Thursday, 23 June 2016

Let me sail, let me sail

Dear SL...

Come away with me to a magical world of dress up and must have things.
This all came together kinda like a jumbled up dream and i really like the effect.
I am still recovering so i must be back off to bed but i will leave you with all these pretty new shiny things to collect.

Blog look #255

Skin: VCO - Benny 
Hair: *barberyumyum* - 69 - (brown)
Eyes: [Buzz] - Glacier Eyes - Pitch - (Gacha) - (Past Epiphany event item)
Mesh Lips: VCO - Popo Mesh lip

Bikini Bra/Top: B.C.C - Love you Bikini Top - Pink - @SummerFest
Bikini Pants: B.C.C - Lets me up - Watermelon - @SummerFest

Nose Ring: (Yummy) - Gold Septum Rings - Bow - (Gacha) - (past Arcade Item)
Drink: dust bunny - coconut drink - @SummerFest
Shoes: fri. - Polly.Sandals - (Candy) - @Kustom9

Pose: (Comes as part of the boat)
Pets: *HEXtraordinary* - Sea Turtle - Sea Swimmer - @SummerFest
+Half-Deer+ - Baby Kraken - Bronzie - (baby only) - @SummerFest
[Black Bantam] - Shar Pei Puppy - Wheat - Female - @Kustom9
Ohmai - Peek-a-boo Hedgehog - [Chocolate]
Ohmai - Coco Buddy Hedgehog A - [Chocolate]
Ohmai - Cool Hedgehog - [Chocolate]
Ohmai - Herring Gull - (Stance4 - Rez)
Hat Basket: The Loft - Antilles Hat Basket - @SummerFest
Towel Basket: The Loft - Antilles Towel Basket - @SummerFest
Flower Basket: O.M.E.N - Summer Time - Flower Basket - @SummerFest
Boat: {vespertine} - unknown row boat - @SummerFest



As i have no doubt you discovered by now Summer is well under way and so is the SummerFest event.
While i am unwell with all these cute bright things how can i not feel a little brighter myself.
I am really in love with the Vespertine boat that has been released for this event, It has endless animations within it and it also has a few colour/pattern change items as well.
But to be honest i just love the whole thing and the destination unknown words on this one just described me.
I also am a sucker for the little nick nacks of decore and well The Loft has put out some nice summer inspired ones. A cute basket of towels and even a basket for a hat, just to add that extra detail.
You all know i cant help but make my zoo of adorable pets grow and today i added some cute as button turtles from HEXtraordinary.

Now that a girl has all the items she needs it was time to get dressed for a day in the sun and B.C.C had me covered with this slightly more sexy style bikini set. I really liked the wrinkled details in the top and the textured patterned choices are way too cute!

I could lounge and dream the days away on this magical boat ride however i must return to the reality of my world. 

Music of the moment: A fitting relaxing song.
Sail away - Enya

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX

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