Tuesday, 21 June 2016

And tell me how they got that pretty little face

Dear SL...

As much as i could and would like to blab on about the summer fun inspiration I had for this blog post, I really dont have the energy.
Its not through lack of want, But more that I woke up this morning and found I had the full on Flu.
I feel like a walking dead person and not in a good way of the kick ass show but in the way that makes me wish i was one for real.
In light of this I am just going to get on with where you can find all the items and let you have your own fun with it.

Blog look #254

Skin: VCO - Benny 
Hair: [RA] - Waterfall Hair - (SL 13Birthday Gift) - @HairOlogy
Eyes: .ARISE. - Lora Eyes - Purple - @Cosmetic Fair
Mesh Lips: VCO - Popo Mesh lip
Tattoo: Izzie's - Body & Face Beach Sand - @Summerfest

Bikini Bra: LAZYBONES - Luma Bikini Top - Tie Dye 1 - @Summerfest
Bikini Pants: LAZYBONES - Luma Bikini Brief - White - @Summerfest

Nose Ring: (Yummy) - Gold Septum Rings - Bow - (Gacha) - (past Arcade Item)
Necklace: [The Forge] - Beach Bum Necklace - (Marketplace)
Head Piece: O.M.E.N. - Fairytales - Little Mermaid - Hair Comb(fork?) - (Gacha) - (Past Arcade event item)
Heart: Can't Even - Sea Hearts - (Stars) - @Summerfest
Shoes: fri. - Cleo.Sandals - (Cloud) - @Summerfest

Pose: Glamrus - Moonie - 05
Pets: MishMish - Toco Toucan - Stance A - @Summerfest
MishMish - Toco Toucan - Stance D - @Summerfest
Shark Trophy: NOMAD - Shark Wall Decor - Purple - @Summerfest
NOMAD - Shark Tail Wall Decor - Purple - @Summerfest
Boat Seat: brocante. - bateau bed / wood&white - PG - @Summerfest
Shells: O.M.E.N. - Fairytales - Little Mermaid - Shell & Sparkle - (Gacha) - (Past Arcade event item)
[ keke ] - shells flat - (Gacha) - @Arcade
[ keke ] - shells turned - (Gacha) - @Arcade
Star Fish: [ keke ] - star fish - (Gacha) - @Arcade
Bottle: [ keke ] - message in a bottle - (Gacha) - @Arcade
Houses: Can't Even - Rustic Beach House - (Blue) - @Summerfest
Can't Even - Rustic Beach House - (Pink) - @Summerfest
Can't Even - Rustic Beach House - (Orange) - @Summerfest
Hearts: Can't Even - Sea Hearts - (New Morning) - @Summerfest
Can't Even - Sea Hearts - (Sunset) - @Summerfest
Sign: Second Spaces - vintage food signs - @Summerfest
Coral/Necklace: O.M.E.N. - Fairytales - Little Mermaid - Coral & Necklace - RARE - (Gacha) - (Past Arcade event item)
Wall: floorplan. - string light pallets - grey
Pergola: A.D.D.Andel! - Beach Pergola - Pink/Blue - @Summerfest
Beach: Skye - Beach



SummerFest opened its doors this month and with it, The event brought summer.
There was so much here to love and kick start the SL summer in a good way, It was hard to know where a girl should start.
First thing that caught my eye were the Cant Even items, These were so bright and in your face summer I couldnt walk pass them.
Nomad brought out some scary looking Sharks but lucky for me they were just the way i like them mounted and less of a treat and more of a cute item for that summer decore look.
Lazy Bones had me covered with their release of a fresh take bikini and after all that running around in the sun this girl got herself covered in the Izzie's Sand (Honestly one of my favourite items of the event.)
After all that excitement, It was time to put my feet up with the Brocante boat couch, This was so well meshed and textured, with the option of woods/patterns and PG or Sexy time. Only problem is I seem to have gotten it a bit stuck in all that sand.
If your looking for a bit of fun shade for your garden, Look no further than A.D.D.Andel's offering with this cute Pergola. I love the fine detail of the leaves on top and the colour range.

While I have so much more to point out to you on this blog, Like I said i am sick and its winter so I will let you go explore with the links provided and I will go lay down in my warm bed. 

Music of the moment: Who doesnt like a bit of JT every once and a while?
Summer Love - Justin Timblerlake

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX

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