Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Give me the final piece

Dear SL...

Not going to talk your ears off today, Its just to cold.
 Well this outfit is one I enjoyed putting together and done my little happy dance when it all fell into place.
My RL is a mess at the moment due to my health, Which means I have a lot of blogging to catch up on.

Blog look #104

Skin: Lara Hurley - Ivy - natural - Milky
Hair: little bones - Moon Child - All Colours - (Gotcha item) - RARE - @FGC
Hand: Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual
Tattoo: -SU!- - Bloody Knees - 04 - (Dark)

Dress: !APHORISM! - Leather Tunic - White - Female - (Gotcha item) - RARE - @FGC
Shoes: Yasum - Victory Boots - Unisex - RARE - @FGC

Headdress: ::Axix:: - Maev Halo - Silver - (Gotcha item) - RARE - @FGC
Face Jewellery: ::Axix:: Maev Chains v.2 - Silver - (Gotcha item) - @FGC
Ring: MG - Rings - Duchess Dazzle Jewel - Silver
Dagger: [The Forge] - Leg Dagger - Female - Black - (Gotcha item) - @FGC
Potion: .Atomic. -Wish Master - Bottle - (Silver) - (Gotcha item) - @FGC

Single Pose: Offering - Bubble Beans - *Coming Soon* - (Im me if interested in this pose)

So if you haven't hear by now the Fantasy Gotcha Carnival is well on its way with all the delights of the designers imagination put together to create items that just make you want to drool, Drool and or loose all your hard earned linden on that one gotcha that just won't give up that must have item.
But all is worth it, As the quality of talented designers rivals the best of events.
So if you are yet to make it in, What are you waiting for? If you need proof of the amazing items to be had, All you have to do is look at the picture above.

Aphorism has surely come into its own as a growing brand name and really the item produced for this event is second to none. Keep watching this designer and I am sure there are many more unique surprises ahead.
Speaking of surprises, The rares within this machine offer a very interesting feature and once I tried it out I was both amazed and couldn't help but owe at the genius that went into the idea behind it.... What am I talking about? Have a look for yourself.

This is a HUD that is included and it has many features but of my personal favourites is the wounded button that allows you to press it and all of a sudden your av has a arrow sticking out of it and bloody clothes while falling over.
I am sure there are more features to be explored and if this doesn't make you want it more... I am not sure what else would.

Yasum as always did not disappoint and produced a solid pair of unisex boots, Fit for combat anywhere or any time.

Little Bones is fast becoming one designer gathering quiet the mountain of hairs in my inventory, As time goes on I am sure I will buy more. This hair with the adorable name Moon Child is one not to be missed.

I also need to mention that Axix Has such beautiful crafted items, with such easy simplicity, yet so much detail and design, This designer has defiantly found herself a new fan.

I could seriously got on and on all night about all the designers and the items now crammed into my over flowing inventory that is in desperate need of a cleaning, However that will have to wait for another post.
So how about I just leave you one final taxi to the FGC in case you have missed the 387587489723 ones above.

Music of the moment: Just a song I found that seems to suit the theme.
Black Magic - Magic Wands

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX

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