Wednesday, 19 August 2015

I see you burning like a ray of hope

Dear SL...

Just a gathering of a few of my favourite things.
It is almost summer time here in Australia and I can't wait so in celebration of this i got a little more in the mood in my outfit change for this blog post.

Blog look #191

Skin: .Birdy. - Sienna Skin - Beige - (Brown)
Hair: !Oleander - Kkyung - Brunette Tones

Dress: {u.f.o} - so much onepiece - yellow

Food: Moon Amore - PsyFood Pizza - (Hold) - (Gatcha Item) - @TGG
Flower: [addme.] - Sunflower - (Gatcha Item) - (Past ORIGAMI-HUNT Item)
Shoes: fri. - Bobbie.Pumps - (Pearl) - (I tinted the colour to suit my needs) - (Mix Event Item)

Pose: Kirin - Keiko Pose 5 - (Past FLF Item)
Jars: LAQ - Jars & Utensils - (Part the kitchen utensils)
Dog Treats Jar: +Half-Deer+ - Dog Treat Jar
Pets: MishMish - German Shepherd sitting - (Past C88 Item)
MishMish - German Shepherd sleeping - (Past C88 Item)
MishMish - German Shepherd playing - (Past C88 Item)
Kitchen: Dust Bunny - small spaces kitchen - end cabinet
House: Scarlet Creative - Tree Tops  On Trees Version - @C88

Oleander a newish brand to hair making is really making an impact with their cute unique styles, Coming in a great range of textured colour packs, This store is one worth your hard earned lindens.

If you haven't been to Gatcha Garden I would get a wriggle on as there is only a little more time left before the event closes.
There are many pretty, New shiny things to via for especially for those of us that are Gatcha addicted.
Amongst the many items on offer, I found the irresistible cute food pets by Moon Amore, My only real problem now is... If i should eat them or not as they really are so cute and delicious looking at the same time.

Please go to for all the needed information on this event and take your very own taxi provided above to see for yourself.

Music of the moment: Watching a music show, I found this song.
Empire - Ella Henderson

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX

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