Thursday, 31 July 2014

You've got your motive, you set the scene

Dear SL...

It's one of the wonderful things about SL, Is that you can not only live out your fantasy or desire but your very childhood.
This post is that very thing for me, Inspired by the popular children's book Where The Wild Things Are.
I use to read this book in primary school and for many years after I dreamt that I to was off to have an amazing adventure in some magical land.

Blog look #121

Skin: Glam Affair - Rose - America - Clean - F
Hair: !lamb. - Boyfriend - Kit Kat - (Sculpt hair)
Hand: Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual
Feet: Slink -  Mesh Feet - Flat

Hood: [Aux] - Wild Rumpus Hood - Bear - (Brown) - (Gotcha item) - (Old Arcade item)
Rompus: [Aux] - Wild Rumpus Rompers - M  - Brown - (Gotcha item) - (Old Arcade item)
Tail: [Aux] - Wild Rumpus Tail - Bear - (brown) - (Gotcha item) - (Old Arcade item)

Crown: -LaViere- - Fake Plastic Crown - Gold
Map: 8f8 - Inside the Story -  Map - (Gotcha item) - @WTGF

Pose: Label Motion
Book: 8f8 - Inside the Story - Book Island - RARE - (Gotcha item) - @WTGF
Trees: 8f8 - WTWTA - Tree 1,2,3 - (Gotcha item, Part of RARE) - @WTGF
Clouds: 8f8 - WTWTA - Clouds book - (Gotcha item, Part of RARE) - @WTGF
Moon and Stars: 8f8 - WTWTA - The Moon and Stars - (Gotcha item, Part of RARE) - @WTGF
Boat: 8f8 -Inside the Story - Boat - (Gotcha item) - @WTGF
Animals: 8f8 - Inside the Story - Phillip the Bull - (Gotcha item) - @WTGF
               8f8 - Inside the Story - Marta the Owl - (Gotcha item) - @WTGF
                 8f8 - Inside the Story - Arnold the Bear - (Gotcha item) - @WTGF
                     8f8 - Inside the Story - Emma the Butterfly - (Gotcha item) - @WTGF
           8f8 - Inside the Story - Billy the Bat - (Gotcha item) - @WTGF

So off on my great wild things adventure, I dressed in the right outfit and sailed in my paper boat.
My outfit isn't perfect from the popular book, However I like to think it is in the same style but with my own flare as usual.
If you know me by now, You would know that I more than LOVE books and in RL i have read so many. Often having up to six books going at the same time.
And with this set 8F8 gave me a chance to be inside a book!
The textures and images that make up the set are as always what has come to be expected from this designer.
I used a oldie but a goody, Sculpted Lamb hair which is very cute and easy to edit to fit under hats or hoods.

Music of the moment: A song I both love and am obsessed with, Figured it would suit the post today.
Wild At Heart - Birds Of Tokyo

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Ride into the sun

Dear SL...

I did a inspired pic for this look a while ago, However I would be doing this amazing dreamy look some in justice.
Was so fairy tale and pretty, I just don't have the words to express how i felt when creating this.

Blog look #120

Skin: Glam Affair - Rose - America - 05 - B  
Hair: !Ohmai - Salon - Sopha - [w/Tweeters] - (2014 Hair Release)
Hand: Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual
Feet: Slink -  Mesh Feet - Flat

Dress: Leechouette - fluffy Dream dress - (chloe) - (w/Ribbion 2)


Pose: Label Motion
Cloud with door/Swing/Tree: 8f8 - Dreamer's Cloudland - Home Cloud
Cloud Cooking: 8f8 - Dreamer's Cloudland - Clouds Cooking Cloud

Like I said above, This one outfit and scene took my breath away.
8f8 has really hit it out the ball park, just the thought of the home in the clouds and the imagination runs wild.
There are so many cute detailed items in this set, a bed with the sun, the cloud home with its swing and door to no where.
Not forgetting the moon and stars.
But my personal favourite is the cloud cooking, complete with the spotted pot and the cute recipe on the open book. Which includes drawings of such things as butterfly sneezes.
I feel like some kind of fairy tale angel amongst the clouds like this lazying around.
And The Dreamers Factory made it all possible with their all inspiring with their event scenery.
Oh Mai made my fairytale come true when she sent her birds to help do my hair after I had visited the hair fair. (The birds are colour change by hud).

