Thursday, 19 January 2017

Break down, tears fall to the ground

Dear SL...
I am late, I am late for a very important date. I have never felt more in tuned with the white rabbit.
I am sorry Hara, I had such an amazing opportunity to hang with and do a blog pic with the one and only Hara.
Honestly a lot the time i keep so busy in sl, Sometimes its hard to even hold still enough to do a post.
Especially working on Epiphany this month. Any who its finally here...

Blog look #210

Skin: Atelier Pepe 
Hair: TRUTH - Ice - (Added Bangs) - (Gacha) - @Epiphany
Eyes: [Buzz] - Chromatic Eyes - Amber
Mesh Head: CATWA - Bento HEAD

Babydoll Dress: _CD_ - Jane Collection Dress - RARE - (Gacha) - @Epiphany

Nose Ring: .ARISE. - Nose Ring - Gold
Nose Ring2: [CX] - 19 - Sacrosanct Septum Rusty Iron - (Gacha) - @Epiphany
Nose Stud: Amala - The Lover Nose Stud

Pose: (Details on Hara's Blog)
Bed: SAYO - Secret Refuge Gacha - RETREAT BED - RARE - @Epiphany
Table: SAYO - Secret Refuge Gacha - CAROLINE TABLE - Common - @Epiphany
Creams: SAYO - Secret Refuge Gacha - GLOWUP CLUTER - Common - @Epiphany
SAYO - Secret Refuge Gacha - REVIVE CLUSTER - Common - @Epiphany
SAYO - Secret Refuge Gacha - SAYO SKIN - Common - @Epiphany
Plant: Amala - Rosemary Plant Common - @Epiphany
Rug: Amala - Kathy Rug Common - @Epiphany
Pillow/Pose: .cosmic peaches.  - Cuddly Pillow Set - RARE - @Epiphany
Laptop: .cosmic peaches.  - Trendy Laptop - RARE - @Epiphany
Flowrs/Glow: +Half-Deer+ - Sakura Petals - Big Group - Pink

This was so cute in set up and Hara is just simply amazing, It can get pretty lonely on a platform as a blogger so its nice to share a post with a little company once and a while. Hara had this girl's night in feel down and it was so much fun. (To see full details of Hara's outfit and anything i might have missed head to this link HERE.)

Epiphany opened its doors and what a round! I am blown away each round and it just seems to get better.
I couln't go pass the Truth hair, simply put ....WOW. We all know why Truth is well know and he brought his A game to this round. This style has add on bangs and with that slight curl to the long locks it was breath taken. So much so you never wanna take it off.

Candy Doll as always made an adorable set with that slightly naughty sexy feel to it. Revealing just enough to hint at a girl that likes to have fun. This gacha set is a must for all types of girls, It is beautiful with this Baby Doll dress comes with a hud full of colours to mix and match. Perfect for
that girls night in.

Amala always seems to know what is needed and their addition to this girls night in was magical, Adding a soft plant and rug makes all the difference when setting a mood and they even put a dvd in the player for the more adventurous...wink wink... To know what i mean your gonna have to get over to Epiphany and win yourself one.

Lastly can we talk about the Cosmic Peach combo, This collaboration team is dangerous to anyone's bank account but is well deserved because whoa. If you have ever been in a long distant relationship you will feel that these creators got it on point when creating this set. The laptop is featured above and I must say Hara and I had fun stalking my brother Max.....Joking but its so cute!

There is just so much more to see in this event, so get those auto tpers going full steam ahead and dont give up because you wont be disappointed.

Music of the moment: On a Sia kick atm, Just love her!
Black And Blue - Sia

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX

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