Friday, 23 January 2015

'Cause there's too many places I've got to see

Dear SL...

Sometimes in Real Life I like to just sit and think on things, Really reflect on how I feel and decisions I have made.
I find it really calming and helps me to clear my head, A pretty view helps a lot to.
It is easy to get caught up in things that we feel we have to do in order to live the life we feel we should, However along that path I think we often loose sight of whats really important.
I think we should all take some time to see the real beauty in the simple things, "Stop and smell the flowers" as the old saying goes.

Blog look #176

Skin: Glam Affair - Amberly II skin - ( Asia ) - (Past Event Item)
Hair: Blues - Niki - Natural Fades - @Trend3

Shirt: Foxes - Boyfriend Shirt - Checker - Red - @N21
Pants: Foxes - Skinny Jeans - Grunge - @N21

Earrings: MG - Earrings - Late Night Hoops
Rings: {Scene} - Make a wish - Ladies Ring Set - (SLINK Casual Hand Set) - (Marketplace)
Necklaces: (Yummy) - Small Crystal Necklace  - Silver
(Yummy) - Triangle Sphere Charm - Silver
Shoes: Spirit Store - Diana sandals - [Slink Flat Feet Needed]

Pose: My own - (Modified props existing pose with Animare)
Pet: (fd) - Cat - 11 Sitting - (Gotcha Item) - (Past Arcade Event Item)
Cigarette/Ashtray: 8f8 - 42 - La Petite Joie Cafe - Cigarettes - SECRET - (Gotcha Item) - (Past Arcade Event Item)
Window Prop: Soy. - Window [Here I am] - brown

I like doing the causal look of the day type blog post from time to time and well Foxes new offering for N21 event really took my breath away.
Dani and Tyr have really out done themselves, the folds and creases in each place is not only perfect but magical.
This shirt has the option to colour change the under shirt from Grey,White or black and you can even wear it without the under shirt.
There is also a limited edition textured shirt for this round of the event, So best hurry before that one is gone and never sold again.
The Jeans are also Foxes and they fit perfectly with the shirt, But most impressive about the jeans for me is the texturing, Wow!
Over all these are one my newest favourite jeans to hit my inventory in a long time and don't be surprised if you see them often in outfits from now on.

Blues hair also came out with a couple of new releases for the event Trend3, The Niki hair is so cute and I am a sucker for hairs that have the ears sticking out.
The colour range and textures for Blues are varied and very well done.
All in all it was the perfect choice of my "Lazy" causal look of the day and went well with the overall theme that I was going for.

Music of the moment:  I love this song!
Free Bird - Lynyrd Skynyrd

Until Next Time 
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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Wake up in the morning, stumble on my life.

Dear SL...

I love the Boho style look in real life and even more so in Secondlife because it suits me even more.
Just flowing skirts and long flowing hair, Its just so pretty.
I also have a love for animals and well my life style right now is not something that can allow for any, Therefore I live out my animal companion needs in this virtual world, Dare I say some of them are even cutier than the real.

Blog look #175

Skin: .Atomic. - {Song} Hibernate - Creme - Brown Brows - @Kawaii Project
Hair: little bones. - Birdie - Ombre&Roots - @Project Limited

Shirt: Bueno - DENIM TOP - Sky - (Past Event Item)
Skirt: =Zenith= - Druid Long Dress - (Gotcha Item) - (Past Event Item)

Bindi: AMAYA - Lulwah Bindi - (Pearl/Gold) - (Marketplace)
Rings: Ariskea - [Trance] Ring Collections - Gold - @Kustom9
Bag: =Zenith= - Leather Owl Bag - RARE - @TSS
Pet: Birdy - Bashful Fox - Brown - @Kawaii Project

Pose: My own
Sim: Happy Mood

I have really enjoyed tping around Secondlife finding special places with the right themed feelings to go with each of newest blog looks.
I also have been shopping my little tail bone off and have so many pretty things to show you all.
First being my furry little friend here, Isn't he adorable.
This fox is from Birdy/Alchemy, It has been released at Kawaii Project and in an amazing array of colours.
Atomic also offered a exclusive skin for the event and it is super cute, Offered in four skin tones in two packs. (Please try the demo)
The hair is from Little Bones and has a unique style, The ombre colours are so well drawn as well as being limited. Only 250 of each hair pack released, As the event has been open a day or two you best hurry over and see if you can snap one up before they are gone.
Last but not least of the impressive talents that make up my look today is Zenith, This designer is responsible for the beautiful owl bag made of leather and colours.
As well as the long flowing skirt which so happens to have a matching style leather belt.

