Tuesday, 27 September 2016

I'm sure everything will end up alright

Dear SL...

This blog took way longer than i first thought as most people will know its is a curse sometimes when you are working on something and the program crashes. Especially when you haven't saved and have to start all over again.
However I love you all and my blogging, So after a mini melt down and a full nights rest. I come back with the post of yesterday.

Blog look #280

Skin: DeeTaleZ - CATWA Heads - *Face Ronda*
Hair: TRUTH - Tyne - @Uber
Eyes: [Buzz] - Glacier Eyes - Pitch - (Gacha) - (Past event item)
Mesh Head: CATWA - HEAD 


Nose Ring: .ARISE. - Nose Ring - Black
Nose Stud: Amala - The Heart Nose Stud
Hand Jewellery: [VALE KOER] - DEADLY GRASP
Shoes: REIGN. - All Star Thigh High Heels

Pose: (Custom, Ask if you would like to know more.)
Sign: .random.Matter. - Frankenstein Place - Warning Sign - (Gacha) -@Arcade
Lockers: = Motel 14 = - Locker - (Marketplace)
Paper: -tres blah- - Hodgepodge - Paper Pile - (Gacha) - (Past event item)
Paperballs: * SORGO - N* - PaperBalls - (Gacha) - (Past event item)
Skateboard: [Bad Unicorn] - Broken SK8 Board - (Gacha) - (Past event item)
Basketball: [Bad Unicorn] - "Orange" Basketball - (Gacha) - (Past event item)
Drink/Towel: [Bad Unicorn] - Water Bottle & Towel - (Gacha) - (Past event item)
Basketball Court: [Bad Unicorn] - Cage Court - RARE - (Gacha) - (Past event item)

Every time Truth releases i do a small happy dance, Because this is one brand that does not disappoint. The textures are to die for and always dependable, There is also such a range of colours your bound to find one you like.
This latest hair style can be found at Uber, The event owned by Truth himself and Tyr.

I decided after Truth glaming my hair style that it was time to sexy up my look with equally hot outfit. Pairing Reigns sexy sleek Sneaker style boots.... (Yes i know there is no way i could play sports in these, But i was going for the more pinup sports model thing.) These boots come in a fatpack colour range and there are so many colours to mix and match. I personally love them.
Being that they have that sneaker feel to them its a little different from the normal thigh high boots.
These with the Vale koer set gave me just the look i was aiming for....These and so much more made this all come together.

Music of the moment: I just love these Lyrics!
Be Yourself - Audio Slave

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX

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