Thursday, 18 July 2013

The memories of the seasons past

Dear SL...

I figured its about time I got on board this Bloggers Meme Challenges.
My SL mum Rudh (Blog found here.) is an avid follower of Strawberry Sighs Meme and participates in the challenges most every week.
It seems a bit of fun and just something a little different than the usual fashion post.
Maybe you will even get to know a bit about the girl behind this blog.

I thought I might start with the lastest of meme to come from Strawberry (This being a little late to post as I wrote it before I left for holiday, Only I didn't have time to finish it....So lets just pretend.).
This is the Haunted Meme with the instructions as follows:
Meme Instructions: What are you afraid of? What are you haunted by? Share some of your fears and if you can, create an image depicting one of them.

Freak you out yet?

What about now? .... *Shivers*

Now for me my biggest irrational fear is of Weeping angels from Dr Who, They Creep me out and Just make me cringe at the very thought.

For those who don't know what a weeping angel is, They are a ancient alien race.
They feed on people by sending them back in time, They move quickly and silently when not being watched.
So what ever you do, If you see one "DON'T BLINK!!!"

Given that I am so scared of them you would think that anyone who knew this weakness would be nice enough to be kind.
However in RL I am haunted by them, As a person in my house in RL went and brought a angel like a these statues and it shows up randomly around. 
And I scream like a complete girl, Until it is taken away.

Yes I am a complete nerd and yes I know they arn't real, Or are they?!?

Anyway I guess from this alone you have figured out I am a huge Dr Who Fan!

I will link you to a clip of the weeping angels if you have never seen them HERE!, You have been WARNED about how creepy they are. 

Today's song is:
The Time Traveller - Breaking Orbit

Until Next Time 
Shiny Bubble


  1. oh no my poor baby... she starts something suggested by me and gets chased by that!!!! RUN baby RUN DONT LOOK BACK!!!

  2. I have never seen Dr. Who but by the sound of how you described these weeping angels, they seem veryyyy creepy! Welcome to the Meme world of SL blogging, glad you can join in! <3



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