Friday, 2 August 2013

Hoping one day you'll make a dream last

Dear SL...

So you will have noticed its been a few days since my last post and while my aim is to do a post per day, Sometimes RL gets in the way.
For example this darn flu I have been suffering with for almost a week now.
And while I do have the want to blog, My body just says no.
I spent all day in bed, Feeling less than my usual self, Not being able to even sit at my computer.
However today I am in much better spirits, Although I fear I am not out of the woods with this horrid infliction yet.

Blog look #56

Hair: Wasabi Pills - Sarah Mesh Hair - Chocolate - @FaMeshed
Glasses: RO - Sandstorm - Pristine - Half - @FaMeshed
Lion: +>A&A<+ - Leo Lionies - Black - @Zodiac
Shirt: (CM) - Kinetics Tank - (pigeon) - @FaMeshed
Pants: Maitreya - Zipper-Skinny Jeans - Dirty
Shoes: DECO - MESH Classic Sneaks - (black)

Today's look isn't really inspired by anything but me throwing together a few things that I thought made a cute look.
Its hard not to be inspired even by nothing in particular when fighting the lag of the new FaMeshed event round.

Featured is the amazing RO, Creator Axsist Thorn has again shocked and oared us all by producing the latest "must have" in eye wear.
Sandstorm Goggles come in four choices for colours to purchase and than you get 3 options of style, Closed/Open or Half.
As it is accustom with the designs from RO, The textures are of the highest quality and very unique to the style.
Not to mention the design of these glasses themselves, They would suit many different styles.
Especially those who love the Rp and Steam punk side of things.

The top in the picture posted above is by the store Cracked Mirror and I love everything about it.
It may seem a little steep priced but the cut of the top is cute and it also has a great hud with the design chosen allowing you to change the colour of the top.

Last on my list of mentions in this post, Is this cute little lion.
Look at him!!!, He is amazing!
He can be found at the Zodiac, Leo round and is a gotcha.
By now we all know me and gotchas, I manages to get just about every colour except the rare one and that's ok because I got the one I wanted anyway.
I just love him and well look at the way his tail curls around his leg, He will be having a great many adventures around SL with me.

That's it for now, The song of the moment is the only thing left and here it is.
Let Her Go - Passenger

Until Next Time
Shiny Bubble

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