Thursday, 23 October 2014

Fairy tales don't always have a happy ending

Dear SL...

I am trying to keep up with real life things as well as my Second Life and it is forever a juggling act. Both demanding for different reasons. I have so many blog posts already planned out so i will keep bringing them to you as much as my real life will allow.
This will be a quick post.
 The theme of this post is time and space in which i am in desperate need.

Blog look #146

Skin: Glam Affair - Rose - America - Clean - G
Make - Up: [okkbye] - Two-Tone Eyeshadow - Black/Pink
Hair: .Olive. - the Misty Hair

Suit: The Secret Store - Retro Space Suit - Noa - (Gotcha Item) - (Past Arcade)

Helmet: The Secret Store - Retro Space Helmet - Noa - (Gotcha Item) - (Past Arcade)
Belt: The Secret Store - Retro Space Belt - Lilac - (Gotcha Item) - (Past Arcade)
Gloves: The Secret Store - Leather Gloves - Lilac - (Gotcha Item) - (Past Arcade)
Boots: *BOOM* - Jet Set Boots - sugar - (Gotcha Item) - (Past Arcade)

Pose: Label Motion
Curtain: !Ohmai - LED Drapery - (Past C88)
Hats: 8f8 - Zorg the Thinker Head Monster - (Gotcha Item) - @TSS
              8f8 - Cece the Party Diva Head Monster - (Gotcha Item) - @TSS
                               8f8 - Wilma Crazy Grabby Hands Head Monster - RARE - (Gotcha Item) - @TSS
                       8f8 - Marco the Great Explorer Head Monster - (Gotcha Item) - @TSS
8f8 - Wilma Cool Grabby Hands Head Monster - RARE - (Gotcha Item) - @TSS
Alien: The Secret Store - Little Alien - Khany - RARE - (Gotcha Item) - (Past Arcade)
Space Pets: -Pixicat- - Space.Companion - (Siamese) - (Gotcha Item) - (Past Arcade)
                -Pixicat- - Space.Companion - (Panda) - (Gotcha Item) - (Past Arcade)
Kitty: <:*BoOgErS*:> - Kitty w/ Balloon - (Gotcha Item) - Tag Gotcha Event
Pig: !Ohmai - Astropork Light I - (Past C88)
Star: *MishMish* - Hanging Star - (Past C88)
Planet: *MishMish* - Groddle - (Past C88)

I have been wanting to do a space post since The Secret Store first brought out their amazing suit for last round of Arcade. However i never quiet got inspired to do that amazing post til now.
As soon as i laid my eyes on the new 8F8 monster hats I knew they were the piece i had been waiting for to make this post plan come to life.
And how could they not, Look at them! One thing 8F8's collections never lack is personality, Imagination and a whole lot of creativity.
Honestly they just blow my mind each time and make my Secondlife world come alive.
Grab these niffy head warmers at the Seasons Story event before its to late!

Along with these critters, Another Critter stole my heart and that is the black kitten gotcha set by Boogers.
These cute kittys were made specially for the new Tag Gotcha event.... More information on the event here.
SOOOOO many talented designers all in one game of tag, Mystery prizes are exclusive and disappear forever after the 31st Oct so best hurry!

Last but not least there is many adorable things thrown in this blog picture and i wish i had time to call out and mention each one with their talented designers but i need sleep. I will however mention one last one.
Olive is just growing in leaps and bounds with her hairs and personally i think she covers a wide range of styles. This particular one is very fifth element vibe and perfect for that more stand out statement look.
Which is why i chose it for this post. Be sure to check her store out as she has many hairs released and is a bargain with the texture range offered.

Music of the moment: Couldn't get this out my head while writting this blog!
Big Girls Don't Cry - Fergie

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX

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