Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Now she's stronger than you know

Dear SL...

I somehow keep running out of time, I think i have hours to blog and get things done but than BAM where the heck did that time go?
Anyways never mind me, Here is another very pink kawaii inspired look.

Blog look #258

Skin: Enfer Sombre - Luna - @TCHF
Hair: AMITOMO - Lolita HAIR - @TCHF
Eyes: [Buzz] - Moka Eyes
Mesh Head: CATWA - HEAD - Dyana V4.9

Dress: B.C.C. - Crystal sailor girl outfit -Pink - RARE - (Gacha) - @TCHF

Bubblegum: [PF] - Yum Bubblegum
Necklace: B.C.C. - Crystal sailor girl - Silver [Pink] F - (Gacha) - @TCHF
Ears: +Half-Deer+ - Princess Twinklefluff - Bunny Ears - Diamond - (Gacha) - @TCHF
Crown: +Half-Deer+ - Princess Twinklefluff - Twinkleheart Tiara RARE - (Gacha) - @TCHF
Wand: +Half-Deer+ - Princess Twinklefluff - Bunny Stardream Wand RARE - (Gacha) - @TCHF
Garter: B.C.C. - Crystal sailor girl - Garter - [Pink] F - (Gacha) - @TCHF
Shoes: RO - Bubblegum Princess - Pink - @TCHF

Pose: {Imeka} - Sits 06 - Pose 5.v2
Pet: MishMish - Kitties go to market - I haz a shopping list - (Gacha) - @Epiphany
Books: [Cosmic Dust] - Stack of Books - (Gacha) - @Epiphany
Hair Brush: [Cosmic Dust] - Lovely Hairbrush - Pink - (Gacha) - @Epiphany
Compact: Tentacio - compact - (Gacha) - @TCHF
Makeup: Tentacio - blush make up - (Gacha) - @TCHF
Perfume: Tentacio - perfume - (Gacha) - @TCHF
Phone case/Necklace: Tentacio - moon pocket white - (Gacha) - @TCHF
Tablets: . offbeat . - love sick : heart pills - red - (Gacha)
Intercom: Tentacio - intercom pink - (Gacha) - @TCHF
Mushrooms Lamps: {BunBun} Sugar Sweet - Pink Mushroom Lamp - (Gacha) - @Epiphany
Mirror: {BunBun} - Sugar Sweet - Pink Bunny Mirror - (Gacha) - @Epiphany
Blankets: +Half-Deer+ - Neatly Folded Blankets - Baby Pink
Piggybank: {BunBun} - Sugar Sweet - Pink Piggybank - (Gacha) - @Epiphany
Desk: {BunBun} - Sugar Sweet - Pink Dresser - (Gacha) - @Epiphany
Picture Frames: {BunBun} - Sugar Sweet - Picture Frames - (Gacha) - @Epiphany
Curtains: {BunBun} - Sugar Sweet - Pink Curtains - (Gacha) - @Epiphany
Bed: {BunBun} - Sugar Sweet - Twin Bed - RARE - (Gacha) - @Epiphany
Build: Scarlet Creative - Carnaval 2 - @(July Luxe Box)

The Crystal Heart event is just one of my all time favourites and it seems like its going to be over in a flash :(
There is just so much i want to show you, Just so much talent.....Help me!
I am sure you all know the adorableness that is this event by now but in case you haven't been there, You really should.
Finding amazingly cute items by designers such as B.C.C and Half Deer which always impress with their attention to detail in the items produced.

Epiphany has also opened their doors recently and I for one could not wait! It has been three months already from last time and this round being the birthday round promises some special items. Not to mention some free birthday presents from some of the designers. (Dont forget to pick these up.)
I myself played many machines but I couldnt help but fall in love with the MishMish cats, There are all kinds getting up to cute things.
I also loved the BunBun bedroom set, It really is a kawaii or kids room dream come true.
Matching the pretty style, the room wouldn't be complete without a little messy clutter and Comic Dust has us covered there with their release of the messy set two.

While i could keep chatting your ears off about all the designers and items to be had at these amazing events, My bed needs me and you have some shopping to do!

Music of the moment: I have loved this band a long time and only just now remebered how much.
Superheros - The Script

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX

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