Tuesday, 9 July 2013

I seen the sun up ahead

Dear SL...

Ok ok so I am well over due for another post, SHHH brain I am doing it already.
I have been busy redoing my home land on SL and I am finally happy with it again.
And now I even have some pretty hangout areas to be when I am typing up my blog.
Which is what I am doing at this moment.
*Sighs* So pretty and comfortable...Yes my pixels can be comfortable, you heard me.

Blog look #44

Hair: Magika - Moment
Earrings: [MAGIC NOOK] - Babydoll Earring (Silver)
Rings: :::LP::: - Christian Ring -  [Siver] - @Fashion Week
Badge: RO - Insignia - BEAUTY QUEEN - Black - LongTailed
Shirt: (fd) - Button Shirt Half Tucked
Pants: !gO! - Pocket Pants - (I think technically men's pants but can be unisex) - @TMD
Shoes: DECO - MESH Classic Sneaks - (black)

Today's look all steamed from the pants I got at Men's Dept, They are so well made and just had to have them. Taxi Here.
But than started the search for what to go with them.... I had no idea.
Total mind blank on this, So what else was I to do but Tp around to some of my favourite stores for inspiration.

After a few failed attempts at items that just didn't work the way I wanted them to, I finally stumbled upon Fashionably Dead.
Toasted Bard the owner of Fashionably Dead, Is just so talented with the items they produce and well I just can't help but want to buy everything.
This store makes me droll with desire and sure enough it had something that went perfect with the pants.

The only thing left to do was to find some cute hair in my invent and throw on my trusty old style Deco kicks.
Speaking of which the Classic Sneakers from Deco are hands down my favourite sneakers in SL, The style and texture quality are to die for!

And after all this work and finally getting a look I was clearly loving, I was clearly a "Beauty Queen".
I slapped on the Beauty Queen badge of honour from RO and went to show off my new found style.
Don't you love it when it all works out in the end?

Which brings me to the end of this post and the song that's been stuck in my head for days.
I heard someone singing it, and for me that was it.
Humming part words and unknown to me, Wrong lyrics (I always do this with songs I don't know well and get stuck in my head.).
So when I go to search for the song to listen to it in hopes of getting it out of my head, It is next to impossible.
So here it is, To get into your head.
One Headlight - The Wallflowers

Until Next Time
Shiny Bubble


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