Monday, 29 December 2014

Here lies a city on fire

Dear SL...

As you can tell Xmas season has been hectic and getting any blog posts out until now has been impossible.
However now with that over, I have stolen a few moments to blog my heart out.
This is going to be a quick one as the inspiration and such is an easy one.
Its Xmas holidays, Baking and family are just apart of it.

Blog look #167

Skin: [PF] - Doll V2 - <Vamp> - Pure - (black)
Hair: Lamb. - Waiting On You - Variety/Ombre/Eccentric - @C88

Overalls/Shirt: Mikunch - Skinny salopette - light blue - (Past Seasons Story Event Item)
Apron: *MishMish* - Apron - RARE - (Gotcha Item) - @Arcade

Glasses: {Mango Cheeks} - Reindeer Glasses - Donner - @TCF
Bow: B.C.C - My prince-Marie Lovely headdress ribbon - Cherry - (Gotcha Item) - @Arcade
Book: *MishMish* - Hammie & Cooking Book - (Gotcha Item) - @Arcade
Pocket Pet: *MishMish* - Pocket Hammie - (Gotcha Item) - @Arcade
Shoes: fri. - Opal.Heels - (Grey) - Slink - @Uber

Pose: My own
Cottage: 8f8 - Granny's Winter Cottage - Granny's Cottage - RARE - (Gotcha Item) - @Arcade
Step Ladder: AF - 8. - (Gotcha Item) - Stepladder - (Past Chapter Four Event)
Table: 8f8 - 27 - Granny's Winter Cottage - Table - (Gotcha Item) - @Arcade
Rug: 8f8 - 15 - Granny's Winter Cottage - Carpet - (Gotcha Item) - @Arcade
Oven: AF -  Wide Stove - (Black) - (Past Event Item)
Benches/Stove Hood: AF - Plantation Counter - (Rustic) - (Past Event Item)
AF - Plantation Stove Hood - (Rustic) - (Past Event Item)
Basket Of Apples: 8f8 - 31 - Granny'y Winter Cottage - Apple Basket - (Gotcha Item) - @Arcade
Tray Of Cookies: 8f8 - 29 - Granny's Winter Cottage - Gingerbread Cookies Iced - (Gotcha Item) - @Arcade
Cake: AF - 3. - Fall Harvest Cake - (Gotcha Item) - Stepladder - (Past Chapter Four Event)
Hammies: *MishMish* -  Hammie & Oven Mitt 4 - (Gotcha Item) - @Arcade
*MishMish* - Hammie & Rolling Pin - (Gotcha Item) - @Arcade
*MishMish* - Hammie & Icing - (Gotcha Item) - @Arcade
*MishMish* - Hammie & Mixing Bowl - (Gotcha Item) - @Arcade
*MishMish* - Hammie & Gingerbread Man - (Gotcha Item) - @Arcade
*MishMish* - Hammie & Baking Powder - (Gotcha Item) - @Arcade
*MishMish* - Flour Angel Hammie - (Gotcha Item) - @Arcade
*MishMish* - Hammie & Holly Berries - (Gotcha Item) - @Arcade

My SL family means the world to me and one of the top of my list is my little baby girl Izzy.
She has been my light and bundle of love since I first adopted her and well we decided that we would spend some quality time this holidays baking some treats.

I didn't however count on her many furry friends helping out, I swear our family is like a zoo most days. But it was all fun. Mish Mish Arcade offering of Hammie's really are precious and made this post come to life.
You best remember that Arcade ends very soon and designers such as Mish Mish often retire their sets... So if you haven't gotten your set of these adorable pets, I would hurry and snatch up as many as you can!

I just love adorable items and Xmas seems to bring out some of the best ideas from creators.
As you can see I got myself some deer inspired cuteness from Chapter Four this month, The designer Mango Cheeks.
I also pulled on my ever so strap designer heels by Fri., Which helped me feel glamorous even when being covered in baking flour. (These heels are at the latest Uber event and will be changed very soon for the new round, Best hurry if you haven't gotten yours.)

Oh and last note, If you would like to know what my daughter Izzy is wearing check out her blog HERE.

Music of the moment:  New one by one my fave all time bands.
Something From Nothing - Foo Fighters

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX

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