Inspired Pic:

Music of the moment: Catchy song stuck in my head.
Get Free - The Vines

Until Next Time 
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Monday, 28 July 2014

Found something real that's out of touch

Dear SL...

So many looks in just a few days, ahhh the beauty of SL.
I love that i can be one thing one day and another the next.
My blog is very reflective of that and my moods but they are all me.

Blog look #119

Skin: Glam Affair - Rose - America - 05 - B  
Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ - Panther Hair - Winter - @C88
Hand: Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual
             Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands - Victory
Tattoo: Moon amore - tatoo medhii - (brown) - (For slink hands)

Dress: B.C.C - A hui hou Dress - Pure - Gray+White - @Okinawa Summer Festival

Necklace: [whatever] - Letter Necklace - S - [Silver]
Shoes: Amala - Kanza Sandals - Bear - Hawk - @TSS

Pose: Label Motion
Create: Lark - Sunflowers - (Gotcha item) - (Old Arcade item)
Bike: {vespertine} - dreamers vehicle/heart on wire - (Gotcha item) - @TDF

It seems every other day there is another event going on in SL, Demanding our hard earned L. 
Well I have a love and hate for this fact.
I love it because there is always something new and exciting to buy, However i also hate it because it is hard to keep up.
This girl only has one body and i feel like sometimes i barely get to use/wear something before there is an amazing new item i need to own.
Ahhhhhh the woes of a shop-o-hoilc.

There is a small event going on SL called the Okinawa Summer Festival, This event has many cute items to be seen and gotcha's to play.
One item that i fell in love with was the B.C.C dress, Screaming the cute country style. I decided to put a slightly different spin on it.
Pairing the dress with the Tableau Vivant hair from this months C88 and also the new amazingly detailed Amala sandals from The Seasons Story, I managed to create a cute boho look.
Amala has many colours and combinations of these adorable shoes and they are fitted to they can fit TD avatars as well.

Speaking of events, The new event The Dreamers Factory is well worth checking out if not for the items but the experience itself.

Music of the moment: Cute song from Birdy for a cute sad movie.
Not About Angels - Birdy

Until Next Time 
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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Oh I wish it was over

Dear SL...

From girl next door post to the mistress of a mobster, My SL is that exciting.
This post is inspired by Serafilms event, With the theme being The God Father.

Blog look #118

Skin: Glam Affair -  Cassia - America - 08 - G
Make Up: .Pekka. - Vintage - Dark red Lips w/ Cat eyeliner
Hair: Exile - Blown Away - Dark Browns - @THF
Hand: Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual
             Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands - Smoking
Nails: The Wicked Peach - Business nails - (Slink appliers) - @SF

Dress: *{Junbug}* - Cecilia - [Bloom] - @SF

Earrings: Cae - Kay - Earring - @SF
Necklace: Cae - Kay - Necklace - @SF
Cigarette: dl - DirtyGirls Pipe - black cigaret - (Marketplace)

Pose: Bubble Bath - *coming soon* - ask me if needed.
Signs: (Gotcha Item)
[ free bird ] - Mugshot Sign - Excessive Flirting - @SF
[ free bird ] - Mugshot Sign - Extreme Sexiness - @SF
         [ free bird ] - Mugshot Sign - Profile Perving - RARE - @SF
   [ free bird ] - Mugshot Sign - Shopping Addiction - @SF

