Monday, 7 March 2016

Would you still dance with me

Dear SL...

There is so much cute on the grid right now, I feel like i could go into a cute coma.
I never use to be a girly girl, But years of SL and changes in my RL have really changed me.
I just cant get enough and well it was time to have a selfie with all the amazing girly things I picked up.

Blog look #222

Skin: VCO - Zoey 002
Hair: !Oleander - Chanmi. - Brownie - (Gacha) - @Arcade
Eyes: [Buzz] - Lillian Eyes - Sapphire
Mesh Lip: VCO - Sena Mesh Lip

Shirt: ::{u.f.o}:: - sena's boyfriend shirts - denim - RARE - (Gacha) - (Past Chapter Four event item)

Tiara: !Oleander - Jelly Baby Tiara - (Gacha) - @Arcade
Choker: !Oleander - Jelly Baby Choker - (Gacha) - @Arcade
Phone: ::{u.f.o}:: - sena's phone from vco - (Part of the shirt gacha item)
Pet: Birdy. - Fatty Puff - White - (sitting) - (Gacha) - @Arcade
Shoes: VCO - Rain Boots - ( Pink ) - (Gacha) - @Arcade

Pose: (Comes as a part the phone/shirt combo)
Pets: Birdy. - Fatty Puff - White - (Gacha) - @Arcade
Fawny - Plush Cuties - Tragic Kitty - 25 - (Gacha) - @Arcade
Fawny - Plush Cuties - Kiss you - 11 - (Gacha) - @Arcade
VCO - Cat Boots - (2) - (Gacha) - @Arcade
Sway's - [Teatime Mice] - Martha - (Gacha) - @Arcade
Pet Toys: +Half-Deer+ - Cat Clutter - Toys Toys Toys - Neutral - (Past event item)
Pet Food: +Half-Deer+ - Cat Clutter - Bowl of Fish - Neutral - (Past event item)
+Half-Deer+ -  Cat Clutter - Bowl of Kibble - Neutral - (Past event item)
+Half-Deer+ - Cat Clutter - Scratching Post - Neutral - (Past event item)
Desk: +Half-Deer+ -  Coming up Roses - Desk/Vanity Table - (White) - (Past Kawaii Project item)
Chair: +Half-Deer+ - Coming up Roses - Chair - (White) - (Past Kawaii Project item)
Side Table: +Half-Deer+ - Coming up Roses - End Table - (White) - (Past Kawaii Project item)
Mirror: +Half-Deer+ - Coming up Roses - Oval Wall Mirror - (White) - (Past Kawaii Project item)
Computer: [Cosmic Dust] - The iMax Computer - RARE - (Gacha) - @Kawaii Project
Coffee: [Cosmic Dust] - Coffee  - Cup O' Joe - (Gacha) - @Kawaii Project
Memo Board: [Cosmic Dust] - Bulletin Board - RARE - (Gacha) - @Kawaii Project
Post Notes: [Cosmic Dust] - Sticky Notes - Nile's Love Note - (Gacha) - @Kawaii Project
Photos: [Cosmic Dust] - Polaroids - (Gacha) - @Kawaii Project
News Paper: [Cosmic Dust] - Newspaper - (Gacha) - @Kawaii Project
Books: [Cosmic Dust] - Sketchbooks - (Gacha) - @Kawaii Project
Headphones: [Cosmic Dust] - Headphones - (Gacha) - @Kawaii Project
Pad/Phone/Messy Cables: Second Spaces - Cluttered House - charging station - (Gacha) - (Past Arcade item)
String Lights: +Half-Deer+ - Stringlight Clutter - Loose Coil
Curtains: Scarlet Creative - The Arcade Love Curtain - (Past Arcade item)
Skybox: [Buzz] & Tenshi - The Callia Skybox - (Past event item)

There is so much to see and get and while many rounds of events have just started a few are coming close to an end.
Kawaii if you havent been has such sweet things to be had and honestly it would be horrid to miss out.
Cosmic Dust really brought their A game this round and did a gacha filled with adorable house hold items.
All the things a girl needs to keep her blogging real in both worlds. The designs both mesh and texturing are to die for and paired with other sweet style things from around the grid it was my dream room.
I added in some mega cute items from arcade and that was pretty much my inspiration.
If you havent gotten the Arcade bug yet, Its about time because once you do you will wonder why or how you ever thought you could go without.
I also wanted to be a bit of a princess with this kinda room, so Oleander helped me out with their gorgeous hair/tiara.
I couldnt go pass any pets offered from the Arcade and ended up coming home with some puff faty birdys from Birdy, A mischievous kitty who thought my boot would be a good new home made by VCO and also some kittys/dogs from the ever talented Fawny designer.
All must haves and dont even get me started on how long my Arcade list was/is.... I dont have a problem, Its only a problem if i dont get the item i want from the machine!!! Hahahahaha.

Music of the moment: Something different sounding.
My Own Way - Kita Alexander 

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX

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