Sunday, 30 March 2014

Its a silent fear

Dear SL...

So RL is about to get busy again and I am not ready.
I have so much to do and feels like I just don't have the time or energy to get it all done, I feel like I am going to let someone down somewhere and to be honest for me, its one the most horrid feelings in the world.
I like to do things I dedicate myself to well and ugh I cant shake this over whelming feeling that its not going to work out well.
However the items I have install to blog are amazing and a sure way to distract myself.

Blog look #98

Skin: Glam Affair - Neva skin - America - 05 - E
Hair: [taketomi] - Sanae - DBrown - 05

Dress: {B.C.C} - YumYum Mochi maid dress - Black - RARE - @Arcade

Shoes: Ingenue - Pandora Flats (Slink Feet Add-On) - Noir - @Arcade

Food Animals:
{B.C.C} - YumYum Mochi Tray Bear [breakfast Egg ] - @Arcade
{B.C.C} - YumYum Mochi Tray Hamster Green tea [Cream] - @Arcade
{B.C.C} - YumYum Mochi Tea coffee set tray - @Arcade
{B.C.C} - YumYum Mochi Tray Mochi set - RARE - @Arcade

This look I have created somewhat hits home with me, I was a waitress as one of my first jobs ever.
And there is always that one incident that stays with you when you are new to something and it all goes wrong. 
I am speaking from experience, When I dropped a whole tray of orders and I didn't nearly look as cute as B.C.C makes my av look doing it.

Not to mention the oh so cute dishes, I mean come on Mochi on a tray with different toppings. You just have to have them all.
And lucky for you they are all in a gotcha at the Arcade for your collect-o-matic needs.
Along with the maid dress above as a Rare that comes in Black and also a Pink Rare.
I cant express how adorable and well made this outfit is, So I will let you stare at the picture above and let you decide for yourself.
Personally it is a must have for me.
Oh and I forgot to point out the dress also comes with the cute ear maid headband as part of it, As if it couldnt get any better.
Whats that you want a Taxi to run and grab your very own, That's ok I have you covered.
And you best HURRY because Arcade round closes soon!!!!

Music of the moment: A song I came across and its so pretty.
The Paper Kites - A Maker Of My Time

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX

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