Sunday, 28 July 2013

There's no rules to follow

Dear SL...

Sometimes I like to think how it would feel to be famous, Rich and powerful and I like to think I would do something positive with it.
But as all things there are pros and cons to everything and I think that it would be hard to balance that kind of image with a "normal" life style.
With this I am glad in SL I can feel like a princess and still feel normal.
Working on these thoughts and being inspired by many SL creations, I came upon today's look.

Blog look #55

Hair: [Decoy Hair] - Lia - Chocolate - @THF - (Last day so HURRY!)
Crown: Noodles - Whole New World - Tiara - Silver/Diamond - (Gotcha item) - (Old Arcade item June '13, At store)
Make-Up1: .Pekka. - Classy Eye shadow with eyeliner - Platinum - (Option of a set)
Make-Up2: .Pekka. - Vintage Cat eyeliner - 4 - (Option of a set)
Shirt: TRAPHOUSE COLLECTIVE - Girls Loose Shirt - Floral Mortality
Pants: Overhigh - Suede Pants - Gray - @TDF
Shoes: N-core - CUORE - "Black" - (Hud change 4 styles of shoes and other features)

Speaking of princess, I was treated like one on my B'day especially by my sister Abbey.
This girl has been with me for years, Since my very first noobie weeks.
When I say noobie, I mean when I had oil skin and looked like a drag queen girl. (This was not the look I was going for being a girl.)
Like most I thought I looked amazing, How wrong I was!
But she has stood by me through thick and thin and vice verse.

The reason I bring this up is because she spoilt me on my B'day and brought me these amazing shoes from N-Core.
I had wanted them forever and while I found it hard just picking one colour, Found them so amazing i later ran out and got the red as well.
They were just so impressive and the fact my sister knew how much I wanted them, Made them all the sweeter when I got them unpacked.
They have a hud that is more intricate than I have ever seen on the gird before.
It allows you to change nail colour, shoe part colours and such.
But the truly initiative control it has is the fact it can change your heel shoe style four different ways!

The hair I have featured in this look is just gorgeous, I don't want to take it off.
Its like the creator Decoy had my av in mind when they released this hair.
I had an issue when trying this hair on, It came in the demo of a nice blonde colour and made me question my choice in hair colours.
Damn you Decoy look what you have done to me, Should I try blonde?

The tiara upon my head is one created by the store Noodles for the Arcade event, However it is now at the store.
Looking on Marketplace for a tiara that lived up to the high standards i hoped to find, I was disappointed.
Until i remembered this one, It is in a gotcha machine which by now you all should know I can not control myself around.
So finding this was my cup of tea, It made the look I was going for complete.

Song of the day is on that I just wanted to share as usual, If you have any bands to suggest please do so.
Murmurs - Bird Of Tokyo

Until Next Time
Shiny Bubble

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