little bit of magic detail.

The only thing I have to say now is MEOW.

Music of the moment:  I usually hate this pop type music but I cant shake this one.
Die Young - Ke$ha

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Hide your body scares when I am around

Dear SL...

Just a quick post for this one, I have so much to be doing and so little time but I will be catching up on all my blogging.
It is suppose to be summer here and yet all week we have had storms and rain!
What is going on in this crazy world, The summers I knew were hot and clear skies.
Anywho, Winter is in full swing in SL and to celebrate that I brought out my snow princess side.
Makes me cold in RL just seeing the picture.
Blog look #165

Skin: [PF] - Doll V2 - <Vamp> - Pure - (ltbrow)
Hair: .Olive. - the Snow Queen Hair - RARE - (Gotcha Item) - @Arcade
Eyelashes: Izzie's - Frosty Eyelashes - (black) - (Baby it's cold outside item) - (Past event item)
Feet: Slink - AvEnhance Feet - High

Dress: B.C.C - My prince- Marie Snow princess dress - Ivory - RARE - (Gotcha Item) - @Arcade

Necklace: [whatever] - Letter Necklace - S - [Silver]
Crown: +>A&A<+ - Snow Queen Ice Crystal Tiara - (Past event item)
Branch/Bird: *LODE* - Head Accessory - Ice Berries - [white] - RARE - (Gotcha Item) - @Arcade

Pose: Repose - F - JEWEL - 1 - @MSO
Animals: ISPACHI - [CHERISHED MOMENTS] - Polar Bears - (Gotcha Item) - @Arcade
ISPACHI - [CHERISHED MOMENTS] - Huskies - (Gotcha Item) - @Arcade
ISPACHI - [CHERISHED MOMENTS] - Arctic Foxes - (Gotcha Item) - @Arcade

As always my looks are diverse and today is no different, Channelling my inner princess got me a snowy animal lover look.
Arcade never fails to deliver amazing designers and must have items, Some of these for me include the B.C.C Marie snow princess dress, This is really so pretty in world and with subtle details just makes my heart melt.
But one item you simply can not go past was the Olive Snow Queen hair, This hair is breath taking with its flow around the body and perfect not only for those pictures but also rigged so you can functionally wear it around the grid.
Ispachi of course killed it with his super detailed animals of the snow and they are beyond cute with their babies.

This look kinda just made itself with all the offerings from Arcade it all just feel together to make a beautiful story.

Music of the moment:  Another new band for me, I really like their sound.
Given The Chance - The Kite String Tangle

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

I found myself on a park bench

Dear SL...

I don't know about you but if my feet get cold in winter than I just can't not get comfortable, It gets so bad sometimes that have to put on two layers of wooly socks.
Good thing I love wooly socks and warm clothes.
Speaking of warm, I have always loved animals in RL, But currently I don't have one because of my lifestyle i just don't think it would be fair.
I am not really a dog or cat lover one way or the other, I love them both but one thing i love about cats is how they snuggle up on you or in something and make the cute purr sound.
Today's post really is just a celebration of the warm soft things in life.

Blog look #164

Skin: [PF] - Doll V2 - Crystal - Pure - (Blonde)
Hair: Clawtooth - Snug as a Bug - Bodacious Blondes - @C88

Top: .Atomic. - {Darling Sweater} - @C88
Jeans: The Secret Store - Rise Skinny Jeans - Grey Denim

Head Piece: Noodles - Darling Ear Muffs - Set4 - @C88
Mug: Schadenfreude - Bunny - Creature Comfort Mug - @C88

Pose: Imeka
House: 8f8 - 01 - Granny's Winter Cottage - Granny's Cottage - RARE - (Gotcha Item) - @Arcade
Wardrobe: 8f8 - 17 - Granny's Winter Cottage - Wardrobe - (Gotcha Item) - @Arcade
Bed: 8f8 - 05 - Granny's Winter Cottage - Bed - (Gotcha Item) - @Arcade
Cushions: 8f8 - 32 - Granny's Winter Cottage - Cushions Set - (Gotcha Item) - @Arcade
Boxed Kitten: 8f8 - 03 - Granny's Winter Cottage - Granny's Messy Present - RARE - (Gotcha Item) - @Arcade

Oh god I am so excited to post this blog simply because some of my favourite new items to date are in it.
Just fresh hot to my inventory is the ever so gorgeous Atomic sweater, With a range of pretty colours this sweater is to die for.
It has the cutest little bows on the side of the sleeves and has this fuzzy warm look to the texturing used.
Along with the sweater there is also Noodles ear muffs that are a perfect match as the designers has collaborated together.
I also snagged these cute mug set from Schadenfreude which are just adorable and have the added function of texture change and even has optional fillings such as the hot chocolate filling i have shown above.
All in all you can't go past all the cute out at this months C88.

