Friday, 7 April 2017

Sometimes when I think of her name

Dear SL...
I am sorry my real life has run away with me again but i managed to beat it back for now, At least until i finish this post.
I will be posting a lot more very soon but for now i hope this one is suffice.

Blog look #235

Skin: Bold & Beauty - Taylor 
Hair: Beusy - Vibes Hair w/ Cap [Vibes Gacha] - Rare #1 - @Kustom9
Mesh Head: CATWA - Bento HEAD
Eyelashes: [okkbye] - Evanescent Eyelashes (CATWA)
Tattoo Layer: { Speakeasy } - Nocturnal Tattoo Fresh - (Gacha) - (Loot box RARE) - @LootBox
Makeup: Bold & Beauty - Eyeshadow - (Power Pack)

Top: _CandyDoll_ - Monica Bralette - @N21
Pants: [Pumpkin] - Sheer Stripe Leggings - @Kustom9

Choker: Eclat - (Maitreya) Velvet Choker - @Uber
Shoes: Pure Poison - Eva Platforms - @Kustom9

Pose/s: Emination - Await Pose - (Marketplace)
Pet: JIAN - Scruffy Shepherds  - 15. - Toy Destroyer - (Gacha) - (Past Arcade Item)
Chair: Soy + Toro. - Plastic Chair - (Gacha) - @Kustom9
Table: Soy + Toro. - Old Foldable Table - (Gacha) - @Kustom9
Mop/Bucket: Amala - Mop and Bucket - (Gacha)
Pizza/Drinks: .random.Matter. - Lazy Day - Pizza - @C88
Food: Soy + Toro. - Half-eaten Khao Phat - (Gacha) - @Kustom9
.random.Matter. - Lazy Day - Take Away - @C88
Ash Tray: Soy + Toro. - Heartshaped Ashtray - (Gacha) - @Kustom9
Fan: Soy + Toro. - Unplugged Fan - (Gacha) - @Kustom9
Poster: Sari-Sari - OMG!!! Posters! - Soundwave - (Gacha)
Hanging Picture: Soy + Toro. - Hanged Calendars and etc. - (Gacha) - @Kustom9
Bed: Soy + Toro. - Metal Bed - (Gacha) - @Kustom9
Build: Soy + Toro. - Neon Night Apartment Skybox - RARE - (Gacha) - @Kustom9

So this post was mostly inspired by this rounds Kustom9, I find this event always has items that i cant slife without.
The range in this event is so varied that it is the perfect event for everyone.
I started with my hair being styled by the one and only Beusy. She has some real style with this long hair and added some attitude with the cap that has a hud for texture change options.
I than headed over to Pumpkin, They hooked me up with some chic legings which just so happened to suit the look i was aiming for.
Pure Poison had me in a cute pair of wedge heels and i was just about ready but i knew that i had to be home as my brother max was waiting on me.

I did a quick shop at N21 and picked up this sweet little bralete from Candy Doll and than Uber had my attention when Eclat got me with their new choker for this round.

All and all i was ready to face the world or you know out apartment, feeling like a new lady.
Speaking of our apartment, It may look a mess but if you look closely everything is a beloved level of detail and honestly i think Soy and Toro out did themselves with this set at Kustom9.

Right after i went to Bold & Beauty and they gave me such a refreshing looking skin, I love it so much. The tones of this designer are just amazing, I really like the shadeing. And i also had the Bold & Beauty Power Pack makeup special and i tell you this set gives me life. (You can only get that in powder pack.)

Random Matter had out food delivered all the way from C88 and our night was set.

(If you would like to know about what max is wearing please contact me.)

Having said all that, its time for a much more to do and see. Have fun shopping and i will have another post very soon. 

Music of the moment: This choice is inspired by a tv show. 13 reasons why.
Only You - Selena Gomaz

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX

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