Tuesday, 23 July 2013

It went by like dusk to dawn

Dear SL...

It is my RL birthday and I figured I might bring with this fun news a very bright look.
As you well know, I don't usually do the bright colours.
However this look turned out to be just what I wanted, I feel like a skittle.

Blog look #51

Hair: Magika - Dusty - (Hud colour change) - NEW!
Bow: Kyoot - Pretty White Dress Head Band Bow - (Closed now sorry, But I am sure you can find another bow)
Eyes: [Crash Republic] - Melanie Eye - (dark blue) - (Come with 2 sets of eyes) - @TSS
Make-Up: DAMNED - Rainbow 2 - ll - (Option in a set)
Piercing: Cute Poison - Cosmos Piercing - (Hud colour change)
Bracelet: *BOOM* - Knit Friendship Bracelet - (rainbow) - (June "13 Arcade item, Check trade group or store)
Shirt: Chemisty - Echo Tank Top - (shirt) - Rainbow
Pants: *TuttiFrutti* - Choose Mesh Jeans - Sand - @TSS
Shoes: N-core - CUORE - "Red Passion" - (Amazing Hud)

Something about wearing bright, Colourful clothes makes a persons attitude more positive.
Just makes you feel good, I am not sure why.
I am sure there are psychology studies on the reasons behind this.
But what ever the reason, It is a nice pick me up even on the moodiest of days.

The piercing in the picture above is just simply pretty, It also comes with a nice hud that allows you to change colour of each gems and the metals.
But you haven't heard the best part, the price on this is a lot cheaper than it should be for something of such high quality.

Speaking of amazing huds and items, The shoes...oh the shoes.
I drooled when I first found these shoes, with the hud you can change the style of your shoes 4 different ways.
Also nail colours, heel of the shoe, the inside and a few more options.
I haven't seen a pair of shoes like this on the gird before and while the price might initially take your breath away, You have to remember how much you would pay for four pairs of shoes.
I can personally guarantee that you will not be disappointed and remember you can always try the demo and experience this revolutionary hud for yourself.
N-Core you amazing store you.

Now I have recently blogged all about the new Seraphim event, Called the Seraphim Social.
But just in case you missed it, The idea is that each month a book is chosen and designers in the event create items themed around the book.
This months book is the Host by Stephenie Meyers.
The pants in this blog are so well made and were so easy to pair with this look.
The creator TuttiFrutti has long been one of my favourites stores on the grid.
Taxi to the event HERE.

It has been a great birthday both SL and RL.
But one friend in particular (He knows who he is) made my birthday ultra special.
With a card and a amazing hud for my blog, Words can't express how much this means to me.

Ok its that time again.... yep here is a song.
Dream On - Areosmith

Until Next Time
Shiny Bubble

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