Thursday, 31 July 2014

You've got your motive, you set the scene

Dear SL...

It's one of the wonderful things about SL, Is that you can not only live out your fantasy or desire but your very childhood.
This post is that very thing for me, Inspired by the popular children's book Where The Wild Things Are.
I use to read this book in primary school and for many years after I dreamt that I to was off to have an amazing adventure in some magical land.

Blog look #121

Skin: Glam Affair - Rose - America - Clean - F
Hair: !lamb. - Boyfriend - Kit Kat - (Sculpt hair)
Hand: Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual
Feet: Slink -  Mesh Feet - Flat

Hood: [Aux] - Wild Rumpus Hood - Bear - (Brown) - (Gotcha item) - (Old Arcade item)
Rompus: [Aux] - Wild Rumpus Rompers - M  - Brown - (Gotcha item) - (Old Arcade item)
Tail: [Aux] - Wild Rumpus Tail - Bear - (brown) - (Gotcha item) - (Old Arcade item)

Crown: -LaViere- - Fake Plastic Crown - Gold
Map: 8f8 - Inside the Story -  Map - (Gotcha item) - @WTGF

Pose: Label Motion
Book: 8f8 - Inside the Story - Book Island - RARE - (Gotcha item) - @WTGF
Trees: 8f8 - WTWTA - Tree 1,2,3 - (Gotcha item, Part of RARE) - @WTGF
Clouds: 8f8 - WTWTA - Clouds book - (Gotcha item, Part of RARE) - @WTGF
Moon and Stars: 8f8 - WTWTA - The Moon and Stars - (Gotcha item, Part of RARE) - @WTGF
Boat: 8f8 -Inside the Story - Boat - (Gotcha item) - @WTGF
Animals: 8f8 - Inside the Story - Phillip the Bull - (Gotcha item) - @WTGF
               8f8 - Inside the Story - Marta the Owl - (Gotcha item) - @WTGF
                 8f8 - Inside the Story - Arnold the Bear - (Gotcha item) - @WTGF
                     8f8 - Inside the Story - Emma the Butterfly - (Gotcha item) - @WTGF
           8f8 - Inside the Story - Billy the Bat - (Gotcha item) - @WTGF

So off on my great wild things adventure, I dressed in the right outfit and sailed in my paper boat.
My outfit isn't perfect from the popular book, However I like to think it is in the same style but with my own flare as usual.
If you know me by now, You would know that I more than LOVE books and in RL i have read so many. Often having up to six books going at the same time.
And with this set 8F8 gave me a chance to be inside a book!
The textures and images that make up the set are as always what has come to be expected from this designer.
I used a oldie but a goody, Sculpted Lamb hair which is very cute and easy to edit to fit under hats or hoods.

Music of the moment: A song I both love and am obsessed with, Figured it would suit the post today.
Wild At Heart - Birds Of Tokyo

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX

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