So this post wasn't so hard, With Serafilms event giving me my theme and the designers making such items for the event.
My job was easy.
I decided I wanted a bad ass look with a sexy sultry undertone. I wanted to be the mobster mistress.
Putting on the dress from Junbug, I knew it was perfect... But which colour? I know Scarlet red of course.
Along with some of Cae jewellery (Colour change) to give her that little bit of a rich look and searching through my Hair Fair grabs, The new Exile release was the right match.
Now all I needed was to add and light my favourite bad girl cigarette.
I had created the look I was going for, Now what's a Mobster mistress if not for a little trouble.
The signs from Free Bird really helped give me some law breaking charges and I must say I love the result.
So if you like the god father movies or are a fan of the mobster look this event is your one stop shopping destination.

Music of the moment: I don't think I have used this song but it suits so well.
Shot In The Dark - Within Temptation

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX

Monday, 21 July 2014

You thought that you knew me

Dear SL...

So much has been going on for me in SL, So blogging had to take a back seat...
However I am back and have so much catching up to do and I figured i would start here.

Blog look #117

Skin: Glam Affair - Rose - America - 05 - B
Hair: tulip - Ashley - Lights - @THF
Hand: Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual

Dress: B.C.C - love Beth Summer - Dress Flower - @TSS

Earrings: *ARGRACE* - SHIORI - Pearl Earring Drop - (Comes with Shiori hair)
Purse: B.C.C - lullaby coin purse - Bag - loveCat - RARE - @TDF
Book: 8f8 - 18. Our Secret Hideout - Secret Diary (pose) - @TSS
Shoes: REIGN. - EMPRESS SANDALS - Tan - (Slink Barefeet flat needed)

Pose: Bubble Bath - *coming soon* - ask me if needed.
Book Set:    8f8 - 02. Our Secret Hideout - Meadow Tree Bench - RARE - @TSS
8f8 - 14. Our Secret Hideout - Little Sketchbook - @TSS
8f8 - 13. Our Secret Hideout - Crate of Wisdom - @TSS
8f8 - 16. Our Secret Hideout - Arts 'n' Crafts - @TSS
8f8 - 17. Our Secret Hideout - Our Memories - @TSS
8f8 - 10. Our Secret Hideout - Bird Gift - @TSS
8f8 - 15. Our Secret Hideout - Magic Box - @TSS
8f8 - 11. Our Secret Hideout - Bird Spot - @TSS

Hair fair has been on for sometime now and well it did not disappoint.
After spending way to much money on must have hairs, I can say I love hair creators.
Everyone brought their own flavour and style to the event and one stand out among so many was Tulip.
I couldn't go pass her "Girl next door" style.

Next was to pair this style with a suitably cute outfit and B.C.C as always came to my rescue with her new releases.
At the seasons story you can find the above summer dress called Beth, It is so sweet with lightly tied strings at the back adding to the pretty style. It can be found is all kinds of patterns and colours but I think the one I selected was perfect for the kind of blog I now had in mind.
Adding to the over all look was the other B.C.C release, The cute cat purse is just beyond any adorable thing in my current inventory and putting it on with the outfit just felt right.
It can be found at the new amazing event The Dreamers Factory, This event is worth going for the experience alone and than the shopping is a bonus. The event has so many talented designers offering quality items.

If you haven't realised by now, I am also featuring the new Glam Affair skin and wow it just keeps getting better. The skin can be found at the main store as a full release and it is just so sweet and young looking.

Lastly but not least is the scenery, What can i say about 8F8 that i haven't said before.
Just every release makes my jaw drop with awe at the work and detail that goes into everything put out.
It feels like being in mind full of dreams and I more than love it, This is what SL is about for me.
This set has many more pieces that I couldn't fit in the one post, However I am a huge book lover and this set just spoke to me.
And well what else would a girl next door be doing but drawing outside and playing with paper birds.

Music of the moment: I have had this song on repeat all week, Feeling imperfect and its a good thing.
Perfect - Hedley

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX

Sunday, 13 July 2014

I don't know if you feel the same as i do

Dear SL...

