Monday, 29 July 2013

Just what you're worth

Dear SL...

So today was the last day of the hair fair and while I am sad to see the end of it.
I am happy that it was a great event for a great cause.
As it was the last day, It is known as Bandana Day and I ditched my pixel hair in honour of it.

Bandanna: !Ohmai: - Hair Fair 2013 Bandana - (At the recently finished Hair Fair) - (Maybe note card Creator)
Skin: THESHOPS - (09) - (FACE) - 'Pussy'
Make-Up: .Pekka. - Vintage Cat eyeliner ONLY - (Part of a set)
Dress: ::BB:: - Shushu Frill Mesh Party Dress - CREAM - (Over skirt is a flexi)
Feet: Slink - Mesh Feet Flat

Rabbit: !Ohmai: - LDF - Hope Bunny Plushie - @LDF

Now while I brought many of the Hair Fair Bandana's, The Ohmai one stood out as an exceptionally elegant and beautiful.
It has already been featured on many blog posts and flickr's.
However when I thought about what it ment, I was reminded of this dance I seen on the show "So You Think You Can Dance".
It really took my breath away and I wanted to base my look on that, This bandana is the closest to it.
Video link to the inspired dance HERE.
Now as most will know the Hair Fair is held for the RL charity Wig's For Kids and a portion of the proceeds raised go towards it.
For more information go to the Official Wigs For Kids webpage HERE.

Another worthy cause currently hitting the gird at the moment is the Love Donna Flora charity.
"In December 2011 Squinternet was diagnosed with breast cancer that had metastasized to her bones and was only given to the summer of 2012 to live." 
For more information about the life changing event of Squinternet, Please click HERE.

Showing just how compassionate and touching Secondlife can be the community has pulled together to create an amazing event.
The event runs from July 25th - 11th Aug, I encourage everyone to check it out and reflect upon the message this event sends not only to Squinternet but all that this touches in RL and SL.
To see the event coverage and Items offered click HEREThe Seraphim team do a great job.
Donna Flora Event LM HERE.

Personally Donna Flora has been one of my favourite jewellery stores of all time, The jewellery is refined and elegant.
Like no other on the grid.
I remember the first time I was introduced to Donna Flora, It was through JuicyBomb's blog.
When landing at the store I was to impressed I didn't know what item I wanted first, All to soon I somehow found myself with the linden balance of 0L and an dire want for more items from this store.

Coming from someone in the nursing industry, I know all to well about the stages in which people deal with news such as this and well it really does mean something when they see hope in the everyday.
Doing our part to let people know we care and that we want to make a difference how ever small a gesture might be, It all helps.

With all this being said again Ohmai, (Who is one of the most amazing content creators in SL in my honest opinion) Made this cute little button eyed bunni.
It has the option to change the colour of the bunni, The eyes and the flag.
The flag has various words that can be chosen, But for me when I think of the journey in which people endure and the spirit, strength that it takes.
Personally I think "Hope" is the most appropriate.

After all this I think I am going to go with the song that means a lot and is also the soundtrack to the song of the dance that is posted above.
Fix You - ColdPlay

Until Next Time
Shiny Bubble

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