With all my new items I decided to stay home and relax in my new pixel home designed by 8F8's designer IBI.
The details of this house are so subtle and well done that you can't help but feel at home.
Along with the house 8F8 also brought you all the miss matched furnishings of a shabby chic residence as well as a ever so cute secret rare...A little kitten that found itself a new little hiding place to sleep.
I can not express how cute this secret rare is so i guess your going to have to seek it out yourself and find out.
All of these items of these 8F8 items can be found at the current round of Arcade.

Music of the moment:  A new band I stumbled upon.
Row Of Homes - The Cairos

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Why can't I face myself without these lies?

Dear SL...

Sometimes time just slips away before you know it and well there is so much to be done.
I feel like this a lot in both worlds but I do my best to try and work with the time I do have.
I think as long as you are doing something that makes you happy in some way than its not a waste.
To me one the best ways of spending my time is with family and friends, As well as a hot drink to warm the tummy.
There is so much to be thankful for and I have a lot in both worlds I love, Which can be as simple as the feel of a warm soft sweater upon my skin to the more complex feelings of love.
I guess that's how I came to make this post and it is heavily inspired by these feelings, They always come about this time of year...It makes me very reflective on life itself.

Blog look #163

Skin: [PF] - Doll V2 - Crystal - Pure - (Blonde)
Hair: .Olive. - the Roo Hair - [Non-Rigged] - (Past Event Item)

Dress: Bueno - Ella-Sweater Dress Steam - @Kustom9
Stockings: Izzie's - Tights black - (more sheer)

Hat: (Milk Motion) - cat beanie - grey - (Gotcha Item)
Scarf: .Atomic. - Critter Comfort - Arcic Fox Scarf - (Gotcha Item) - @Arcade
Gloves: .Atomic. - Critter Comfort - Arctic Fox Mittens - (Gotcha Item) - @Arcade
Necklace: [whatever] - Letter Necklace - S - [Black]
Cup: Ariskea - [ Winter Warm ] - Choco Vanilla - (Past Event Item)
Shoes: AF - Hugg Boot - (Wool) - (Past Event Item)

Pose: Imeka
House: 8f8 - 01 - Granny's Winter Cottage - Granny's Cottage - RARE - (Gotcha Item) - @Arcade
Chair: 8f8 - 06 - Granny's Winter Cottage - Armchair - (Gotcha Item) - @Arcade
Tree: AF - Christmas Tree - RARE - (Gotcha Item) - (Past Arcade Item)
Rug: 8f8 - 15 - Granny's Winter Cottage - Carpet - (Gotcha Item) - @Arcade
Dog/Mouse/Present: .S&S. - Holiday Pals - 'Blue & Sticky' Gift Pack - (Gotcha Item) - @Arcade
Presents: -tres blah- - Soiree - Gifts - (Gotcha Item) - @Arcade

Arcade is no secret as a great place to find special treasures to horde away in our inventory, This round you can not go past Atomic's animal scarf and glove sets.
They are so cute, cozy and warm looking that once you have a set on you are not going to want to take them off all season.

One of my favourite fashion items for winter is the sweater style dresses, As if reading my mind Bueno released the prettiest well fitting set at Kustom9 Event.
Bringing out some uggs i picked up from Apple Fall last year and a vanilla hot chocolate I was ready to start my day at home in SL.

It also that time of the year when you put your Christmas tree up and start to pack those presents around it. This is the very start of my giving preparations.

Music of the moment: Back to my love of a Aussie band. This singers voice is amazing!
Eidolon - Karnivool

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Be careful making wishes in the dark

Dear SL...

As the weather gets hotter in RL, Of course SL "weather" becomes colder and it's time to start rugging up your pixels.
I both love and hate warm/cold weathers, I love both them because the kinda clothes you get to dress in.
Summer is all about the breezy dresses and flowing hairs, However Winter is more about the coats and cute scarfs.
But I must admit that the best thing, I love about Winter is snuggling up with a good book or movie and a hot chocolate.
This is really a start to the gorgeous cold style posts I have in store.

