Sunday, 8 June 2014

Flew me to places, I'd never been.

Dear SL...

Arcade, Arcade, Arcade, My goodness.... My poor Linden.
The designers have really brought out their A-Game!
And along with this I have also scored some great items from other just as exciting events including Chapter Four and the recently opened HELLO Sunshine event.

Ugh although RL where I live its freezing, I am happy to dress up fr summer bright looks in sl and its picnic season! I brought along some my friends for this post.

Blog look #110

Skin: Birdy - DELILAH skin - Pure - Sweet
Hair: [taketomi] - Kana - DarkBrowns
Hand: Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual

Shirt: B.C.C - Baby Boo Top Sunflower - @Hello Sunshine
Skirt: ::C'est la vie!:: - Nelly pocket Maxi - (plain butter) - @TCF
Shoes: {Mango Cheeks} - Melu Sandals - Banana

Basket: B.C.C - Roly Poly picnic - Basket Happy Picnic F - [Wear] - @Arcade
Bee Fairy: !Ohmai - Bumble Bee Fairy - [Companion] - @Arcade

Pose: Label Motion
Broccoli: *MishMish* - A Broccoli Companion - (FLF Item)
Baskets: B.C.C - Roly Poly picnic - Basket Vintage Book F - [Wear] - @Arcade
               B.C.C - Roly Poly picnic - Basket Vintage flower F - [Wear] - @Arcade
             B.C.C - Roly Poly picnic - Basket Baby cat Doll F - RARE - @Arcade
Fairy: !Ohmai - Lady Bug Fairy Terrarium - @Arcade
Food Mouthie: B.C.C - Chicken Nuggets Eating - [Mouth] - @Arcade
Lunch Box: B.C.C - Roly Poly picnic - Lunch Box A [Wear] F - RARE - @Arcade
Path: HPMD - Dirt Road/curve - brown

The Arcade has always found a place in my heart with every round it seems to get better, This round was no exception.
B.C.C brought the picnic with these adorable baskets and lunch sets, Which will make your mouth water in RL.
The details in this set are amazing and well who doesn't want a picnic to lazy in the Secondlife sun.
I think Anya Ohmai's skills are second to none and When I laid eyes on these little fairy companions...I knew I had to have them all. But my Bumble Bee Fairy companion is the one i wanted most. I love him so.

Chapter Four always has something to offer, To add to my inventory hoarding and well I just had to add more than one of these flowing skirts by C'est la vie !. They just scream summer and They come with a great hud to change the pockets.

Hello Sunshine event has just opened and well Its not to be missed. 
Summer has officially arrived on the grid and this event has so much to offer, Including the above Sunflower top by B.C.C.
It no only comes in this pattern but many other and also they are offering a cute summer skirt to.

And lastly not forgetting to mention FLF event, This event has been running for so long and well its still one of my personal favourites.
With designers such as MishMish, Who brought us this cute little Broccoli guy in both companion and holding.
MishMish will have us all eating our veggies in no time.

Music of the moment: Usually don't like Taylor Swift but I like this remix. And also Dr Who.
I knew you were Trouble - Taylor Swift

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX

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