Music of the moment:  I haven't heard this song in forever and love it!
Happy Ending - Mika

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX

Monday, 19 January 2015

I'll take your photo for ya

Dear SL...

As a little girl magic is everything, Things such as Unicorns are just the most amazing world of creatures.
As you grow older and life gets in the way, We tend to forget the magic and really we should all still want to be in a world with unicorns.

Blog look #174

Skin: Glam Affair - Amberly II skin - ( Asia ) - 01 - A - @The Chapter Four
Ears: [MANDALA] - STEKING EARS - Season5 - (Past Event Item)
Hair: .Olive. - the Delilah Hair - @Uber

Shirt: (NO) - Crop Tank - Born A Unicorn - @C88
Leggings: [Foxes]- Leggings - Med - Thin- Chromatic - (Past Event Item)

Mask: Noodles - Majestic Unicorn Mask - Platinum - @C88
Bracelets: Noodles - Positivity Bangles - Believe - @FaMeshed
Noodles - Positivity Bangles - Infinite Love - @FaMeshed
Rings: Noodles - Dainty Ring - Platinum - (Gotcha Item) - @OMG
Pets: *MishMish* - Baby Winged Unicorn - White - @C88
*MishMish* - Baby Unicorn Companion - White - @C88
Shoes: fri. - Cora.Heels - (Coal) - Slink - @C88

Pose: My own
Sim: Timeless Memories

Secondlife has allowed me to once again live out a long loved memory of childhood.
I may have grown but I still like to be a unicorn.
This months Collabor 88 has made it so easy to dressed themed in outfits made with unicorns as the inspiration.
So many of the creators did such a good job and I chose a few of my favourite items to included in this post.
The hand drawn art by Nylon Outfitters is just as breath taken as always.
Pairing the shirt with Foxes leggings and the gorgeous ribbon tied coal heels that are so simple but masterfully designed.
However what really caught my eye was Mish Mish. These ever so cute Unicorns are my newest addition to the ever growing zoo of pets i have collected.
The unicorn pets come with a hud that allows for mane colour change but also a name title which you can name them yourself.
Olive's hair released for Uber is so different and pretty with flowing style but I particularly love the blonde and pastel rainbow colour with this hair.
Last of all I placed on my unicorn mask by Noodles and found a magical place within sl to enjoy.

Music of the moment:  Older song that I still love.
Get Free - The Vines

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Don't push so hard against the world

Dear SL...

In Real Life I love the rain, The smell and also just there seems to be something so cleansing about it.
So fresh and like a new beginning. Event the newly formed droplets upon the grass, Its just all so beautiful.
But the thing I liked most about the rain is that when you cry in the rain no body knows.

Blog look #173

Skin: Glam Affair - Amberly II skin - ( Asia ) - 01 - B - @The Chapter Four
Hair: MOON - The Frigid - (NO SCARF) - @TSS

Sweater: AMITOMO. - Shirt Layered Turtleneck - MTM #1 - @Kustom9
Leggings: [Foxes]- Leggings - Med - Thin- Chromatic - (Past Event Item)

Head Piece: .Atomic. - {Morbid Unicorn} - Limited Edition - @Project Limited
Necklace: (Yummy) - Guardian Charms  - Gold
Pet: Alchemy/Birdy - Chi Chi Chihuahua - Spike - Black - (Gotcha Item) - (Past Event Item)
Shoes: *COCO* - BowBoots - Black - (Gotcha Item) - (Past Event Item)

Pose: My own
Sim: Grey November Gallery

With the cozy clothes available on the grid at the moment, The talent is breath taken.
I went to Kustom9 and I could not leave without Amitomo's release, The sweater with the shirt bottom is so masterfully created.
I almost feel how warm my avatar is when looking at her in this.
I also visited Project Limited and found some treasures including the morbid unicorn head piece.
Usually skull type things are not my ideal style, However this was so delicately done that it had to be mine. The flowers are colour change and so is the unicorn horn, it can be changed from silver to gold.

Moon's hair offered at the Seasons Story event is just so pretty, the way it frames the face was so perfect. Not to mention that it comes with or without the scarf, In this post i have used it without.
Moon really does have some the nicest textures on the grid in my personal opinion.

With all this I grabbed my spiky puppy and took him for a walk, We ended up in a Artistic gallery that inspired this whole post.

Music of the moment:  Just a song I came across that spoke to me.
Big Strong Girl - Deb Talan

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX

Friday, 16 January 2015

In the stillness of remembering

Dear SL...