I have been meaning to post for sometime now, But sometimes life just gets in the way.
It is my hope that things will settle and I will be back to my blog happy self but until than I ask that you hang in there with me.
So much new stuff to show, Including a up and coming Hair Fair madness...But thats for another post.
For this one I summoned my inner Disney love.

Blog look #116

Skin: Glam Affair - Cassia - America - 08 - G - @Summerfest
Hair: Magika - Meadow - 01
Hand: Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual

Dress: Junbug - Sleeping Beauty - Blue


Pose: Label Motion
Hedgehog: !Ohmai - Squirt Hedgehog (Rez) - [Chocolate] - @Summerfest
Deer: +Half-Deer+ - Low Poly Lullaby - Mama Deer - (Gotcha Item) - @TCF
Rabbit: +Half-Deer+ - Low Poly Lullaby - Baby Rabbit - (Gotcha Item) - @TCF
Fox: +Half-Deer+ - Low Poly Lullaby - Mr Fox - (Gotcha Item) - @TCF

You guessed it, Snow White was my inspiration for this look.
With some help from the ever talented Anya Ohmai and her friendly hedgehogs, Teamed with the Half Deer low poly animals (this months chapter four).
All I needed was the right dress, So I quickly popped over to the amazing Junbug store (Your one stop shop for all the gorgeous gown needs.) And quickly found the perfect one to fit the theme.

So there you have it, My look of the day and I just feel like a fairytale. G'Night all until my prince charming comes...

Music of the moment: Love, Love, Love this song...
Do I Wanna Know - Arctic Monkeys

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX

Friday, 4 July 2014

And the dreams you held so tight lost their meaning

Dear SL...

I am so cold in RL, Its weird I know but It really does help to dress summer season in SL and with all these cute items coming out to fit the theme, How can I not.

Blog look #115

Skin: Glam Affair - Cassia - America - 08 - G - @Summerfest
Hair: .Olive. - the Nara Hair - HUD 3 - [Rigged] - @Kustom9
Sunburn: [the Skinnery] - Sunburn - full body tattoo - (Group Gift)
Hand: Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual
Feet: Slink -  Mesh Feet - High

Bikini: *BOOM* - Ariara Bikini - (taffy) - @Summerfest

Nail Applier: Frogstar - Pixie Polish - (25-25 Event)
Ice Block: offbeat -  icedays gacha - block ice - 04 - @TCF

Pose: Label Motion
Hat: B.C.C - Fly Away Straw hat - RARE - @Summerfest
Chair: 8f8 - Driftwood CHAIR - @Summerfest
Clothes Line: 8f8 - Driftwood TOWEL Stand - @Summerfest
Hedgehog: !Ohmai - Squirt Hedgehog (Rez) - [Chocolate] - @Summerfest
Scene Sand: !Ohmai - Lazy Summer Scene (No Poses // Rez) - @Summerfest

Oh my gosh so much cute, I am not sure how my AV handles it all.
While my invent is out of control with so many items, Adding to it all is the Summerfest with all the swimsuits and this post I am showing off one of the most adorable ones on the grid.
I am of course talking about the Boom swimsuit avalible at this event, Aranel Ah really out did herself with this one.
Also at SummerFest event you will find 8F8's amazing summer decor items for those who need to lazy around on the beach.
Made with amazing textures and the drift wood look, It just makes me want to dream the summer days away.
B.C.C have a gotcha for the hat pictured along side some amazing bikinis this is a RARE with a hud to change the tie.

My lovely SL mum has come out with an amazing new hair release called Nara, It is a very summery cute with texture huds to die for. Soooooo many textures, Most colours one could ever dream of are included.
This hair is to be found at this months Kustom9... This hair really did make my outfit pop and when I put it on my instant reaction was that she had managed to make my AV sooooooo pretty with just one hair. Thanks Mum ILY!

Music of the moment: This song lyrics are just so right....
The Sun Is Rising - Britt Nicole

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX

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