Wednesday, 18 May 2016

They just like to dance makes us feel fine

Dear SL...

Today I got in touch with nature and did a blog based on all the cute animals.
I grew up on a farm in real life, So this was fun to do.
One thing i am jealous of Secondlife for is that even though we have seasons here, You can really wear anything you want at any time. This is not the case in Real Life and as it is getting cold here where i live (I hate the cold), Its not fair!

Blog look #244

Skin: VCO - benny 001
Hair: Moon - Humming - (Comes with flowers as an option to add on) - @Uber
Eyes: [Buzz] - Glacier Eyes - Winter - (Gacha) - (Past Epiphany Event Item)
Mesh Lips: VCO - Benny Mesh Lip

Top: Foxes - Festival - Tassled Tank - Dream Blue - @C88
Shorts: Blueberry - Tazz Denim Shorts

Nose Ring: (Yummy) - Gold Septum Rings - Bow - (Gacha) - (past Arcade Item)
Necklace: Kibitz - Meli necklace - copper - @Kustom9
Shoes: fri. - Dusty Sandals - (Cloud) - @C88

Pose: Yoga Poses - My Butterflies - (Marketplace)
Pets: ::Static:: - Flutterby - 07 - (Gacha) - @Gacha Garden
::Static:: - Flutterby - 08 - (Gacha) - @Gacha Garden
::Static:: - Flutterby - 13 - (Gacha) - @Gacha Garden
JIAN - Barnyard Buddies - Muddy Piglets - (Gacha) - @Gacha Garden
JIAN - Barnyard Buddies - Pink Piglet - (Companion) - @Gacha Garden
JIAN - Barnyard Buddies - Resting Ram - RARE - (Gacha) - @Gacha Garden
JIAN - Barnyard Buddies - Brown Pony - (Companion) - (Gacha) - @Gacha Garden
Hay Bales: JIAN - Barnyard Buddies - Hay Bales - (Gacha) - @Gacha Garden
Fence: JIAN - Barnyard Buddies - Livestock Yard - (SOI) - (Can only be gotten playing the machine enough times)
Hay Feeder: JIAN - Barnyard Buddies - Hay Feeder - (Gacha) - @Gacha Garden
Plants: !APHORISM! - Spilled Plantpot - (Gacha) - @Gacha Garden
Tree: JIAN - Hillside Orchard - Apple Tree
Apples/Buckets: JIAN - Hillside Orchard - Apple Bucket - (Spilled)
Barn: JIAN - Down on the Ranch - Barn

Jian is the master when it comes to some of the cutest animals on the grid and it falls short to say how cute these new farm animals offered at the Gacha Garden are.
While my zoo in my inventory is ever growing, These have to be one of my most favourite additions.
They come in both companion and wanderer styles and are a must have for the outside warmer weather d├ęcor.
This and more can be gotten at the Gacha Garden, For more information and such on the event please head to this website HERE.

Moon brought out a pretty side hair style with some flowers to really hammer home how she wanted to make us all into "Girl with flowers in our hair" But honestly its rigged so well and just perfect for the spring look.

Foxes have a new fresh looking art graphic fringed shirt at Collabor88 event and its both textured/meshed perfectly as we have come to expect from this brand. I really like how while staying true to their uniqueness they also have a certain style that surprises you with the items they produce.

I have always been a fan of Fri. shoes but i must admit i LOVE it when warmer weather comes around as the sandals this brand produces are so well done and compliment so many outfits. Please check out their new release at Collabor88. I am sure we will see more of this style to come.

After all the running around on the farm, I think my avatar needs a good wash and relaxation with a good book. Until my next adventure, Have a great day. <3

Music of the moment: Not my usual music but something about this song was calming to me.
No One Feat. Thelma Plum - Golden Features 

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX

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