Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Threw Away The Key

Dear SL...

Hi all,
Organising my garage in RL, Which we don't use for our car..Instead it has just a whole lot of boxes of stuff that can't fit in my apartment.
It is taking a lot of work and giving me a great work out.
Speaking of which I really should start working on organising my inventory, Its a total hot mess.
But like always "Not today, I will do it sometime soon."

Blog look #135

Skin: .Atomic. - {HeartStrings} - Milk - No Brow - (Past TFC item)
Hair: MOON - 1996 Angsty - Naturals 2
Hair Add-On: CATWA - Forehead Braid - (In Subscriber)
Tattoos: Amaya - Phula Bindi - (Copper) - (Marketplace)
Moon Amore - tatoo medhii - (brown)
Hand: Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual

Shirt: :::LP::: - Open Back Crop - White - @TCF
Pants: Spirit Store - Gwen boyfriend jeans - Dark Blue

Bag: MOON - Suede Fringe Bag - Desert - (Gotcha Item)
Plushie: {Mango Cheeks} - Snuggle Buddy Ralph - Fawn - Hold - @TCF
Phone/ Earplugs: MUSCHI - [MyPhone] - (Marketplace)
Shoes: JD - Lolita Slink - White - @TCF

Pose: Label Motion
Plushies: {Mango Cheeks} - Snuggle Buddy Ralph - Baby - Rez - @TCF
             {Mango Cheeks} - Snuggle Buddy Ralph - Lilac - Rez - @TCF
              {Mango Cheeks} - Snuggle Buddy Ralph - Night - Rez - @TCF
Tea Cups: AF - Teacup Rose - (Gotcha Item) - @Kustom9
                               AF - Teacup Pearls - RARE - (Gotcha Item) - @Kustom9
Tea Cup Bunny: ::{u.f.o}:: - tea party with alice - bunny drinking tea - (Gotcha Item, Past Arcade)
Cats: (fd) - Cat - 11 Sitting - (Gotcha Item) - @Arcade
                          (fd) - Cat - 09 Ready to Pounce - (Gotcha Item) - @Arcade
Draws: {vespertine} - stacked drawers table - (Gotcha Item) - @Arcade
Mirror: {vespertine} - standing mirror - darkwood  - (Gotcha Item) - @Arcade
Box Of Things: Second Spaces - Flea Market Finds - crate of old music - (Gotcha Item) - @Arcade
Camera: {AMITOMO}- Vintage Camera - Brown Leather/white - (Gotcha Item)
Rug: Zigana - rug - naturel
Chair: {vespertine} - attic chair/wood  - (Gotcha Item, Past Arcade)
Guitar Case: REIGN - Nashville Case- Cognac - @FaMeshed
Music Box: Amala - Taliah's Tale Trunk
Suitcase: {vespertine} - used suitcase books - (Gotcha Item, Past Arcade)
Book: {vespertine} - leaf herbarium book  - (Gotcha Item) - @Arcade

I did however visit my attic of a inventory and found many new cute things that I have stored for showing off to you guys.
Amongst my newest favourite items i have gotten recently is the Cheeky Mango release for this months Chapter Four. They are so cute and have such an adorable face.
They come in rezz, hug and hold versions which are perfect for both kids or adults a like.
The cats by Fashionably Dead for this round of arcade have been a huge hit and are perfect for making an area on a photo or home come to life giving some realism. Being a cat lover in RL, I was more than happy to become a crazy cat lady in SL.
The Apple Fall tea cups are in a new gotcha at Kustom9, The details are just breath taking and could almost be mistaken for real life ones. They really are worth collecting each one.
Moon has become a power house of late with so many hairs and events featuring the store. I for one love the style that can be seen as uniquly their own and this post i am featuring one of my best choice creations so far.
It is the 1996 Angsty hair style which while gives off the rock free spirit vibe is transformed into a boho style with the addition of the braid released in the Catwa subscriber. (You can still get this at the moment by subscribing).
Along with the gorgeous fringe bag offered by a gotcha at the Moon main store and the ever so stylist jeans by Spirit Store (also a few other odds and ends) and I have a look that I was comfortable to do just about anything in.... Maybe even eventually getting around to that never ending job of inventory sorting.

Music of the moment: Such a pretty song ... I haven't heard it in ages but i still love it.
Hearts A Mess - Gotye

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX

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