Sunday, 13 April 2014

Just to Find Her

Dear SL...

I must apologise it has been a very rough week for my RL health.
In and out of doctors and hospital, I am feeling like a pin cushion, However the show must go on and so must the blogging.
Many, Oh so many cute new releases gracing the grid of late!

Blog look #99

Skin: [okkbye] - Marina - Sunlit: - C1: Brown Brow - (Released at skin fair 2014, Check Store)
Hair: .Olive. - the Roise Moon Hair - MOVE - Burned Browns - @Cutie Moon Fair
Tattoo: [okkbye] - Moon Bindi - Yellow - @Cutie Moon Fair

Dress: {B.C.C} - baby Moon Outfit Dress - denim flower - @Cutie Moon Fair

Hair Clips: Wimey - Moon Clips - (RARE) - (Gotcha item) - @Cutie Moon Fair
Earrings: .tsg. - PrismPower Earring - *MercuryxSilver* - @Cutie Moon Fair
Rings: .tsg. - PrismPower Ring - *MercuryxSilver* - @Cutie Moon Fair
Mouthie: .tsg. - Disguise Pen - Pink *Mouthie* - @Cutie Moon Fair
Shoes: fri. - Diana.Heels - (White) - (Slink feet needed) - (Old C88 item, Check Store)

Wand: ISON + Tulip. - Sailor Wand - (Mercury) - @Cutie Moon Fair

Also wanted to show off BCC gotcha bags, You just gotta collect them all. They are too cute not to!


I just love when SL brings to life, Those old memories and feelings you had when you were a kid.
The Cutie Moon Fair did just that for me.
I couldn't wait to see what the designers would do when inspired by Sailor Moon.
And they did not disappoint!
As always I like to put my own spin on things and BCC defiantly helped me do that by creating this dress that while had the flavour of sailor moon kept it very original.
Allowing not only Sailor moon fanatics like me to get involved but also those who may not be into the craze... However wanted to look cute in a new dress.
I am also featuring Olive hair which is also found at the Cutie Moon Fair, They have moving and static for those amazing pictures and to be honest these hairs are to die for when you try them on.
To add that little touch I also included Whimy's release in gotcha form the clips...Perfect.
I have on my new Okkbye skin Marina, That was released at the skin fair.
There is something very natural and glowing about this skin and I look forward to seeing more skins from this designer. Keep your eye on her, I have a feeling its going to be big.

My new Favorite addition to my ever growing inventory is the wands by Ison and Tulip, My linden balance hated me but I couldn't leave without getting more than one.
And well you can see for yourself just press the animation links below. (This also shows the outfit in world.)

Animation 1: Bubbles
Animation 2: Sparkles

Due to me being late with this post, There is only a day left for you to wow at all the goodies to be had at the Cutie Moon Fair before its all over, So hurry on over and shop til you drop.
Taxi HERE (Just in case you didn't see the ones listed above.)

It has been a exhausting few weeks and while I am in need of rest....I am also in need to be more regular with my posts.
I will try to do so in the future.

Music of the moment: A song that got stuck in my head while I watched a movie lately.
(I'd go go) The Whole Wide World - Wreckless Eric

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX

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