Sometimes you just want life to be a fantasy fairytale full of wonder and magic.
In some ways I guess it is with enjoying the simple things, However I mean with magical folklore creatures and great adventures.
I read a lot of books in real life and I just love escaping into those worlds, For me Secondlife is kind of like that to.
Although I am me it allows me to experience the more magical fantasy sides of things without real life's constraints/limits.
So today in Secondlife I am a real mermaid.

Blog look #172

Skin: Glam Affair - Amberly II skin - ( Asia ) - 01 - NB - @The Chapter Four
Eye Brows: Glam Affair - Rose - Universal Eyebrow - 01 - ( White ) - Tintable
Hair: .Olive. - the Mir Hair - Mint Ice Cream - (Gotcha Item) - (Past Event Item)
Body: Maitreya - Mesh Body - Lara - V2.1
Hands: Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual
Feet: Slink - AvEnhance Feet - High

Shirt: (fd) - Messy Crop Tank - Sheer - Cream
Tights: .Atomic. - Mermaid Dreams - White Stockings - (Appliers) - (Gotcha Item) - @OMG

Head Piece: .Atomic. - Mermaid Dreams - Starfish Clip - (mint) - (Gotcha Item) - @OMG
Necklace: .Atomic. - Mermaid Dreams - Shell Necklace - (blue) - (Gotcha Item) - @OMG
Belly Chain: Noodles - Infinity Belly Chain - Silver
Rings: Noodles - Dainty Ring - Platinum - (Gotcha Item) - @OMG

Pose: My own
Sim: Happy Mood

Are we ready for some more gotcha? With Oh My Gotcha just opened and Arcade around the corner, We have so many things to play for.
One set I couldn't wait to get my hands on was the release by Atomic, This Mermaid Dreams set is so pretty with pastel colours.
It has head pieces of stars, coral and pearls, As well as rare Narwhal horn that has colour change corals/stars.
This set also has a precious necklace that has an inscription upon the shell "Im Really A Mermaid".

I decided the Atomic set would be my inspiration for my post, So I searched through my over flowng inventory and pulled out the gorgeous Mir hair by Olive and chose the Mint Ice Cream colour to suit the pastels of the Mermaid Dream set.
Than it was just a matter of finding a top to suit, I found this in Fashionably Dead sheer crop as well as the Infinity belly chain by Noodles.

Ready for a swim in the ocean with my friends under the sea, I was set to live out my fantasy of being a Little Mermaid of my very own and found the perfect sim of Happy Moods to do it in.

Music of the moment:  Another some I love from Reign.
Dreams - Gabrielle Aplin & Bastille

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX

Thursday, 15 January 2015

I'm a ghost of a girl that I want to be most.

Dear SL...

On my favourite things to do Real Life is going for a stroll in the evenings, It is so nice.
There is something so relaxing about grabbing a hot drink and walking around with the fresh air about you.
Although in winder sometimes its a little harder to convince myself to do it, But rugging up in warm jackets and scarfs is always a nice feeling.
This is what I thought about when planning this post and this is the result, Seems avatar loves it just as much as I do.

Blog look #171

Skin: Glam Affair - Amberly II skin - ( Asia ) - 01 - B - @The Chapter Four
Hair: .Olive. - the Averie Hair - Hud 1 - @Kawaii Project

Jacket: B.C.C - if you love me cardigan - Baby Pink - @TSS
Jeans: Emery - Ripped Skinny Jeans - War - (Past Event Item)

Ear Muffs: Atomic - {Alpaca Earmuffs} - FluffyPack - @Kawaii Project
Scarf: .S&S. - Soopascarf - 01 - Blush - (Past Event Item)
Coffee: :FF: - Snug Mug - (Moustache) - (Mauve) - @OMG
Pet: Alchemy/Birdy - Chi Chi Chihuahua - RARE - (Gotcha Item) - (Past Event Item)
Shoes: REIGN - Not Your Momma's Knit Boots

Pose: My own
Sim: Inspiration Point

I have done a lot of shopping of late and really winter is such a nice season to shop for with all the scarfs and warm items.
B.C.C brought out a cute jacket and shirt combo that fits perfectly.
The shape is great for jeans of most types as well as having the choice of many colours, The buttons on the inside as well as the fur vest makes this look so warm and cozy.
Pulling on my Emery jeans and Reign boots, It was time to go for a walk as my little Bonnie puppy needed to stretch her legs.
I just had to do my hair and Olive made the most amazing style for the Kawaii Project. It comes with a sweet beanie hat that is colour change.
Olive has been working hard on improving her textures/colours including a Glitter hud now.
Nothing was left to do but grab my every so adorable Atomic ear muffs released at the Seasons Story Winter event. (These have 3 colour change hud options to buy as well as ability to change the bow separate from the animal head. They are also resize for those who have little, This would be perfect.) I also throw on the Snipes&Snails scarf to make an extra toasty outfit look to finish everything off before heading out the door in which I found myself at the Inspiration Point sim. It is breath taking.

