Thursday, 20 February 2014

I pitty the fool who falls in love with you

Dear SL...

Did I mention I have a new computer and I can now run SL on ultra with no lag, Oh it is a sweet life to lead now.
Its such a pleasant feeling to be in love with your computer and SL when everything is running so smooth.
Speaking of running and getting your heart beat racing, This look is defiantly going to do that!

Blog look #94

Skin: Glam Affair - Neva skin - America - 06 - E
Hair1: booN - hairpieces - JOPE57 - brown - (Its just the bangs)
Hair2: [LeLutka] - OSCAR braid - Bournville - (Only braid part)

Bra: !APHORISM! - Black Bralette - RARE - @FGF
Bodysuit: !APHORISM! - Hooded Bodysuit Embossed - Silver Satin - RARE - @FGF
Shoes: Yasum - Nicci's Step - Black - (Old FGF item from last round, Check store for gotcha)

Circlette: [Keystone] - Bru'ella - Silver - Rare  - @FGF
Leg Strap: *MUKA* - Garter Love - (Marketplace)
Chest Strap: [The Forge] - Darkur Chest Strap - Black Leather - @FGF
Arm Guard: [The Forge] - Darkur ArmGuard - Black Leather - @FGF
Sword: Musashi Blades - Black Rose Katana - V4.2 - (Marketplace)

Hand Swords and Pose: RACK Poses - Veni, vidi, vici! - Female Pose #3 - (Comes with swords) - @FGF

This look was a hard one for me as personally I don't usually like to show so much skin on my AV.
However this bodysuit by Aphorism! is just so gorgeous, I just knew I had to make it work.
It turned out to be some kind of sultry ninja feel to it which I was quite pleased with.

The hair for under the hood was probably the biggest challenge for me on this look, I ended up using two hair pieces to create the desired look. However boon has great hair to go under it with out fiddling around to much.

Although in my picture you can't see it much (and I will be doing another post to show it off more), The circlet being used is amazing and such a simply pretty piece to add to any outfit.

Many of the items shown above can be found at the Fantasy Gotcha Fair which started this month and only has a little over a week to go.
So if you haven't already loaded your inventory full of the amazing and inspiring stuff that can be found there, I suggest you follow this LM HERE and shop til you drop.

Music of the moment: Just a song stuck in my head as usual.
Forget You - Cee Lo Green

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX

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