Friday, 5 July 2013

We must have done something right

Dear SL...

So its that time again, That's right SL gird is hitting us with many fine events for the month of July.
This really is as amazing as it sounds and it has been keeping me well busy, The only complaint I have is that my linden keeps disappearing when ever I vist any of the events.
I just don't understand how it keeps happening, Although I do seem to have some great new items in my inventory.

Blog look #39

Hair: >TRUTH< - Froukje - mocha - (Now with fades)
Earrings: Blah. - (My Cute Heart Earrings) - Red - @The Box
Necklace: Noodles - Moon of My Life Necklace - (I think its Game Of Thrones inspired! YAY)
Shirt: [Sheep Door] - Tongue tank - (Mesh) - Dots - female - (Uni-sex) - @TMD 
Under Shirt: jane - intrinsic tank- yw gold - (This is a basic texture shirt, Must have for any invent FREE!)
Pants: :{F.A.D.}: - Heft Cargo Shorts - Plain - No Belt - (Colour Hud, Belt option) - @TMD
Shoes: [monso] - My Fancy Flat Shoes - Pointed Cat - Yellow - (Gotcha Item)

Items above that state @TMD you must go to that link to find the items and in case you missed the link above here it is again ... TAXI 

Now as you will have worked out by now this look is inspired by the new creations the designers participating in the July Mens Dept.
Mens Dept opens its doors with a very talented list of creators every month on the 5th.
It has of late under gone some changes, These changes include and exclusive rule of original mesh items.
The other change is that the prices due to the first new change, Has increased between 100-300L.
It is however still a discount sales event and prides its self on providing affordable items.

The shirt featured in this post is one from Sheep Door, When I seen this shirt I giggled so hard and it was just what I had been missing.
I am not sure how they knew this is what I needed, However I do like quirky things in life.

The other item that blew my mind in this months Mens Dept was the Razor shorts, I feel that they are perfect for the warmer look and well they have loads of features within the hud.
Not to mention they are a great fit.

This look is somewhat a little out of the ordinary for me, But despite this I enjoyed making it and think it looks great.
Its funny how sometimes we get stuck in what we think we like and well sometimes its good to push the boundaries as how will we ever know what we might like if we never try something else.
We have nothing to loose, We either realise we like it better or we go back to the way things were before because it was more of a fit.
All in all I think its important to evolve if it be ourselves or an event.

In any case it is time for me to leave you with a song, I have been listening to this song all day and couldn't stop.
The Constant Rain - Melodyssey

Until Next Time
Shiny Bubble

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