Blog look #162

Skin: [PF] - Doll V2 - Crystal - Pure - (Blonde)
Hair: [LeLutka] -VAGUE hair - Bournville - @Uber
Nails: LB - Odissi - Gold - *Slink* Manicure - @MSO
Ears:  [theSkinnery] - Elongated Puki Ear

Top: .Atomic. - {Faux Fur Vest} - Hud 1 - @Uber
Pants: Maitreya - Zipper-Skinny Jeans - Dirty

Boots: -Pixicat- - Autumn Boots - Brown
Letters: O.M.E.N - Dear John - Diaries & Love Letters - (Gotcha Item) - (Past Arcade Event Item)

Pose: Imeka
House: 8f8 - 01 - Granny's Winter Cottage - Granny's Cottage - RARE - (Gotcha Item) - @Arcade
Chair: 8f8 - 09 - Granny's Winter Cottage - My Knit Chair - (Gotcha Item) - @Arcade
Animals: ISPACHI - [CHERISHED MOMENTS] - Paws & Claws - RARE - (Gotcha Item) - @Arcade
Santa Bear: <:*BoOgErS*:> - Santa Bear Arcade Christmas - Gift 2014 - @Arcade
Sledge: 8f8 - 38 - Granny's Winter Cottage - Sledge - (Gotcha Item) - @Arcade

Some of my favourite events are going on right now and as the weather in SL changes they are more focusing on the warmer/Cozy clothes.

Uber although themed Vogue has also brought some warm looking items, One includes the this pretty vest that Atomic produced.
It comes with a hud that allows for colour/slight pattern change, Which even has a few Fawn styles.
And honestly since it hit my inventory, I made this outfit and haven't taken it off in days...That doesn't usually happen.
I also got this amazing hair at the event by Lelutka, This hair has fly away add ons both at the front and sides.

I am also sure you guys have all been to the Arcade now and either loving or hateing the machines.
I know some of the ones on the top my list was defiantly the 8f8 set, It is perfect for the coming winter months within SL and honestly I really don't know how IBI does this every time.
The textures alone are breath takeing and than to have so many amazing items, Not only are the rares the things you want but every little item makes you want the whole set. Not to mention the secret rare..I will be showing you that later in upcoming posts.
Of course I couldn't leave the Arcade without the Paws and Claws adorable Kitty/Puppy duo, These are just so well done and capture the moment perfectly. Ispachi is just a great designer and teamed with 8f8 items, It really did make this picture come to life.

Ohhhh and don't forget the ever amazing Arcade owners/Designers have gotten into the Christmas giving spirit and have placed some gifts just for all of us under the tree for free!!! So before tping out make sure to pick them up.

Music of the moment: This band just makes me obsessed with them.
My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark - Fallout Boy

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX

Thursday, 4 December 2014

I wish that this night would never be over

Dear SL...

So what's new, RL called and now i have a mountain of new things to show off...
I felt a little bit of magic in my bones of late or it might just be that Christmas is coming ever to fast and it really does put a bit of RL magic in the air.
Even though it is more than two weeks until Christmas, I have spent last two days wrapping a huge pile of presents.
I love giving presents as much as receiving, If not more!

Blog look #161

Skin: [PF] - Doll V2 - Crystal - Pure - (Blonde)
Hair: .Olive. - the Revy Hair - (Past Event Item)
Tattoo1: .ARISE. - Snowflake Facetattoo - White - (hard) - @Suicide Dollz
Tattoo2: :Moon amore: - tatoo medhii - (White) - (For Slink Hands Only)
Ears: [theSkinnery] - Elongated Puki Ear

Top: Noodles - Katie Chain Top - White - (Past The Secret Affair Event Item)
Skirt: *BOOM* - Athena Skirt - Long - Sugar - (Past C88 Event Item)

Head Piece: .random.Matter. - LeLuna Head Chain - Copper - (Past We <3 RP Event Item)
Necklace: Amala - The Nine Lives Pendant - Sunrise - Gold - (Past Chapter Four Event Item)

Pose: LaGyo - Crystal sphere - (with pose) - (Past C88 Event Item)
Stars: elephante poses - Written In The Stars - @The Fantasy Collective

So as I stated above I really do have a mountain of amazing items created by such talented designers across the grid.
This Magical Seer look is displaying the Noodles beautiful chain tube top, Which has such gorgeous chains draping down and looping a long the bottom as well as studs patterned across it.
There are a variety of colours to choose from it even has a metal colour change hud and was available at The Secret Affair event which finished on the 30th, Please check the store.

Boom released this flowing skirt in many colours for a past round of Collab88 and it is still one that deserves to be in everybody's inventory. So if you missed out go get yours at her store.

Olive also released this cute hair as a past event item but can also now be found at her store, The hair is named Revy.
I have really enjoyed watching this store blossom into what it is now and am excited for what is to come next.

I think although we all see the new newest must have thing at an event that just opened, It is important to also remember to use those older loveable items you just couldn't live without.
So from time to time you will see me use older items or items that were released at an event that just finished, But i will always try my best to make sure I am blogging items that you can still get your hands on.

Music of the moment: An old band but not forgotten. Still love them.
Never Close Our Eyes - Anna Sentina and Eric Emery cover song by Adam Lambert

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX

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