Monday, 23 June 2014

Now I Long For Yesterday

Dear SL...

Summer has really hit the grid in a big way, With events like Summerfest kicking us all into the mood.
Although in RL it is winter where I am, It makes me so happy to dress like winter doesn't exist within SL.
My look in this post was very much in the spirit of the summer theme.

Blog look #112

Skin: Glam Affair - Cassia - America - 08 - G - @Summerfest
Hair: +Spellbound+ - River - Blondes - Plus fedora - @Summerfest
Hand: Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual
Feet: Slink -  Mesh Feet - Flat

Swimsuit: Baiastice - Caprice Monokini - Black - @Summerfest
Over Shirt: -tb- - Summer Kimono - Black - @Summerfest

Umbrella: TBF - Umbrella - Black - (Marketplace)
Feet Rope: Noodles - Harmony Peace Foot Rope - Brown - @Summerfest

Pose: Label Motion
Ice Cream Cart: 8f8 - 34 -Vintage IceDreams Cart - SECRET RARE - @Arcade
Ice Creams: 8f8 - 16 - IceDreams Brown Ice Cream Display - @Arcade
               8f8 - 17 - IceDreams Pink Ice Cream Display - @Arcade
                 8f8 - 22 - Oops! Strawberry Peach Ice Cream - @Arcade
                      8f8 - 22 - Oops! - Chocolate Pistachio Ice Cream - @Arcade
                 8f8 - 22 - Oops! - Cherry Pistachio Ice Cream - @Arcade
     8f8 - 7 - Strawberry Ice Cream Please - @Arcade
                 8f8 - 7 - Chocolate - Cream Ice Cream Please - @Arcade

YAY Summer and all that it brings with it, Including a chance to show off more skin.
The swinsuits at Summerfest Event are to die for and there is such a huge amount of designs, It was hard to choose which to show off first.
I finally decided upon Baiastice's Caprice Monokini, It really did impress me with its design and the fit is perfect.
Matched with a new hair style by Spellbound that has a added bonus of this fedora hat (Comes with version and without for those who arnt big hat fans).
The wave in the style really screams fresh and beachy.
I couldn't forget my feet, Summerfest had that covered to with Noodles bring out their Peace and Harmony foot rope. These ropes have a base colour you choose and than an option for colour change for the flowers and peace signs.
Lastly throwing on the cute Summer Kimono by Tres Blah, I was finally ready to go get some ice cream.
Little did I know 8F8 had made it rain ice cream with their offering at this Arcade.
If you haven't made it to the Arcade yet to snap up these Ice Cream dream that look so good you want to eat the pixels on your screen... Than you really should hurry as there is only one week left of this round.

And who could resist this new skin by Glam Affair, I think they have out done themselves with this skin.
I have no words to express how beautiful it is and how I just stare at my av for hours after putting it on. Thank you for creating this skin, I am not taking it off for a very very long time, If ever!!!

Music of the moment: Inspired by a song my SL mum Rose listened to when she worked on hair.
Yesterday - The Beatles

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX

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