Music of the moment:  I just this girls tone in her voice and this song is so pretty.
The Lonely - Christina Perri

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Caught myself before I fall

Dear SL...

I have fall into the rabbit hole of real life, Sometimes this happens more than I would like.
And there never seems like there is enough time in the day.
So in light of this feeling... It reminded me of Alice In Wonderland movie, A childhood favourite.

Blog look #170

Skin: Glam Affair - Amberly II skin - ( Asia ) - 01 - A - @The Chapter Four
Hair: Magika - Gone - Hud03
Body: Maitreya - Mesh Body - Lara V1.0

Jacket: .Atomic. - {Petal Jacket} - Fluffy - @C88
Dress: .Atomic. - {Petal Dress} - Fluffy - @C88
Socks: Quirky - Brr Winter Socks - White - @Kawaii Project

Hair Piece: *BOOM* - Fashionabow Girl Head Piece - (blush) - (Past Event Item)
Bag: Zenith - timeless Bag - (Cream) - (Gotcha) - (Past Event Item)
Rings: Izzie's - Midi Rings - silver - (casual) - @MSO
Teacup: AF - Teacup Pearls - RARE - (Gotcha) - (Past Event Item)
Shoes: fri. - Isabelle.Heels - (Cloud) - Slink - (High Feet Needed) - @Uber

Pose: My own
Table: Stockholm&Lima - Party Table - (Garden) - (Gotcha) - (Past Arcade Event Item)
Chairs: Stockholm&Lima - Garden Party - Chair - (Gotcha) - (Past Arcade Event Item)
Cups: Kalopsia - Cups on the floor - (Part the Wonderland Party Set) - (Past Event Item)
Rabbit: Zenith - Grass Rabbit with Flowers - (Gift)
Book&Clock: {u.f.o} - tea party with alice - book with clock - (Gotcha) - (Past Arcade Event Item)
Balloon Cups/Pot: {u.f.o} - tea party with alice - balloon cup - (Gotcha) - (Past Arcade Event Item)
{u.f.o} - tea party with alice - balloon pot - (Gotcha) - (Past Arcade Event Item)

Ever wonder what it would be like to have your own Wonderland type world and what you would do?
I love that in SL, It really is as limited or as unlimited as you deem to imagine/Want.
As soon as I seen the pretty girly style dress released by Atomic for this rounds unicorn themed Collabor88, I had this post hit my mind.
The options of colours are varied and you can even colour the top or skirt separately as well as hide the top all together.
They also have a cute cropped jacket with a coloured bow, Wearing this with the dress was the perfect look that I needed.
I than just needed to find a hair style to suit, This required me to take a trip to Magika for a new hair released just a few days ago. The textures and colours are just breath taken, They had the perfect colour option to complement my outfit.
Throwing on my new Quirky winter knee socks as well as my new cute bow heels.
Quirky is a newer brand that is worth watching grow, As they are being out some major Kawaii style cuteness. These have options for Slink and Maitreya body appliers.
The heels are designed by Fri. for Uber, With a cute simple style they are great for adding that extra detail but not stealing to much from the overall look. They come in many colours and personally the bow on the toes is what seals the deal for me on these.
I also added a the Kawaii style Bow on my head by Boom, Giving the desired look of my Alice style blog look that I wanted.

Music of the moment:  I just fell in love with this song while watching Reign show.
Invincible - Epic Rock

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars

Dear SL...

Well as I promised I have started to get back to blogging more regularly and it feels really good.
Todays look was an easy one, It really was just inspired by the look of the day.
This is very much like something I would wear in real life and this makes me very happy to share this particular blog post.

