Friday, 10 February 2017

The whole world trying, to tame the spark

Dear SL...
Gosh it is so hot here at the moment i can barely think, And moving house doesn't help. I finally got to sit down long enough to finish this blog.
I love finding places like this to sit and relax in real life so i thought why not do it in Secondlife to, Along with some new pets, That i just wanna squeeze.

Blog look #217

Skin: Glam Affair - Kiko - (Gacha) - @TGG
Hair: *Besom - Sierra - @Uber
Eyes: {S0NG} - Mao - Mineral Eye - (Gacha) - @TGG
Mesh Head: CATWA - Bento HEAD
Ears: .:[PUMEC] :.  - / Mesh Ears\  - Vitage OWL - @Cross Roads\

Top: Addams - Lucila Tank Top
Coat: Addams - Cristina Military Parka Jacket
Pants: Addams - Silvia Ripped Boyfriend Jeans

Nose Ring: .ARISE. - Nose Ring - Gold
Nose Stud: Amala - The Lover Nose Stud

Pose: Glamrus - Better Together
Pets: JIAN - Love Pugs - 1. Free Kisses - RARE- (Gacha) - @TGG
JIAN - Love Pugs - 2. Sleepy Treater - RARE - (Gacha) - @TGG
String Hearts: Apple Fall - Heart String - @Cross Roads
Plant/Bottles/Painting/Tea Cups: Apple Fall - @Cross Roads
Trees: [ keke ] - little tree - winter - @Chapter Four
Build: [Since1975] - Sweet Home - RARE - (Gacha) - @TGG

The Gacha Garden opened its doors a while ago now and I must say i am impressed with this round.
We have the usual favourites and a few new faces too, This event is a bit of everything for everyone.
Glam Affair brought out a new face for Catwa lovers and she is so pretty, A must try.
Song has a new set of eyes for those looking for something a bit different.
But my over all pick from this set is the pugs from Jian, This set is so adorable and perfect for the up coming Vday. There are some cute pose ones and a few hold-able ones as well.

I also wanted to mention the Cross Roads event, I had such a nice time visiting. They had so much cute stuff to check out and I must admit i spent a little to much there. I picked up Apple Falls new release and its all so adorable! I love the paper heart decore and honestly the level of detail in every item that this designer pushes, Whats not to love. So be sure to check it all out.

I got my hair styled by the one and only Besom, The colour i choose to wear from this designer is the only one like it and its so different. I love the styles Besom comes out with consistently and it is a must try if you are looking for new hair.

Ok so this is a short one like a lot of late but once i am settled in Real Life again, I promise i will ramble your ears off until you beg me to let you go shopping. Until than be safe and have fun spending those linden.

Music of the moment: Introduced to a new artist so be warned you will hear this alot.
Feral Hearts - Kerli

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX

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