Monday, 5 August 2013

And just hold the smile

Dear SL...

This stupid flu is hanging on for dear life to me, Hopefully I will shake it soon and be back to blogging more often.
It is that time of the month again, Where the Mens Dept being out their new shipment of newly made items by some amazing creators SL has to offer.
Be sure to check it out.... TAXI.
I was beyond excited to show you what I came up with when inspired by some of the things that can be found there starting from the 5th.

Blog look #58

Hair: !lamb. - Thieves Like Us - Kit Kat - (Fits under hats perfect)
Hat: DECO - Skull Bowl - (war kiss) - (Old group gift, However store has some cool ones)
Make-up: DAMNED - War Stripes - Black/Black - (Comes in pack) - (On Marketplace)
Backpack: DECO - MESH Survivalist Backpack - @Mens Dept
Shirt: jane -.intrinsic.tank.- gr - avocado - (Modded texture basic top - Free)
Pants: .:villena:. - tucked up jeans - camo2 - (Old Mens Dept item, Check store)
Boots: TonkTastic - Resistance Boots

It was a lot of fun coming up with this look and all inspired by the high quality Deco backpack and riffle.
I am a huge zombie fan and love the combat games.
Well when I found these items, My mind ran wild with ideas.
The set from Deco is called the "Survivalist" pack and if zombies or any kind of apocalyptic event happened, ideally this is the outfit I would choose. (Apart from missing a jacket or something to keep warm, Its in the backpack I am sure.)
I would however also like to find some leg strap hand guns for my ideal outfit.
But back to the Deco items, (I could talk about outfits for survival and weapons all day if you let me).
The backpack is a pretty cool item, Because not only does it look awesome but you have the option to click on it and remove items. Eg. the machete.

Closer look at the Deco Items: (Beware the picture has been edited more than usual)

There are much more things to come featuring the Mens Dept, So make sure you check back soon.
And well I know this is kinda a short post, But sometimes that's a good thing.
I tend to ramble.

Song of the moment is one I have had stuck in my head for many days now,
Never Say Never - The Fray

Until Next Time
Shiny Bubble

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