Thursday, 11 September 2014

Your My Muse

Dear SL...

Hi all,
It's been a while since i blogged and this is a pattern with me but my RL gets hectic sometimes.
And well at least i am using the tie to make memories that will last me my life time.
I love blogging, I hope it comes across that even though i don't always blog as much as i would love to... That when i do blog it really means something. I put my heart and soul into each post.
Just like when i were a kid, I loved this show called Rainbow Bright, (Yes shhhh its a hint at my age :( )
And this post reminds me of that.

Blog look #133

Skin: Glam Affair - Skye II - America - 01 - A - (Gotcha Item) - @Arcade
Hair: .Olive. - the Ocean Hair  - Unicorn Vomit - RARE - (Gotcha Item) - @Arcade
Hand: Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual

Dress: B.C.C - Lovely Camellia - Hanbok Dress - E - (Gotcha Item) - @Arcade
Stockings: Schadenfreude - Sheer Pastel Rainbow - Amortentia Stockings

Bow:  *katat0nik* - (panda) - Hair Bow - RARE - Texture Change - (Gotcha Item) - @Arcade
Shoes: Tee*fy - Cheslea boots - Pink - (Gotcha Item) - @Arcade

Pose: Adokable - (Marketplace)
Cooking Clouds: 8f8 - Dreamer's Cloudland - Clouds Cooking Cloud
Stars: *MishMish* - Hanging Star - (Part of the Ohmai and MishMish Supernova pack from past C88)
Pet: Birdy/Alchemy - Story Book - Pegasus - Prism - (Gotcha Item, Past Arcade)
Plushies: *MishMish* - Fuzzball Bear - (rez) - Electric Teal - @C88
                 *MishMish* - Fuzzball Bear - (rez) - Electric Purple - @C88
              *MishMish* - Fuzzball Bear - (rez) - Electric Pink - @C88
Bear: <:*BoOgErS*:> - Magical Bear - Wear - (Gotcha Item) - @Arcade

It's always fun to get all nostalgic about past childhood things that were close to your heart for many years.
This post is one of those for me.
The dress by B.C.C at the current round of Arcade started it all for me, As soon as i layed eyes on the rainbow colours i knew what i wanted to do.
This dress was made with such a wonderful texture and the meshing/rigging is gorgeous.
Once i started with the colours, I couldn't stop and soon i looked like a unicorn had thrown up on me.
The exact result i was wanting, With the help of Olives Rare ocean hair hud and the cute Tee*fy boots all avalible at the Arcade round.
I was ready to cook up some fun... So i whipped out my trusty cloud cooking pot by 8F8 and flipped to a random page in the recipe book.
It just so happened to land on the ever so cute and fuzzy MishMish Fuzzballs, I put the ingredients in.
I stirred a few times this way and that, Suddenly i could hear a pop pop pop sound followed by a "Weeeeee!?!" sound as stars and Fuzzballs started to come out of the cloud pot. (I can't tell you what they are as they are top secrect But i can tell you they were made with lots of love and care.)
Now my magical Boogers bear and unicorn have some new friends.... You want some to?
What are you waiting for MishMish has done all the cooking for you and they await you at this rounds C88.

Music of the moment: A song stuck in my head for some reason!
All Of Me - John Legend

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX

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