Saturday, 20 July 2013

Show me where to look, Tell me what will I find

Dear SL...

This is not the first blog I have ever worked on, Shock and oar I know.
But when shopping around recently I was reminded that I use to do a challenge that proved that as long as you knew the right places, You could make a pretty modern and nice Av without spending one L.

I think every so often it is good to show this as we often get caught up buying a new this and a new that.
SL is a free game and it can remain so, If that's the way you want it.

Blog Freebie Challenge #1

Skin: al vulo - Arya 2* - supporter - blonde brow - claveage - bronze - (Need to join group)
Shape: Sweet Teens - Anna Shape - (Marketplace)
Hair: Eaters Coma - GIFT 03 - Dark Mauve - (Fatpack hud just press to receive the tone) - (Need to join group)
Necklace: PP - Lora Necklace - (Subscriber Gift)
Dress: [AUX] - My Deer - Mini - Gravity - (Gift at Hair Fair on the floor of the store along with other items)
Shoes: *COCO* - Belted Ankle Boots - (Need to join group)

Due to the amazing generosity and talents of the designers within the gird, I was able to come up with this look.
Not to bad right?
Best part is, It is 100% FREE!.
Not one L spent on her and to me she doesn't look anything like a noob.

Sure I spent hours trying to find this and that to go with the desired look that I had in mind, But it was a lot of fun.
For me the hardest thing to find when making a Av free from scratch is finding shoes.
N-core have some amazing heels for free at their store and the only cost is joining a group but they didn't fit the outfit I had created.
Many of the items acquired only took joining a free group of the store to receive an item, And lets face it... thats not hard as well as getting news about the store releases.
Personally I would say that is a good deal.

Eaters Coma are one of my little guilty pleasures when it comes to hair and clothes and I was surprised to see they actually have two hairs in fat packs and a mesh dress out for free.

Coco Designs are always a big help when searching for nice items and they have a whole wall of selection.

Maiterya has a V.I.P group that is free to join and has one or two items out usually including the ever hard to find gorgeous eyelashes.

Usually shapes are the next hardest thing to find but a quick search on the Marketplace and I found a cute one instantly.
Now when using the marketplace to find these items be sure to search the key words Gift, Promo or Free.
You will have to put up with going through 0-10L items and a lot of demo's but it is worth it once you find the items you are looking for.

While on my quest last night I found some brilliant web sites dedicated to helping you find some cute free items, I will list them below.


And also reading this blog post by Harlow Heslop would maybe help to, It has noobie terms, freebie guide and more.
Check it out HERE.

So there you have it, You can do it... Just takes time and the know how.
And I think its now time for the song of this post.
Shine - Collective Soul

Ok so hopefully I have helped you out and also I would love to see you try the challenge to see what you come up with.
Link me in my comments.

Until Next Time
Shiny Bubble

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