Blog look #169

Skin: Glam Affair - Amberly II skin - ( Asia ) - 01 - A - @The Chapter Four
Hair: MOON - She Waits II - @N21
Body: Maitreya - Mesh Body - Lara V1.0

Jacket/Shirt: [Foxes] - Aviator Jacket - Shirt - Med - (Past N21 Event Item)
Skirt: {Reverie} - Dream On - Natural - Skirt - @The Chapter Four

Bindi: .Pekka. - Bindi cleo - steel
Necklace: Noodles - Byzantine Chain Collar - Silver - @WE<3RP
Rings: Izzie's - Midi Rings - silver - (casual) - @MSO
Pet: .tsg. - Yorkie Hairbow - Choco - (Gotcha Item) - (Past Arcade Item)
Shoes: JD - Navajo - (Maitreya) - Earth - (Past FaMeshed Event Item)

Pose: My own
Scenery: This was a photo taken at the Vespertine main store sim.

Although like most I feel like my avatar looks nothing like me rather an inspiration of my creative side of ideal look to have.
What I wouldn't give to have this avatars inventory in real life, Be it i would rather it a little more organised.
As always there are many events going on and The Chapter Four just opened its doors for the new round.
This round brought some pretty and chic things, As soon as i laid eyes on the skirt by Reverie instantly the outfit of the day popped into my mind.
It consisted of the new Noodles chain collar that is available at We <3 RP, This collar comes in a variety of metals and is scripted to function as a RLV collar.
I also tossed on the Foxes Jacket i got a while back from N21 event, I have been dying to use this jacket but needed the right inspiration for an outfit deserving of it.
The jacket is probably one of my favourite jackets in my whole inventory, It is very highly detailed and comes with a hud to change the shirt under as well as an option to have the fur/hood attachment.
I also spotted the new jewllery offered by Izzi at My Slink Obession event and I can tell you this ring set takes my breath away. I wont be able to stop wearing it. For a closer more detailed look please reffer to this link HERE.

I know it is still cold out in Secondlife being winter and all, So I threw on my newest boots and comfy knee high socks before heading out the door with my little Coco Yorkie pup designed by The Sugar Garden.

Music of the moment:  Sappy sweet song.
Thinking Out Loud - Ed Sheeran

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX

Monday, 5 January 2015

Open your eyes, step in the light.

Dear SL...

I have found it hard to get back into my swing of blogging, However this will go back to normal very soon.
There are so many magical and pretty things coming out on the gird recently.
It is hard to not get swept up in all the rainbow of colours but pastels have really been catching my eye of late.
Ask me a few years ago and i would have told you, I wouldn't be caught in pink...Now however it is a great part of my looks and inventory.
This look came about with the inspiration of the dreaming theme of One Word event and of course the cute animals released at chapter four.
Pastel angelic enjoying her day.

Blog look #168

Skin: Glam Affair - Amberly II skin - ( Asia ) - 01 - A - @The Chapter Four
Hair: MOON - Hair - Eternal Winter - (Past Chapter Four Item)

Dress: Moon Amore - Dreams Dress - Pastels - @One Word

Halo: +Half-Deer+ - Fairylight Halo - Platinum - @N21
Wings: [europa] - WHITE  - Archon wing - (Marketplace)
Pink Cloud: +Half-Deer+ - Winter Whimsy - Cloud of Eternal Sparkle - (Gotcha Item) - (Past Arcade event item)
Pets: Birdy - Candy LOLlama - Companion - Magic - RARE - (Gotcha Item) - @The Chapter Four
Birdy - Candy LOLlama - Companion - Pink - (Gotcha Item) - @The Chapter Four

Pose: My own
Tree/Clouds: 8f8 - Dreamer's Cloudland - Home Cloud - (Past Event Item)

Pastels really have become my Slife!!!
One thing about Secondlife is that you can make your wildest dreams come true, On this theme I have created my look.
Helping me was the dress by Moon Amore made for One Word event, Although rigging on the dress is a little difficult the dress is simply amazing and so well created.
I especially love the dream catcher detail at the back of the dress, Although as you can see from this picture you can not see this charming detail and shall have to try the demo or buy it yourself to find out.
Matched with the Moon hair, This hair draps very long down to the very toes and the pink pastel colour is breath takeing.

The only thing left was to find the perfect pets to accompany such a perfect look for the day, While sitting in her favourite cloud tree my angel was visited by some magical creatures as if they appeared from her very imagination.
Birdy has created some Llama's for newest round of Chapter Four.
These come in many colours, Most of pastel styles and they also have two types, Companion like shown above or ride-able ones.
They have great texture details that we have come to expect from the creators Dani and Tyr as well as great original mesh.

After creating this look and takeing this picture I felt I could stay a long time just there as it felt so serene.

Music of the moment:  Again one my all time favourite band, From their new album.
Congregation - Foo Fighters

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX

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