Sunday, 19 March 2017

And the truth will always haunt me

Dear SL...
Did you all miss me? I am for most part all moved, Now starts the unpacking but luckly i can work in blogs and some online time in between.
My first blog back is sort of a forest witch themed. I am not sure how it came about, A mixture of things i guess.
There is so much going on Real life and Secondlife that i am playing catch up at the moment but i will get there, All i ask is that you bare with me.

Blog look #229

Skin: itGirls - Rosa - @Skin Fair
Hair: Moon. - Hair. - Eliminated - @VS
Eyes: {S0NG} - Aimi - Dark Brown Eye
Mesh Head: CATWA - Bento HEAD
Eyelashes: [okkbye] - Evanescent Eyelashes (CATWA) - @Skin Fair

Bra: Blueberry - #20 - Iconic Doll - Bra - Black - Maitreya - (Gacha) - @Arcade
Panties: Blueberry - #6 - Iconic Doll - Panties - Black - Maitreya - RARE - (Gacha) - @Arcade

Nose Ring: Helios - Sophia Septum - 10 - (Gacha) - @Kustom9
Nose Stud: Amala - The Lover Nose Stud
Head Jewel: CURELESS [+] - Moonlight Jewels - (Group Gift)
Body Chain: Blueberry - #25 - Iconic Doll - Body Chain - Maitreya - (Gacha) - @Arcade
Wings: Blueberry - #2 - Iconic Doll - Wings - Black - RARE - (Gacha) - @Arcade
Shoes: Blueberry - #4 - Iconic Doll - Shoes - Black - Maitreya - RARE - (Gacha) - @Arcade

Pose: Pose that came with chair for sitting one / LUXE. - Demi -1 - (Standing pose) - @Kustom9
Chair: ionic - The Forest Throne - (Gacha)
Pets: -Pixicat- - Bastet.Sphynx - (LyingDown) - (Gacha) - (Past Arcade event item)
-Pixicat- - Bastet.Sphynx - (Sit) - (Gacha) - (Past Arcade event item)
Table/Acessories: DRD - MS - Spell Supply - Display Two - (Past event item)
DRD - MS - Spell Supply - Display One - (Past event item)
Books: floorplan.&Willow. - apothecary books
Pilars: ionic -  Forgotten Pilars - (Gacha)
Build: ionic - Sacred Ruins - (Gacha)

Arcade has been going all month and i am sure the collections and list are all but complete. However if you are anything like me, You will see items you might have passed over on a blog and all of a sudden you must have it!
With this in mind i just had to show off the delicate jewel lined angel lingerie set, Victoria Secret model here i come.
While this gorgeous set really does give that feel, I decided to give it a different spin. When being inspired by the outfit and a possible decore theme, This one kinda just hit me.

Kustom9 has just started their new round for this month and i must say i am always impressed with the range and creative designs this event brings. I picked up more than a handful of items and i am sure i will show more of them in the near future however my first must have item was definitely the new septum rings by Helios. I have gotten a few things from this brand in the past and i am glad to see them hitting the grid a little more. I am in love with their set of septum rings and chose to use the knot style one for this look.

Speaking of must visit events everyone should stop by the Skin Fair. Myself and my girlfriend are crazy about skins and we change them more than most things on Secondlife.
Of course like most, I ahve my faveorites. Amoung that current list is the brand It Girls. They released two skins for this fair, One for Lelutka mesh head users and one for Catwa mesh head users like myself. I fell in love with this skin. I have always liked the small details they put upon their skins. This is especially seen in the nose for me.
Along with skins and such there are also tattoos, Makeup, and everything in between.
Be sure to check it out, Who knows you might just find some stores you have yet to discover and even some releases from those you have known to love.

Below i will leave the adverts for the Skin Fair and i cant wait to see you all there.



So many places to be, So many places to see... So shoo..Off you go. As for me i will be here planing my next blog for when you return.

Music of the moment: Just a song i remmebered and decided to use.
Tears - Clean 8andit

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX

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