Monday, 22 July 2013

Soul Out side

Dear SL...

Today is the launch of the new event Seraphim Social.
For those who don't know Seraphim, It is a site that allows you to view items at various events.
They work very hard and now they are doing their very own event.

This event isn't like any of the events brought to the grid as of yet.
The concept is fresh and interesting, One that I am sure we all will love.
But before I enlighten you on the finer details, I will give you a look at some of the items in this round of the event.

Blog look #50

Hair: TRUTH - Aria 2 - Browns - 02 - (Two versions of the hair in one) - NEW!
Eyes: [Crash Republic] - Wanda Eye - @TSS
Necklace: Lark - Mirrored Souls - Necklace - (Lola friendly) - @TSS
Shirt: jane - intrinsic.tank - brown - chocolate - (Free - Textured, Basic shirt recommend for all inventory's)
Pants: Overhigh - Suede Pants - Crem - @TDF
Shoes: Slink - Marie Roman Sandals - Brown

Poses: Flash Friendly Poses - Defensive - @TSS
           Flash Friendly Poses - Tired of The Seeker - @TSS

There are so many events hitting the gird.
If you are anything like me, You think to yourself its so over whelming and surely you wont find time or the linden to visit them all.

However the event called Seraphim Social, You wont want to miss.
The way it works is that at the start of the month a book is chosen and the idea is like a book club... You run out, Grab the book and read it.

Than on the 22nd of each month the event starts and ends on the 11th of the next month.
In addition to the sales event, You can also join in on the book club meeting created in world on the Saturday closest to the 11th on that month.
For more details please see this page HERE.
And if you haven't heard of the main site that is Seraphim, I will leave you this link. HERE.

As for the items displayed in the picture above the instant they hit my inventory, I was in love.
The items this round are inspired by the book "The Host" by Stephenie Meyer.

I originally did not want to have anything to do with this book, Due to the mind numbing twilight series (Controversial opinion I know, Please don't hate me. I think the movies did a really good job of making the story come to life.)
However a night of boredom and having access to a database of movies, Most of which I had seen.
So I watched the host, After all I wanted to do was read the book.
I found it so much more interesting and I really enjoyed it.

This is a summary of the story for you.
Melanie Stryder refuses to fade away. The earth has been invaded by a species that take over the minds of human hosts while leaving their bodies intact. Wanderer, the invading "soul" who has been given Melanie's body, didn't expect to find its former tenant refusing to relinquish possession of her mind.

I fell in love with the eyes in this event, I hardly ever change my eyes but these Wanda eyes. (The eyes of the invaded soul)
The designer Crash Republic did such an amazing job with these, They turned out so pretty and are making me consider using them permanently for my av.
Along with these "Infected eyes of Wanda", You get Melanie's eyes which are just as pretty.
I am hopeing to blog them later as well but just in case I don't get around to it, I thought I would mention it was included.

The other exciting item, Is the necklace by Lark.
This necklace is just so nice looking and has such a earthy elemental look to it.
"This is now one of my favourite necklaces I own and don't be surprised if you see it often.
The necklace is meant to represent two souls bound together. The mirrors are reflections of each, their past lives (the ocean world and earth desert) and the two beads are a representation of the two most important people in ones life. If you look really closely, you can see the faint image of a face and birds in one of the mirrors."
After reading this description of the meaning behind the necklace written by the creator Sienia Trevellion, I love it all the more. 

There are more Host inspired blog posts to come I am sure and I am so very excited to see what is to come from this event.
I am a nerd and beyond love books, So this event is my cup of tea.
Oh and before I forget please leave me any suggestions in my comments of books you would like to be featured in the event.
Or you can join the Seraphim Social facebook page, Vist the venue and put your suggestion in the box.
In case you didn't see the taxi to The Seraphim Social event above here is another TAXI.

And with all that information to digest I am sure you are overwhelmed, So here is a song from the host movie.
Soul Out Side - Antonio Pinto

Until Next Time 
Shiny Bubble

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